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MTB Spiti

  1. 1. The Middle CountryFor HASTPA use only
  2. 2. Contents• About HASTPA• New Initiatives• Our Events/Team• Spiti the Place• Must see in Spiti• Event Details• The Route• Value Proposition• Previous Sponsors• Media Gallery Pictures/VideosFor HASTPA use only
  3. 3. Himalayan Adventure Sports and Tourism PromotionAssociation Founded in 2004 By Mohit Sood: Started with India’s oldest MTB event- MTB Himalaya Undisputed leader in bringing the sport of Mountain Biking to India and making India a preferreddestination for riders across the world Run by an eclectic mix of individuals who share the common interest of adventure based tourism Aims to put Himachal Pradesh(India) on the world map for adventure sports Collaborate with organizations within India and across the globe to deliver world class adventure tourism Aims to develop eco-friendly infrastructure across Himachal Pradesh with active involvement from thelocal communityVISION: To promote holistic adventure tourism in India, encompassing pertinent issues of sustainabletourism, such as livelihoods, environment conservation, community based tourism, eco-tourism. MakeMTB Himalaya one of the biggest MTB events in the world.
  4. 4. 1New Initiatives in 2013Tougher races, Top athletes, World class eventsMTB Shimla is now a two day eventMTB Himalaya weekend edition now separated from the main eventMTB Himalaya to feature more difficult terrainMTB Spiti Launched – Worlds Highest MTB raceTop European/American Riders to feature at our eventsMTB Festival be held in the month of December23456SCENEMTB Himalaya is now amore professional racewith top European andAmerican athletesFor HASTPA use only
  5. 5. The Organizing TeamPRESIDENT(Mohit Sood)General Sec(Akhil Puri)Liaison officer(Kapil)Operations(Aditya Thakur)HR/Promotions(Anil Saunkhla)TechnicalHead(Vishal Singh)Logistics(Amresh Mehta)Marketing and Media(Ashish Sood)Office Mgt(Samir Azad)Media/Content(SurabhiTandon)Media/Content(DeepakThammiah)Marketing(Namrata Joshi)Advisory BoardFor HASTPA use only
  6. 6. RacesMTB HimalayaIndia’s Biggest CyclingEventRegarded as thetoughest MTB event inSouth East AsiaMTB SpitiWorld’s HighestAltitude RaceAn unexplored terrain– starts in 2013Through ancient silkroutesMTB Festival/CampUnique MTB festivalWill host a variety ofMTB eventsWill Include otheradventure sports likeskiing, rafting etcMTB ShimlaPrelude to MTBHimalayaUnique opportunity toride in the HimalayanterrainRide through ancientBritish Raj trailsSep 27- Oct 03Start : ShimlaEnd : ShimlaJuly 13- July 24Start : ChandigarhEnd : ManaliDec 18- Dec 20Shimla/NarkandaApr 05- Apr 07Start : ShimlaEnd : ShimlaFor HASTPA use only
  7. 7. Rohtang pass at 13,054feet separates Lahul andSpiti from the kullu valley.Pin Valley is the hometo rare survivingspecies such as Ibex,Snow Leopard, MuskDeer etc. Also, is thehome to BuchenLamas of Nyingmapasect of Buddhism.Keylong has famousKardang Monastery, thelargest and the mostimportant monastry inLahaul.Kibber village at 4270 metersabove the sea level is anarrow valley on the submitof a limestone rock. Villagersbarter horses for yaks or cash.Kaza, at an elevation of 3650meters above the sea level is thelargest township and &commercial center of the valley.has a potential for eco-tourismSpiti Riveroriginates fromKunzum rangeand splits intoits tributariesTegpo andKabzian.Kee monastry, founded in11th century and locatedat an altitude of 4.166meters, is the biggestmonastery with trainingcenters.Spiti the PlaceFor HASTPA use only
  8. 8. Event Details• Start Place : Pickup Chandigarh. Riding from Narkanda• Race Type : XC / High altitude endurance• Expected riders : 40 upper cap; 20 minimum• Elevation Gain - 9000m / 29527 ft• Highest Alt - 4600m / 15100 ft• Average Alt - 3300m• Distance - 600km appx• No of days - 12• Dates - 13th July to 24th July 2013• End Place - Manali. Transport to Chandigarh• Stay Type – Hotels/guest houses and 2 day campsites- ChandratalFor HASTPA use only
  9. 9. Must See in Spiti• Gui Village located near the Indo-Tibet border, has a naturally preserved unique Mummy, which ismore than 500 years old.• Rare species such as Ibex, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Fox, Himalayan Blue Sheep,Himalayan Brown Bear can be spotted at pin valley National Park.• World’s highest village Kibber is famous of its white houses and dusty and harsh climate.• Tabo monastery called Ajanta of the Himalayas, is one of the oldest monasteries and is known fororiginal mural paintings and sculpture.• Marine fossils can be found in Kaza valley.• World’s highest post office and petrol pump are situated here.• Komic monastery, world’s highest monastery and nine millennia old is situated at about 4,587 mts inthe world.• Ropeway on the way to Chichum was build by the locals to cross the deep George between Kibberand Chichum.• Bird watching in summer is quite popular, with rare birds like the Himalayan snowcock, chukar, snowpartridge and snow finch flourish in the area.• Yak trekking within the spiti valley is a good option to hear the tales, myths and snow leopard stories.• Ancient indo-china pass were build here. For HASTPA use only
  10. 10. Terrain/Route Highlights• Ancient Indo China Trade Routes• Unique geographical landscape• Home to Snow Leopords, Himalayan fox, Ibex,• Worlds Highest Village – Komic• Worlds Highest Monasteries• Greater Himalayan Mountain rangesFor HASTPA use only
  11. 11. 12PUHPuh , at an altitude of 2621 pooh is a village of applefarmers, IAS officers and army personal. A picturesqueview of Pir Panjal and a narrow valley of Spiti river makesa perfect backdrop for mountains.NAKOVillage nako offers small nako lake traditional housesand welcoming people. From the village you can seeReo-Purgal a range claimed to be highest mountain topin Himachal Pradesh neighbouring ChinaFor HASTPA use onlyPIT STOPS!
  12. 12. 534TABOOn the way to Tabo, we are blessedwith tabo monasry. Tabo monasterydates back around 1000 years .In golden days, monks used to buildcaves and meditate.KAZAKaza welcomes you in the pios region ofred cherry herbs used to make medicinaltea to cure ailments. Kaza is also knownfor spotting sea buck thorn.. World’shighest petrol pump is here.KOMICKomic monastery, is the world’shighest motor able monastery at4587 meters..Snow leopards, one of the rarestspecies of the cat family can bespotted here. Because of snowleopard’s rarity, the skin is preservedand decorated with locally marecolors and ornaments in the Komicmonastery. Red Foxes are alsospotted here.For HASTPA use only
  13. 13. 76LOSARLosar gives you an bird’s eyeview to the beautiful keemonastry with painted andembroidered manuscripts.There is a traditional tobrewing alcohol and two mostpopular brads are Chang andAra.CHANDRATAALLake of the moon, Chandrataal, overlooks the chandra lake.For HASTPA use only
  14. 14. 8GRAMPHUGramphu is popular forKumzum pass. It providesaccess to spiti valley fromLahaul which is separated fromthe kumzum range. In earlierdays, people erected stones tomark the crest of the pass. Themani stones are a symbol ofBuddhist country.MANALIIn the Beas River Valley is the manali hill stationnestled in the mountains of the Indian state ofHimachal Pradesh near the northern end of the KulluValley. A small village as the beginning of anancient trade route to Ladakh.9For HASTPA use only
  15. 15. Previous SponsorsFor HASTPA use only
  16. 16. Picture GalleryFor HASTPA use only
  17. 17. Picture GalleryFor HASTPA use only
  18. 18. Picture GalleryFor HASTPA use only
  19. 19. A Small Video TeaserFor HASTPA use onlyClick on the picture below
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