WaveMaker and Cloud Foundry
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WaveMaker and Cloud Foundry



General knowledge about WaveMaker, Cloud Foundry and some alternatives.

General knowledge about WaveMaker, Cloud Foundry and some alternatives.



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WaveMaker and Cloud Foundry WaveMaker and Cloud Foundry Presentation Transcript

  • WAVEMAKER &CLOUD FOUNDRYPresenter: Ankit Kathuria – Nam Nguyen Hoai
  • PresentationGoalsUnderstand howWaveMaker and CloudFoundry workBe able to apply rightafter the presentationHave ideas of somealternativesCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 2
  • Table ofContentsCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 3 Part 1:WhyWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry? Part 2: HowWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry work Part 3:You can try them Part 4: About other alternatives Part 5: Q&A
  • Part 1Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 4 Part 1:WhyWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry? Part 2: HowWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry work Part 3:You can try them Part 4: About other alternatives Part 5: Q&A
  • Imagination ofWaveMakerandCloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 5WaveMakerIDETool to developapplicationApplications Cloud FoundryPaaSEnvironment forApplications to run!Hen Eggs Cage
  • Imagination ofWaveMakerandCloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 6WHYWAVEMAKER ANDCLOUD FOUNDRY?
  • SomelimitationswhendevelopingSaaS withtraditionalIDEsCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 7Difficult for non-expertprogrammers toapproachSometimes need tobuild to see the resultNeed to export theproject then upload todeploy on the cloud
  • Strong pointsofWaveMakerCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 8More Drag andDropPre-definedtemplateCreate & Exportdatabase right inSoftwareView the resultwithout buildingPre-built singlesign onCreate validationwithout writingcodesDeploy to thecloud with clicksReduce 50%developmenttime
  • In short, whatisWaveMaker?Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 9Drag and drop (WYSIWYG)Web fastContinue to develop using other JavaIDEsExtensibleSimple clicks to deploy to multi-tenantserverCloud ready• Multi-tenant server: application can run in 3 environment:Desktop,Tablet, PhoneBelongs to communityOpen Sourcehttp://www.wavemaker.comWebsiteSource: [1]
  • WaveMakerUser InterfaceCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 10
  • History ofWaveMakerCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 11Dec 16, 2007• Name:ActiveGrid• InitialRealeaseMar 2011• Acquired byVMWare• Last stablerelease:6.5.3Mar 2013• Terminatedsupport byVMWare• Belongs tocommunity
  • Companies useWaveMakerCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 12Source: [2]
  • Someproblems oftraditionalsolutionwithout PaaSCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 13
  • PaaS: Platformas a serviceCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 14 Platform as a service (PaaS) : cloud computing services =software as a service (SaaS) + infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The consumer creates the software using tools and/or librariesfrom the provider. The consumer controls software deployment and configurationsettings. Provider provides the networks, servers, storage and otherservices.
  • Cloud FoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 15 CloudFoundrys an open-source PaaS (github.com/cloudfoundry). It commoditizes the stack - that is, in practical terms, it makes itdead simple to get things like databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL,Redis, MongoDB), messaging (RabbitMQ), and web servers(Tomcat) up and running quickly Focus strictly on writing applications, instead of worrying aboutmiddleware and infrastructure. Developers have access to high productivityframeworks. Choice of cloud deployment, whether that is across a public,private, or hybrid cloud.
  • Cloud FoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 16 Open source cloud computing Platform as a service (PaaS)software developed byVMWare. Written in Ruby. Also a hosted service offered byVMware.This service can beaccessed at cloudfoundry.com. This service is still in beta and pricing is not yet determined. Runs onVMwares infrastructure.
  • Cloud FoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 17
  • Cloud FoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 18
  • History ofCloud FoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 19 As well as being an Open Source project, Cloud Foundry is also ahosted service offered byVMWare. As of September 2012, this service is still in beta and pricing is notyet determined. CloudFoundry.com runs onVMwares infrastructure and usesits vSphere virtualization product suite as infrastructure
  • CompaniesusingCloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 20
  • Part 2Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 21 Part 1:WhyWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry? Part 2: HowWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry work Part 3:You can try them Part 4: About other alternatives Part 5: Q&A
  • ExampleCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 22 ShoutBoxApplication A chat-like feature in forum beside topics Deploy to Public CloudFoundry http://shoutboxproject.cloudfoundry.com/login.html# Username & password: your firstname (e.g: roshan)
  • Example:DatabaseDiagramCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 23
  • Example: HowWaveMakerworksCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 24Source: [3]
  • Example:WaveMakerRuntimeArchitectureCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 25Source: [3]
  • Example:WaveMakerVisualComponentsCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 26LayoutBoxPanelTab LayerLayerLive PanelGrid PanelDetailPanelLive FormEdit Panel………… …
  • Example:WidgetsCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 27• button, label, picture …BasicWidgets• Panel, tab, layer …Containers• checkbox, radiobutton, text, calendar …Editors• created from data tablesData widgets(IMPORTANT)• Facebook Likebutton, maps,Youtube, Feed …Web content
  • Example:VariablesCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 28• normal variable in JavaVariable• extendVariable• can call the Server ServicesServiceVariable• sub-type of service variable• use with live views and live formsLiveVariable• automatically createdLogin/LogoutVariable
  • Example:Widgets &VariablesInteractionCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 29Source: [4]
  • Example: Form&ValidationCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 30DatabaseWidget• Widget thatcontainstableinformationDojo Grid & LiveForm• Dojo Grid:Data Grid• Live Form:containsdetails dataLive FormEditors• Insert• Update• DeleteValidation• DefaultValues• Ranges
  • Example:SecurityCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 31SecurityLogin &LogoutRoles
  • Example:DeployCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 32DeployCloudFoundryWAR/EARTomcatServer
  • Example:Deploy toPublicCloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 33 Requirements: Cloud Foundry account Connect to the Internet
  • Example:Cloud FoundryArchitectureCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 34Source: [5]
  • Example:Cloud Foundry-AppExecutionEngineCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 35 The piece that runs your application. Launches and manages the Rails, Java, and other language appservers. App is scaled up more app execution engines will launch an appserver with your code. It can be launched on any suitably configured server, then itconnects to the other servers in the PaaS and starts running userapplications
  • Example:Cloud Foundry- RequestRouterCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 36 Front door to the PaaS. Accepts all the HTTP requests for all the applications running inthe PaaS routes them to the best app execution engine that runsthe appropriate application code. Load balancer that knows which app is running where. Needs to be told about the hostname used by each applicationand it keeps track of the available app execution engines for eachapp.
  • Example:Cloud Foundry-The cloudcontrollerCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 37 Implements the external API used by tools to load/unload appsand control their environment, including the number of appexecution engines that should run each application. As part of taking in new applications it creates the bundles thatapp execution engines load to run an application. A nice aspect of the cloud controller is that it is relatively policy-free, meaning that it relies on external input to performoperations such as scaling how many app execution engines eachapplication uses.This allows different management policies to beplugged-in.
  • Example:Cloud Foundry- HealthManagerCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 38 Responsible for keeping applications alive Ensuring that if an app execution engine crashes the applicationsit ran are restarted elsewhere. All these parts are tied together using a simple messagebus, which, among other things allows all the servers to find eachother.
  • Example:Deploy toMicroCloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 39 Requirements: Cloud Foundry account Register the domain with Cloud FoundryToken
  • Example:MicroCloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 40 Downloadable version of Cloud Foundry that can run on adevelopers laptop. Applications deployed on it will run with minimal modification onany private or public cloud running Cloud Foundry. offers developers choice of frameworks, choice of applicationinfrastructure services and choice of clouds in which to deployapplications.
  • Example:MicroCloudFoundry(cont.)Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 41 Supports Java on Spring, Ruby on Rails/Sinatra and Node.JSframeworks as well as MySQL, MongoDB and Redis applicationservices. supports both Cloud Foundry’s scriptable command line interface(vmc) and integration with the Eclipse-based SpringSourceToolSuite (STS). Allows developers to retarget deployments between on-premiseand public environments without code modifications
  • Part 3Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 42 Part 1:WhyWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry? Part 2: HowWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry work Part 3:You can try them Part 4: About other alternatives Part 5: Q&A
  • ExerciseCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 43 Build a Master – Details website Topic:Class list Database: HSQLDB: Hyper Structured Query Language Database 3Tables: Student, Country, Gender User can insert, update and delete 3 lists: Student list Country list Gender list User can Run the application using Run function Deploy to Public Cloud Foundry (account needed)
  • Exercise:StepsCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 44Step 1 • Create Project and chooseTemplateStep 2 • Make some minorchangesStep 3 • Create DatabaseStep4 • Create Live PanelsStep 5• Run• Deploy
  • Exercise:StepsCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 45 Hard way: Can watch our clips for each step Normal way: Follow our real time steps Easy way: Can import the sample project we built and see how itruns
  • Exercise:DatabaseCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 46
  • Part 4Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 47 Part 1:WhyWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry? Part 2: HowWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry work Part 3:You can try them Part 4: About other alternatives Part 5: Q&A
  • Eclipse +CloudFoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 48 Use Eclipse Extension Cloud Foundry Integration Extension in STS Cloud Foundry Integration Extension in Eclipse
  • WaveMaker +TomcatCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 49 Deploy toTomcat Server Sad News: up to now, cannot deploy toTomcat 7 (newest version)(Source: [6]) Solution: deploy toWAR file and put intoTomcat 7
  • OtherWaveMakerAlternativesCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 50 Vaadin: Website: https://vaadin.com Demo: http://demo.vaadin.com/dashboard/ Openxava: Website: http://www.openxava.org/ Demo: http://www.openxava.org/NaviOX/m/Order
  • OtherWaveMakerAlternativesCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 51Vaadin & Openxava WaveMakerUse Java and JavaScriptProvide extension for other IDEs like EclipseLess typing codeLess drag and drop More drag and dropHave to deploy to files andupload to the Cloud or Serverssuch asTomcatDeploy directly to Cloud
  • When shoulduseWaveMaker?When shouldnot?Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 52
  • OtherCloudFoundryAlternativesCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 53 Red Hats OpenShift are cloud alternatives for Cloud Foundry. Cloudify is an open source, cloud computing PaaS startedFebruary 2012 by GigaSpacesTechnologies. GoogleApp Engine enables you to build and host web apps on thesame systems that power Google applications.
  • Cloud Foundryvs.OpenShiftCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 54Cloud Foundry Open ShiftSupports the Spring,Grails,Scala, Play, Node.js and Ruby,Rails, Sinatra Frameworkssupports JBoss, Node.js, Java,Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP,Perl, server side Javascript aswell as some packages likeDrupal andWordpressCloud Foundry recommendsEclipse,Wavemaker and SpringExtension.Red Hat recommends using thejBoss development IDE. Plug-in giving an option to createvarious types of projects.These include an OpenShift onewith all the publishing settingsalready set up.This makes developing a little easier as developers do not have touse the command line tools to publish your application.
  • GoogleApp vs.Cloud FoundryCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 55GoogleApp Cloud FoundryApp Engine offers fast developmentand deployment.App Engine is in Production . Cloud Foundry is still Beta.Supports Java, Python supports Java / Spring,Groovy/Grails, Ruby Rails & Sinatra,Node.js, .NetNot anOpen Source. Open Source.Simple administration, with no need to worry about hardware, patches orbackups; and effortless scalability.
  • Part 5Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 56 Part 1:WhyWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry? Part 2: HowWaveMaker and Cloud Foundry work Part 3:You can try them Part 4: About other alternatives Part 5: Q&A
  • References [1] http://www.wavemaker.com/product/ [2] http://www.slideshare.net/alexandruc/wavemaker-presentation [3] http://dev.wavemaker.com/wiki/bin/wmdoc_6.2/Architecture [4]http://dev.wavemaker.com/wiki/bin/wmdoc_6.5/InspectTutorial [5] http://blog.rightscale.com/2011/04/14/cloud-foundry-architecture-and-auto-scaling// [6] http://jira.wavemaker.com/browse/WM-4549Cloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 57
  • THE ENDCloud Computing - Hochschule Hof 58THANKYOU!