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namma angadi promotions

  2. 2. HOME Welcome to the online market place of Namma Angadi. Shop your groceries from the range of 4000+ products available online. This service is ideal for people of living or working class as the order placed is delivered to your home anywhere in Bangalore. Many food products are not available at one place and are missed greatly or compromised. With our range of products we ensure that everything you expect to find in Bangalore markets is available in this place. We respect your time and our services are delivered as per your schedule.
  3. 3. You can shop online from Namma Angadi to buy products that you want at the comfort of your own home. All you need is the internet, computer/mobile and internet browser/app. With shopping online, there is a good chance that you find whatever you need and save time. The advantages of our new online shopping support to customers are: Convenient shopping Comparison and careful selection of products that offer wide range of brands Economical - Save time, don’t step out and hunt endlessly; saves fuel; avail products cheaper than offline store. More flexible and better payment methods Easy delivery of goods – Goods delivered at your door step without much delay Shop anywhere anytime Easy search – Lots of options, yet find the exact product of your choice
  4. 4. Register once with Namma Angadi to avail the features of the website and save money on your shopping: Save and load your shopping basket for quick repeat ordering from the My List section ( Register mobile number with your online account and place your order through voice or text message. Get gift coupons by recommending friends. View order history and delivery tracking. Load previous orders into your shopping basket. Earn reward points for writing product reviews. Instant email reminder for a forgotten login Note: Each time you visit Namma Angadi website, login to your account on the homepage using your username and password for maximum web facilities provided.
  5. 5. PRODUCTS BISCUITS & COOKIES Biscuits | Cookies RICE, ATTA, LENTILS & DALS Atta |Besan | Dal |Maida |Rice |Sooji FACE CLENSER & MOISTURIZER anti ageing|bleach|clenser|face cream|face packs|face wash|lip care|moisturizer|scrubs|serum|specialit y treatments|toner EDIBLE OIL Ground Nut Oil |Mustard Oil | Olive Oil | Refined Oil |Soyabean Oil |Sunflower Oil |Vegetable Oil LAUNDRY SUPPLIES Fabric Conditioner |Liquid Detergent |Liquid Fabric Whitener | Soap Bar| Washing Powder COFFEE, TEA & COCOA Coffee | Dairy Whitener | Drinking Chocolate | Ice Tea| Tea
  6. 6. PRODUCTS MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTS Buttermilk | Cheese| Dahi | Ghee | Lassi | Milk | Milk Drinks | Milk Powder | Yogurt CHOCOLATES & SWEETS ChewingGums |Chocolates |Desserts | Packed Mithai | Toffees & Candies CEREALS & BREAKFAST Butter&Spreads |Cereals | Jam | Peanut Butter HOUSEHOLD & CLEANING Air Fresheners | Bar| Floor Cleaner |Kitchen Towels |Liquid Dish Wash |Multi Degreaser |Paste | Powder |Scrub Pads |Surface Cleaner |Toilet Cleaners |Toilet Paper
  7. 7. PRODUCTS SNACKS chips | Instant Popcorn | Mixture |Others MASALAS & SPICES PASTES | Spices / Masala | Whole Spices READY TO EAT MEALS HEALTH DRINKS Health Drinks Bitmap MISC FOOD ITEMS & ADDITIVES Baking Products |Corn Flour |Custard Powder |Flavoured Sauces |Health Supplements | Hing| Honey | Jelly Crystals | Papads |Salt | Sugar | Sugar Cubes | Sugarfree |Toppings | Vinegar READY TO COOK Instant Mixes |Instant Noodles |Instant Pasta |Masala Mix | Meals |Soups | Vermicelli and Semiya BABY & CHILD CARE PRODUCTS Baby Cream | Baby Lotions | Diapers |Feeding bottles and accessories | Infant Food | Kids Shampoo | Oils |Powder | Soaps |Wipes
  8. 8. PRODUCTS WATER & BEVERAGES Cold Drink | Energy Drink | Fruit Juice |Packaged Water |Sherbets | Soda |Squash | Tonic Water DRY FRUITS & NUTS Dry Fruits and Raisins BREADS, CRACKERS & BAKERY Breads | Buns & Pavs | Cakes | Rusk PICKLES, SAUCES & CONSERVES Chutneys |Conserves |Ketchup | Pickles |Sau ces ANTIPERSPIRANT & DEODORANT Deodorant | Roll-On| Talcum Powder BODY LOTIONS & SUNSCREEN Creams | Hair Removal Creams |Lotion ORAL CARE Mouthwash |Toothbrushes |Toothpaste | Toothpowder |Whitening Products
  9. 9. PRODUCTS HAIR CARE & STYLING AIDS Hair Colour | Hair Conditioner | Hair Gel | Hair Oils | Hair Treatment | Serum |Shampoos SOAPS & SANITIZER Ayurvedic Soaps |Beauty Soaps |Hand Wash | Health Soaps | Shower Gel SHAVING PRODUCTS AfterShave | Blades| Cartridges |Cream | F oam | Gel| Razors | Shave Brush FEMININE NEEDS Sanitary Protection BEAUTY PRODUCTS Fairness MISCELLANEOUS Agarbathies |Aluminium Foil |Batteries | Cling Film | Condoms |Dhoop | Digestive Pills | Lighting |Match Box |Medicine | Mosquito Repellent | Others |Paper Tissues |Pest Killer | Shoe Polish
  10. 10. BENEFITS OF TEA:::Tea contains antioxidants, reduce your risk of heart attack andstroke,protects your bones, bolsters your immune defenses, protectsagainst cancerCOFFEE CONTAINS:::caffeineHigh long-term consumption is associated with a lower risk ofcardiovascular disease and diabetes.Caffeine increases levels of neurotransmitters such asnorepinephrine, acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine andglutamateHEALTH DRINKS:::They are necessary for better health, higher energy, more strength andfitness are adding health drinks in their diet to improve their dailynutrition intake.Complan: Milk protein – 18 gms; Fat – 11 gms; Carbohydrate – 62 gmsof which sucrose is 27 gm.Bournvita: Protein – 7 gms; Fat – 2 gms; Carbohydrate.. 84 gms ofwhich sugar is 70.3 gm.Horlicks: Fat – 2 gms; Carbohydrate- 79.2 gms of which sugar is 13.5gm.THEN WHY NOT AVAIL ALL THE BENEFITS BY ORDERINGPRODUCTS AVAILABLE WITH US............HORLICKSBOOSTCOMPLANTATA TEABRURED LABELTAJ MAHALRED ROSESNESCAFE SUNRISE AND MANY MORE......................TETLEY
  11. 11. ORAL CARE::::Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the mostimportant things you can do for your teeth and gums.Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feelgood, they make it possible to eat and speak properlySo many toothpastes are on the markettoday, choosing one can be confusing. When buyingtoothpaste for your child, look for one that containsfluoride and tastes good. Some toothpastes also areapproved by the American Dental Association (ADA)There are products with us which promotes healingclean and simple. Recommended by dentalprofessionals and ideal for sensitive mouths.OUR PRODUCTS STARTS FROM..........PEPSODENTS ALL PRODUCTSCOLGATES ALL PRODUCTSVICCO PRODUCTSDABURLAL PRODUCTSCLOSEUP PRODUCTSMESWAKLISTERINETOOTHBRUSH OF ALL VARIETIESAND MANY MORE..............
  12. 12. COOKING OILS::::::::::The cooking oils that we have contains the lowestamount of saturated fat than any other oils. Itcontains the lowest ratio of saturated fat than anyother oils, making it one of the important cookingoils for a healthy heart. It includes both essentialfatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), which canpossibly reduce the risk of people developingchronic diseases, such as arthritis, cancer andheart disease.Cooking with peanut oil helps promotecardiovascular health. According to The PeanutInstitute, peanut oil contains monounsaturatedfats, vitamin E and phytosterols, which promotes ahealthy heartSunflower oil contains a considerable amount ofvitamin E and both essential fatty acids.OUR PRODUCTS RANGE FROM:::::SUNPUREDHARASUNFLOWERGEMINISAFALAND MANY MORE………..
  13. 13. MTR PRODUCTS::::Taste the combined benefits of convenience, healthand variety - only with MTR Foods Ready-To-Eatrange. The range of products cover wide range ofdelicious North Indian and South Indian recipes, to giveyou a taste of food which taste just like fresh homecooked food. It is your ready help in kitchen forauthentic taste, variety of choices in different Indiancuisines and high on convenience. Our range currentlycomprises of Soups, Vegetable curries, Paneer graviesand various rice items.OUR LIST CONTAINS.......SAMBAR RICEVEGETABLE PULAOPALAK PANEERCHANNA MASALAPANEER BUTTER MASALAMATTER PANEERRAJMA MASALAPONGALNAVRATNA KURMASHAHI PANEERALOO MATTER AND MANY MORE..............
  14. 14. BABY PRODUCTS::::::For over 100 years, JOHNSONS® Brand dedicatedthemselves to understanding babies and the special nurturingtheir eyes, skin, and hair require.they use that knowledge toprovide mothers with safe, clinically proven mild, and gentleproducts. But we dont stop there. Our products also engagethe senses, evoke positive emotions, and ultimately enhancethe loving bond between mother and baby.Thats why moms and healthcare professionals around theworld have trusted the JOHNSONS® Brand to care for theirbabies. Its a responsibility they take seriously as we continueto apply our knowledge and research to bring yousafe, innovative products that live up to our pure, mild andgentle promise.PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE......JOHNSON BABY SHOPJOHNSON BABY OILJOHNSON BABY MOISTURISING SOAPJOHNSON BABY SHAMPOOJOHNSON BABY LOTIONJOHNSON BABY POWDERJOHNSON BABY CREAMPAMPERSHUGGIESAND MANY MORE...........
  15. 15. NUTS:::::::::Nuts have got people hooked for life!Everything you order is high quality, delivered ontime, and absolutely yummy!OUR LIST CONTAINSPLAIN PISTAALMONDSCASHEWNUTSDRY APRICOTSDRY DATESSWEET AMLAPLAIN PISTADRY FIGSWALNUTSSARAPAPPUAND MANY MORE......
  16. 16. CHOCOLATES::::"Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the worlds perfectfood." - Michael Levine, The Emperors of Chocolate: Insidethe Secret World of Hershey and Mars"It has been shown as proof positive that carefully preparedchocolate is as healthful a food as it is pleasant; that it isnourishing and easily digested... that it is above all helpful topeople who must do a great deal of mental work." - AnthelmeBrillat-SavarinSO GET YOUR FAVOURITE CHOCOLATES FROM OURSHOP BY ONLINE ORDERING .ITS JUST ONE CLICKAWAY.PRODUCTS RANGING FROM DAIRY MILK TO GEMS.EVERYTHING CAN BE ORDERED.OUR PRODUCT ARE.....CADBURY DAIRYMILK FRUIT AND NUTCADBURY DAIRYMILK SILKCADBURY GEMSCADBURY 5 STARCADBURY DAIRY MILKCADBURY PERKNESTLE MUNCHNESTLE KITKATNESTLE MILKYBARAND MANY MORE.............
  17. 17.  Prices include VAT but exclude delivery costs. You are given the option of correcting any errors before you confirm your order to us. Prices are liable to change at any time. The updated prices do not affect orders that have got Dispatch Confirmation. If we have made a pricing error by displaying a lower price than the correct price, we will contact you for instructions before dispatching the product or reject your order and notify you of such rejection. If the pricing error has occurred, we are under no obligation to provide the product to you at the incorrect (lower) price. If we have incorrectly displayed a higher price, we will confirm the correct price to you in the Dispatch Confirmation. All payments shall be made in Indian Rupees or sodexo meal passes at the time of delivery.
  18. 18.  We dispatch your order within 24hours on placing the order and the products are delivered on all working days. Sundays and bank holidays are not considered as working days as we use a third-party delivery service. Please let us know if you do not receive your order in time so that we can trace the root cause for the problem.. When a product is out of stock we offer you a refund or, on your consent we provide a substitute product. All descriptions, product images and weights are those of the original manufacture and are intended to give a general description of the goods. The weight to be shipped includes the weight of packaging for the goods.
  19. 19. You can access our home page and browse our site without disclosing personal information. However, by submitting Personal Data to us you accept that we may process your Personal Data in accordance with Namma Angadi Privacy Policy. We collect the following information from you: Name Address Email address Telephone Number Your order history Ensure that the personal data provided is accurate, true and up to date. If the data is not correct, it may mislead or deceive.Our details are:Gururaja Traders#68/1, Nagasandra circle, D.V.G roadBasavangudi, Bangalore-04Ph: 080-26622776,