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English presentation 2013

  1. 1. About Us We are an entity of the ARINSA Business Group SA, based in the city of Popayan Colombia. We are experts in providing outsourcing services, Contact Center and Business Process BPO with over six years of combined experience national and international with companies from different sectors of the economy such as Banking, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Industrial and others.
  2. 2. About Us We offer solutions generating added value, increased competitiveness and an improved service experience for your customers. Our portfolio has been created to satisfied the needs of each sector in the economy, integrating services with a great level of innovation and scalability.
  3. 3. Our Company We know the needs of each sector of the economy, so we’ve designed differentiated added value services for each of them. Integrating this with the management of social networks, which allows us to offer a comprehensive solution for both improving your business processes and for maintaining existing customers
  4. 4. Our Location We are in Parquesoft, one of the most important Technology Parks in Colombia. Located in the « Golden Mile of BPO & IT», sorrounded by the most pretigious universities in the city. • Business Center • Data Center- 50 + Servers • Training Center • Experience Center • Fiber optics internet • WiFi access throughout the campus • IP Communications • Radio Back-up links • Parking for 200 cars • Back up electric 450 KWA • Coffe Place- Restaurants
  6. 6. Solutions CONTACT CENTER OUTSOURCING Volver a menu soluciones Customer Service Lines We offer services via local and toll- free 0-1-800 numbers both in Colombia and internationally. • Line Overview • Ethics Line • Scheduling of appointments. • Handling of complaints and grievances. • After sales/Customer Follow-up Line • Help Desk: Technical support • Reservations • Order Processing
  7. 7. Solutions CONTACT CENTER OUTSOURCING Volver a menú Soluciones Accounts Receivable Management We provide professional collection management, negotiating a comprehensive approach based on Customer Service. Our goal is to achieve collection of accounts through a strategy of counseling and credit education for customers, transforming the objections into advantages and opportunities. We apply high-level technical collection management to compel the debtor to make payment a priority, maintaining their relationship with the bank. • Stages of Arrears Counseling: Preventive, Legal, Pre-legal and Punitive. • Portfolio of Services: Consumer Finance, Mortgage, Microcredit, Utilities, Telecommunications and Health Services.
  8. 8. Solutions CONTACT CENTER OUTSOURCING Relational Telemarketing • General Polls and Surveys • Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Customer Retention and Loyalty programs • Database updates • Market Research and Surveys • New Customer Welcome • After Sales and Follow-up • Invitation and Confirmation of Events Automatic Services • Email Marketing: Sending bulk email • Mass Text Messaging: Short Message Service (SMS) • Out-calling: Sending pre-recorded voice messages to promote events and services • Audio Response: Informational and transactional Volver a menu soluciones
  9. 9. Solutions SOCIAL CONTACT OUTSOURCING Service center integration with social networks. Open and extend the communication channels with internet users using reliable, prompt and professional service protocols. This interaction can generate online sales leads. From the network interaction, statistics are generated (Facebook and Twitter). • Creation of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). • Monitoring social networks • Corporate Communication • Management Guidelines Volver a menú Soluciones
  10. 10. Solutions MARKETING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE OUTSOURCING • Market Research • Market Surveys • Qualitative Research • QSPA • Mystery Shopper: Descrete incognito observations for measuring customer service levels. • Events Registration: We provide events registration through our service executives with specialized software and barcode control. • Customer Service Executives: For personalized service bars, we provide executives with the skills required by your organization. • Visiting Business Executives: For collection or delivery of specialized documents or the closing of sales. Volver a menú Soluciones
  11. 11. Solutions BACKOFFICE This service is operational support to customer service • Keyboarding • Digitization • Setting and recording information • Follow-up cases • Email Management • Document collection Volver a menú Soluciones
  12. 12. Solutions MOBILE APPLICATIONS We offer mobile application development for sales force management, establishing meeting agendas, requests and portfolio management Volver a menú Soluciones
  13. 13. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR We know the needs of each sector of the economy for which we have designed specialized solutions, thus optimizing these activities. These services are easily integrated with social networks. Volver a menú Soluciones
  14. 14. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Industrial BPO We offer this service to companies or organizations for the development of processes and activities whose aim is to transform raw materials into finished products. Our portfolio of services is tailored to meet your specific needs for this sector, both for small and medium enterprises (SME) and large companies (B2B). Services: • Multi-National toll-free 0-1-800 Customer Service lines • Ethics Line • Agents specialized in the technical skills of the sector that the company requires, including bilingual agents when needed. • Receipt, allocation and monitoring of Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions (PQRS). • Loyalty programs • Commercial collection • Order processing and tracking • Services integrated with social networks: Facebook and Twitter • Mobile application and development Volver a menú Soluciones
  15. 15. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Financial & Banking BPO Services designed for public and private entities that carry out recruitment and placement of resources, such as banks, commercial finance companies and credit unions Services: • Credit Reporting: Confirmation and validation of information by agents specializing in commercial lending, forensic graphology and control of digital fraud. • Collections: Consumer Finance, Mortgage, Microcredit, Utilities, Telecommunications, Health Services and Legal services including preventive, pre-legal, legal and punitive stages. • Credit analysis • Sale of financial products • Surveys • Customer loyalty programs • Audio system response and transactional information • Customer service lines: For general information, management and social networking and monitoring of Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions (PQRS). • Advisors with administrative careers and studies related to your business profile. • Mobile applications for business advisors. • Collection of documents • Digitization • Database updates Volver a menú Soluciones
  16. 16. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Healthcare BPO We provide this service for Clinics, Emergency Physicians Services and Health Centers: • Medical assistance via phone • Agents specialized in the health field. • Medical reference management and counter-referral of patients. • Special line for high-cost patient counseling. • Services integrated with social networks: Facebook and Twitter • General information line. • Receipt, allocation and monitoring of Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions (PQRS). • Chat: Care for patients through on-line chat and web collaboration. • Program promotion and prevention invitations. • Quality Services and Product Audits (QSPA): patient satisfaction surveys and studies. • Mobile applications for appointment calendar management. Volver a menú Soluciones
  17. 17. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Transport BPO We offer this service to entities that perform freight and passenger service • Reservations lines and general information • Commercial collections • Load monitoring • Mobile applications for bookings Volver a menú Soluciones
  18. 18. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Construction BPO We offer this service to companies that provide home construction • Initial fees/Down-payment collection • Collection of deeds • After-Sale Customer Service Lines: For clients to report after sales problems or concerns, schedule appointments with architects and for follow-up appointments with vendors. • Agents specialized in the construction sector • Customer satisfaction surveys • General project information lines • Commercial Executives Volver a menú Soluciones
  19. 19. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Consumer Goods BPO We offer this service to companies having high sales volumes of products that rely on straight marketing to consumer (B2C) • Toll-free 0-1-800 Multi-national information lines for Colombia and other countries. • Specialized bilingual agents • Receipt, allocation and monitoring of Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions (PQRS). • Compliance line • Loyalty programs • Telemarketing product launches or re- launches • Commercial collections • Focus group • Order processing and tracking • Service satisfaction surveys for Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions (PQRS). • Software controls for developers and vendors. • Service integrated with social networks: Facebook and Twitter • Development of mobile applications for sales force automation and marketing Volver a menú Soluciones
  20. 20. BPO SOLUTIONS BY SECTOR Pharmaceutical BPO Specialized service for companies that operate by importing raw materials for the development of products, to the import and export of finished pharmaceutical • Toll-free 0-1-800 and Online information for patients • Ethics line • Compliance lines • Multi-National toll-free 0-1-800 lines • Bilingual agents • Telemarketing for delivery of pharmaceuticals to patients • Loyalty programs • Service integrated with social networks: Facebook and Twitter • Quality Services and Product Audits (QSPA): service satisfaction surveys • Order processing and tracking Volver a menú Soluciones
  21. 21. CLIENTS
  22. 22. CLIENTS
  23. 23. Thanks for your Attention! Contact: Liliana López Sales Manager liliana.lopez@connectivebpo.com Tel Colombia: +57-2- 4874545 Ext. 501 Mobil:+57- 315-6695211 Usa: 1- 800- 487- 6473; Direct: 1- 305- 4684806