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Al Iraqi 1975 العراقي

Al Iraqi 1975 العراقي






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    Al Iraqi 1975 العراقي    Al Iraqi 1975 العراقي Document Transcript

    • I
    • * d I H , I ,A l | | l | E|D $ S A L{. E I l ( R l A II P R E S I O E N TO F T H E R E P U B L I C OF IRAQ
    • :i.i,i" t!1, ;, .',',,:.f,& 4
    • w
    • GRADI]AI'ES Lv^7:D lVoi-l-#'=-J+
    • rf "u-' 6Jl P-r:'tt AHMED ABDULXAREEM A very calm slY fellow w-ho qitl' frieods tsle always edloys b.ins lov€sr€ad;ngatrd lisienibgioousc' nis;sbitionis to beab ot engldeer' !L:.!l r"-i AIIMED A],-MASIIAT Almed is humorous ard sociable' Amons his roanYlriends he is krcwn as a very good qu h t s e s t si n ( h e m i s t r y . n d J r h s d lead tim to a carearin cngin€erilg gllr 'u.l AEMDD AL ATOUSI Annad is a very senols Youig trrs md. l-oled bY all his irlends favorite subjects are Physcs anq Maths. He loots forvard to a carecr b eosineering cJl' rij$ r"l AI$MD TARRtr( HALET A hadsome dresserand aiiiac_ tive personality hes He enjoY€d ? playing football H e l i k e dP h ) s k sa n d m r t b ! s o I E much and he hoPes to devote tbe coming Yearsto engin'enng' !
    • jtiJt .r:r !:{)i aDIBMAJ[D N.4)ZZLZ Entlusiastic. intelliecrr, atrd good natDred. Adib nerer passed up an rpportunity for a disflrssion wit! lis teachers. showedsome He interestin readingscientincbooks, foolba]l,tennis,and nusic. Future : elgtF.ing. J""+ssVll EIZENHOIJII JAMIL A very serious fellow who is always ready to otrer a hand who needed.Eizen is fanoos for his clever argunents with lir teacne$. Future : nedicine. lrrj &er J,rl AASIL YOUSIF ZA](ARLA An iDdlslrious stldent and atrable conpaDion. Basil prefers Mathemaiics and Zoology. Plansto r!.a 4.5t.r..al ASBED ASHOUD SAYAD Physics and nalhs being bjs lavourite subjecrs, would lead him !o a careerin eDgineerilgfl€ld. t7
    • J)Ul r!rL' ra'" JAAIAR AI-TTILAIT He is I membe' of ihc school Lo nls bcseball rJ r. ln addit^l' tl"*:'.;":i:i.#'::'$::;'1: tine swimminCHi iulure t undecro' 6yALt lV CAMAL KHI,-DIIAIRE A lery friendly and Popular feltow krown for his Politcne$and aice personality. His favoDrito sub. jects;re zoolosy and phvsics vhich qil lead him to cboose dedtcne as U.J)1. GALAI ZIA "J.li!" is a !. meiry s0ceni *ho! you coul,1nevq .3tc! Eithoul r happt'snile. Hir good marks tuay leadit !o an ens$ec ng ca(€€r D d!-Jl{, r., Jr"{ JA}I,{I, MUIIAMMAD A"RAZZAQ ALQARACI{ULLI A friendlYird nice feilow ]tho L k e s r e a t l L n b o o k s n J l i s t e n i nta ! x o m!sic. AmonqFortslc lik's iootbrlr handbalt, and $ltmmrns. Future : e!:4neerine. rt t , .,i 'i.:t I:ri:,-.
    • .b.,r'F$ Jf" JAIiIIL HA}'ID1i Janil is I calm, kind - hca.ted feilor r1d ,L rcry nice companion, ne I'i(s r.lro.o!r!pTry,$ fo. his furlre, he hofes!o bc icivilengincer. IIARITH AZIZ '-.), 9)t, A sinple. labo.iols sruddr rho nas nadc hany f.iends during his six years at B.C. His favourire .etdatiotr is xstcnng to classical nusic. H€ likes io plty basketbdl.Elerronicsis his inter$t JOHNNY TVADIE e) eF . A shon, rDning en€rg31ic crssmlle wh(, u$'auy answershard and silJngc questions. wishcsto Hc Jb d, ,l_ HUS-AIN AL' GHATTB laln and cleeriul.Husain'ladi nany good friends of canrus_ He i,kes driving. foorball !e!nis, ptrora- !.rnhyand lraveliilg. anbjrioq is to l9
    • Ll{t Fl,, H.LIM ABDULLA Halim has excellent :haracier that cdrbled him to be a teloved meDber of the class.i,itcs phvsic., chemistr:/, calcllus besidosdiffcreul spons.HoPls 1l)bean €n8lDeer. .rU*Jl .* ut- €r<Jr HASSAN AL'ATTAR "Hason" is a very niceconp}_ nion. HecnjovsfootbalLand icarlv he plays it well. Besidesbeng a gc us in Arrbic. Ha$an enloys carculrs and physics.Ilopcs to continle his rudies in the collegcofeDgrd€crlng. l'u,'t dre J"' HASAN N!,IIDI Cal,n,joYfu1, verYPoPDlaranong hic cl:isnlalcs.TalhiDgabodt sporrs he FosllY likcs Plryirg fooLball b*idcs hindball. For fulure he has decided le an enginec! lo ;ru !d.r IIISS,NIEN M-{LLA lt$senietr is th! school leafl goal-kcsPcr. conPls. he enjove OIT listetriigro PoPnus'c Fxturc : Ele.trouc engrnecrng l';' 2l
    • .# +)' DUTAID MUSSA "Do Do" is a veryjoyful, kird hearted fcllor wbo is always ready to lerd a hand, BesidesbeinS a nember of the Iraqi Editorial s!af, hc is knovr to take part in most Futu.c : erginee.iry. enJ-e'l r.!a O.r.{ri (}IAI-DOUN MUHAMMAD Se.ious.quier. hJ, and snrcrc. He lil!: to sp.nd his lcisurcrnorrnrs l r n c . r n g1 o s r m p h o n i . s r d r r w i l g o H isoulsi.ndingabiti1, iDnralhetur Licj and physica asu.e hint of succc$it JlljlJlt TiHALIDAI-TALIB A studenl ol . rare charader Witb his flucDt Ame.ican acceDt hc atlricls many f.iendr. An active mcDrber of lhc B.C Baseball tean and of Al.lraqi edirorial strff His gre.t irlcrcsl in dnaromy leads hid !o ur3 mcdical college, Fdb DANNY MUGAR A nice fellow, nosr sociable, best known basket ball, player. fielas dsided io hotda hig! dceM ) . :,. 2)
    • RAID AL JT]IIAILI Raid is a ve.y cald and pcacefu! strdeDt.llis int€resls svnnning, erc re.ding booksand collcdnrgstalrps plansio bc an arcbncct. .r,-y' *, RAID STIARIF A friendly and nice ft1loit who Iikes Dhotosraphv and driiilg His favolritc subjcctin schoolij rnathe- mati.s, o! the co.lrliY hc oltxKrs Zoolosy. He {ill trY to coDqucr ui' ?.o e )* e)l/) ROBIIRT SHUKRI HABIB A vcry quict andlikablechssn. ta Robcrt was a diligent ard caPable studeni. He porforred wcll in all sports,His intercstin phvsicsaugurs career en8ltc- aell foi a successful in eriry. t? .rilb.jl RAJA ANSTAS A joyful fellow $ho is nevd quiet in class.oII canPls l1ceqoys sinmirg, being witb frields lrd Future : medrcrne i l' I i: 22
    • )t s)t.t) ROBERT LAZAR - A c r , e d . d h e t p f u t .H e l * e s lootb,ill. bastetb.I, rnd basebalt Future : undecided. JtAl re) RA'AD ALSARAI Ra'ad Is a ha.d Rorftina briqhr fellow. Hobbies include d;bat;g, swrnm'.g and clcs_ FIis interesrs in marhematics cienrisrrypoints and to a Inture in civil ergi.eerins. dljr't {, $!) RAID A-NAZAQ Raid is a very catmpe6o, wte, it cobcs to bandtils criiicat situa_ tions. He is liked by alt fo. his deD sense humour.EDjoyslistebine of ro m n s r c n d s r r m r r j D gH o p e st o b e a J uMirtr3$! RAID 1VIDAD AMIN Calm,talenred.He tites tinenjng to pop nlusicand readingbooks- Fulure: civil cnei!eering.
    • r.>r gJ RABIE AHI1IJD Gcod old Roky" is olc of the mosrldl krowtr boYs B.C. dueto ln tle enonn ussizcof hissturdyftrre o He hrs a good s€nseof humonr' Rabielikes$vimnirg, travelling and thtining to pop musio. Fdture: undccidedYet. Lll l'l! RASIL ELIA Iligh spiritedkrd $ell Drarncr€d. a Rasilh likedbv all lle has -srven memorablc jn peifo|]nnncc tLc s.hool relaxes schoolbv llaving play. I_Ie at engincer' Futlre : ft echanicai ,. .U )li! .rtr RAAD FOUAD NARI Very nuch liked, sociable, hnmourols.with evor-sniline face. Enjols I i s l e n i D so I 1 o Pm u s i c t P d t i c i a p a t en m o s t c h o oa c r r v r l r e s is s l P r o b a b Lo b e r s l u d e n f om e d r l r n e ty l JJiill ,re JAlb JrJ RAAD TAIIER ABDUL-GHAIIOUR "Sanacha" A very niceand iimid fellow who al$ays brlrgs irs tlle news of the world spofts. Hh motto in liie is Gife is for the strong) Ho hr'sYel to choose tetveen edicineald
    • !5J&' J:.: s)J ZOXI JAIIIEEL n clcgcnt. se.ions and qliet :JolnC n.r II !here' dny argtrmenl good photog.ather wjth plcnty of ch:riicals Likcschenistry. lbysics, nlcxlrN ljopcs 1o bcan crcbiiecl duJr g!/_r: "u Z-ATDYOUSIF AL.QADT A person sho is atways br,sv. Uslally t.cmbleswnenevefaske<la .rnestron a teachcr. by Ilewisbes be a docror. to ;h"a. ,r.!t ,r-c.r,; ZATD A. AIITR ITUSTAFA Beingcaln is lhe wisdon of lite ro lim. Ftis deer aDd rhoughtful clr.jr.!er 9res liim a respecrable prror4lirly. A! a uish. he holes lo ti'!rshlris rtud! I b.oadin rheneld ojt'.i jej ZUTIAIR SHEHATIIA A pleasantand frief,dly classmate. He enjoys baskerballand footbal. Zuhair hopesto be a civil elgineer. n ii r) liiti !:i: N r - - : .1 ,;,il
    • .J!3 iJL, {! SAAD SAIIH MAIISOUB AD intelligeni, rqp@table, polile guy eith a nice ps3onality dd sense of humour. Likes physics,chenisiry and calculus.Looks fo$ed to be an ,lte 4t" SABEK JAMIL A realfrieldly younggentlenan... Spr€adsgood feelinss around him.-. Has to put !p with ftany jokes at school... Wouldn't miss chemjstry and calculusclasses anythirg... for Headirgstraightio architechrc. r- G"-p SAAD/FAB.AJ "Abu Al Suas' is an ene.getic rice felow. Iftheie were aty reward for those who aalk too nuch in class, Saadwould certainly get ir. His interest in anatomy indicates a €uccessful future in surgery. ,f".rr+.'.!^. SAAD HAMEED W}len Saad gets irto an argxe' me , he never gives until hewins up He is a verr bright and patjent stude wlrcn it comes to solving Problems. Future: engineenng. .i iil:l .;iii'l i*i :rtl ,.ri 'i+ :ir'i :i$
    • o:*)t )gj ),y SAMEER Z NAD DARWASH "SUSU"is a lery nicefelow who is iik€d by ail his clas mates. He is a nember in tho N.V.I.S. Saneer Iike! collecting slamps, srimming, riding hors€s soft nusic. He wjlt ard build his future or ele.r.ical engire- JUa.Jt ;tr SALAM AI,-ATIAR Talented and energeric. Satam is faDoDs for his lovable interrsptiom iD class. Hjs favoriaite subj@ts are chemistryand biolos/. Future: undtrided. SAAD IIASHIM ir. r^, A polite young nan with a fascinaring selse of humour. I-oved by ali blt complairstoo Duch. He likes physicsand ch€nisrrf. Looh foFard to be an engire.. CL"' €."f &, SAAD BAIIJAT CITASSALI A serious yolng telow wiih a verygoodbuilr up bodywho is atMys uxious to ledn sotuethiignew. He bopes to be an elgineer_ a
    • esrl |9{# l)r, SAI-AM MAiIDI AI-TL KEEM Kind and sincare,liks rent6, football and ftaking frie!d:. His interestin maurs a.d physicsnay leadhin to beatrclcctncalen81!ecr. ra6 ell SAI-AM IA6IR A lice and F€ry guy ivho 1las rarelycaugilt1'itlont a smjle. Salao J ,','i ,l : enjoysiirtening 1o nusic- B.seball is his favouritesporl at school. hopes be a mecnanical to Salan ensineer. | J J r# o!y'. SALWAN SA1D He likes to play foot!411, swimd' ing and listening to music. His favourite subjecls are Physics, Flture; cilil eogineering rqi.t)l- SALAM SUATMAN cla$male A friodly and Pieas.nt wiih slrolg Pe6on.iitl He cnjoys Future: enSilcer.
    • s F WASFT !tt7:t e 1to SAIA]I AI-SAR.{TI schoolchampioD... Likesfootbdl ad. oulic ..- Favouite subjects, Futuei udccided yer. , aa. 7tc SABA}I MURTADIIA A jolly, polire you.s n4D who is Ioved by ali. He lites ptrysics,chern_ istry aDd nodern rnarhematice_ Hope! to b€ ar engineer. o!:{:ts tb_- SIMON KIVORKIAN A very capable and derermtued rtudent- Simon is quiet and pleasana by natN. Footbal md handbatt .re his favourite sports. He also lik€s Daths ed physics. Simon hopos to be a mechadcal €ngi!€er
    • o& J"alr TAIJK TADHEL An amatcur svnrnrct..- floch lttr&ted by fine arts to the point of forgelting his mcals ... humorols, b.ight, frank, likcs to dealvirh honest peoplo ... iirerestcd in engit€enng, setting Architecture E)ectrolics. ior or iu r''"' SAMIM SAIJEM A caln che€riulclasmale. He talksa little to saya lot. tle always seenat the ping-pongtable, yet he plays ha.dbau too. Beiqgatlracted by chellrtstry lhysics,* ill h.vo to and choosebetweennedi.nre xnd ereire- Fr<ll {o t*ll {o lFe SATWAN NBDUL-H {MEED Safwan ajolly euy alvaysrcady is to teilajol<e. Lites Biolog, English, Geometry, driaing and swimnjng. Holes to be an architect. !Li+l +b AMER AL-KHASHA]-I *ABU SAIF' is a lilely fellow ge is who is liked by all lis friends. known as one oftho exccllent actors in B. C. Hc likesswinning' PlaYing pilg-pong. and listeninero mu$c H e r e eh a l ea l u r u r e r e . g r D e e n n g w o :. i:i ill r:i .l .i ii I.i. ,l:.i] ' [N !!:.l':'; i, I
    • 6L,t r..eJt' AII A. RAZZAK Quiel and affabte. He prefere reaorng books! lravcling and electronics. He wishes to become an _rur& ALI AL.MA'MAR ''Alawi' is a peBon of .a.e qualities.He is seriouswhe! itcomes to discnssing certain situations. He has aD ourstandingrepuratio! of beng a speciaiistpatm-.cader_ Future: M€dicine. eol"J& AQIL AYTT' Acaln fetlowkroiv! fof his Dice manneB4Ddsood behavior ciass. in Aqil likesplayingfootba and swi - nirg. Hi! furnre is undecided. .Jlajt {, Otle OTHMAN A. WAIIAB and atrabte.He tikeschess, _ Quiet pnorog.aphy physics.His future aDd isin thefieldofeiectronics. '. 1.,:: . .r.. 3I
    • ;t*)t J* t& OMAR A, RAIIMAN Omar is krcwn asthe quietestboY ir class. However he is very pleasant and profound friend. He tikes rqding Ambic literature. He loob forwdd jt^ '.ti f ' FAKIIR HASHIM Fakhir is nevet seenwilhont a smile.He likesdr;vineandrravellins. His intcrest id physica leads him to be an aeroDautical engileer. IMAD AI-TAMIMI Imad is nic€,calI and sociable IIe likes r€ding det@rivestories and listening to musjc. As fo. sports he enjoys ,{i6nine football and basker- baU. His inlerestin nathematics and physiB is leading him to a caleer in C, Jti GHASSAN FARAJ He is a very ntce lhap very strotrg ards. He usualry argneswtth his tcache$ald neverquits tiit he is corvinced. He wishes to be aD )!
    • J4>' Ur)'! 9.$Jl FARIS AHMAD AI-SIIAMSI A fat, jolly fellow, never at loss oljote. In his sparctineljkesto play foolball and handball. His specid liking for maths ud physics nakes him choose engineeriDgascdeer. a "t!t oi])l, FARIS AL.BANNA A lively and high spirited younf, man with a powerfulbody. Physics, beinghis favouite subjcct;wili lead hib 10tle field ofenginee.ing. t*t c.tti FARIS rII-KIIIIRO Likes readi.g sciertjfic books, swimftirg. Frvorite subj€crs:Chem- ist.y and Marhs. Dislikes narony, Fuiure: Eiecbical or Chenical Ohd gi!,/ jjt FAISZ YOUSIF SEItr{AN Pleasant dd fun loving, he i" ftver seeD rlithoui a smite. He enjoys aI sports. A pursuir of prefecdon in English, malhemarics atrd physics lea& him rowards the
    • €JlJdl 1*t QLTTAI}A AL-MAHDAWI Quitaiba has ron overlasting hhldship dunng his'sray ln Dc Enjoys playins lcnnis and driviDe cffs.. looksforrvrrd to be a! el4trical q)*t )t9 FAWAZ A],.KTIOURI Happy-go-LuckY. Hot temPercd. Favonrit€ physics Math* subj€cts and Future: etgi.eering. ltttt Gp et QWSAI f, I{AIRI AI!_IIAFIDH A merry boy alwaysreadysiih a .rnile and a friendly word Absceft minded,hismild is always awayfrom school. Like! playing tennis, base' ball and travellinS. His aim is to bea sechdictl eDgineer' tju d+ QAIS SHASIiA Qaiswasoneofrhe besllikedguYs in B.C. His hig! Pe6onalitYa4d joyful naD.ei {on lim s lot of rrie'ds. He {xs itrterestcd Maths in {hich can give You an idea of his inrerest in engineeritrg.
    • LUAY SALIM lL s.,r A humorousboy wirh a srnitiDs face. Luay iikes lisreDingro po; Dn$c, swmmrns, rabte tenris and football. His furure is undecidedyet. e)t tbl)-r oej LO1IIS JOSEPH GEORGE Sociable aid energetic, Louis always has a pleasant smjle. Hjs generosityto his cohpaDions witl cerlainly be remebe.ed. Ail students called him Loui. He likes football best.His aim h to be an engined. e*te]J LUAY AL.{HOIJRI Calm and humorcus, Luay always aitracts peopie to be his loyal frierds. jn His idterest physics and math€ma- tics wolld lead him to choosea ca.eer in the field of €ngircerjng. r,euvel.llss,Nr gk*l rsjt An eloquebr. zcalous genrtenan, . no N at$ays in the oood otdebaritrs rnrnSs. Arschool b,skerba woutd rtuiij l#.;.?i.,jli.l" **" ,ime enjoys be i lii
    • q)F Jot MOIIAMMED JABBORI A friendly and pleasantclassmate. He likes reading and plavjng foorban His favou.ite subjects are zoologv and chemistr.J. Future; Medicine jb..a, r.L 4., MUHAMMAD ]VIAJED MUSTAFA Possesled soul ofaquiet, serenc€ in th€ lace of the unexpected He could handle aoy situadon MaDY varied jlterests nate hin an aP- Dealinr Dersonaliry. He ;s one of ibe b;st photosnplrersin B c. He wishesto be an engmeer' rl}. {'r MUI]-A.MMED ruAD E n e r g e t ac da l u r l s i n l h em i d d r e i n of a (ports game. Caplain of rhc school-baskeiball team,.Othe.than sports he is knowtr to be friendly His "i- ft to b" to "l*oooi"ut "ng'o""t €'t.'91 ltJ ftr MOHAMMED SAIEM AL-AIIMADI X-novn as (Anmadi) Happy-go-L!ckY, PoPular studeDt Likes naking friedds. music aDd football- Flturer Medicine. li' .l f,'j
    • 6)|., ..V JC MUHAMIITAD JASSIM HAMMODI "Jesse' is famous in school a. a football fan. Enher found in the field or playing che$ Futurci Medioineo. EsgiilqiD& ,rLijli ,r& ,La .Ll! MUHAMMAD DII]A A. WAHAB "ABU JASIM" a talkative intelligeDrfelh.w wtro enjoyshavins p'ctricswjrh his classmares. Hr love ofphysi.i ,.,C marhemarics lead wilt him io thc srudyin thetuld ofengirs L--L4tJlJt a, &, MOUAMMED AL-ruT{TIB very quici ind tinid. Stroneiy blilt. He lites Or:6.'9, ,wi..ini His futureis in tlE fetd of eDginee.- .l-lJl Jh' J,.3 MUII{MI4{D .IAItr{L AI,DUJAII-I "Bu'airi 'A ma.hemaiicalgeniug of his tine. Very so.ilble and cheerful. He enjoyslisteningto top rousic. His favourite subjects ee physics and matheDatics which wil l€ad him to be a 6lccessfulnechanical
    • Jf -.,. r!!.i.,lt r.:l r MUTIIANNA ABDUI-RAZZAQ "Mese" is a shy, decent' quFr antt nice friond. He is interesteo r drilins ca6 aDd listeDibg ftusrc' to Physrs aod bioloB: are ba iavolrr@ ItrA.ZIN SAMI Mazin is a very nice fello' who alwaysgivesan imPression benrsof a seiiousYolng l!ar' Never talks in class,but oDtsifle hewolld wearrheearsofanelephant' His falou te subjecrsare Zooloev ard cbeDisr'ywhich will surelvk3d him to the field ofmedicite- ,ke ,!b MAHIR JIIIAD An clegut and Polite Young man loved by all his frien&. Ljkes chemist.y,physicsand playing basket_ ball. Looks forward for a career in electric communicattons "'')i oit,. MAZIN I,AWRENCE Itaqng btoad snile and che€rlul 1o berBs disDosition, iu addition .s €v;ryo friend. made hio weu Future: cilil engineer' l ..,$.. iiir r.i: l : 3S
    • J-1 JiD MIIDHAR MIIIL{MMAD A quiteguywirh a nicepersonali- ty and a good serse of humour. Mudharlas beena prefect ctassmale. Likes rcading boots abour hktory, his furure is uDdecided yer. s!-JI ,"r <!,. MIJDHAR MUZHIR AL.DOUJ{LY Popular...iikesfootbalt,basket- ball and handball. Favourire subjectj aie zooiogy, plysics dd cheDisrry. Future : undecided yet. - i iil'. L:, MICIIEL JAN TARAH A tau thi! person who uslaUv holds a leban€sesatrdwich iD lis hands. verygoodbasketba Dlaver. A Helps wheneverasted ro. F;r'his futlre he ias decided ro be a docror in the fieldofPathotogl. c,a. gyar MUSTAFA BAI{JAT A daydreaDer. Beins kind hear- ted, hels won rnaDy friends. Otr catupls, he lhrens to rrcords dd plays tennis. He topes to be ar t9
    • rd JLJI J,.e i$ MAJAN ABDIIL SATTAR Humorols and atrable.Maen chccrfulnoss attracts hostoffriends, a In his free tnne rt school he oft€n playsibotballandbasletball. Ma'ant fuiure is stil udecided yet. J;+' €J-,j i"'jr MT'IL{NNAD SHAWKXT NURI Behird his qtrictcxleriorth€reis hiddena lrvely sense olhumour' Hc is oneof tlN bestphatagraphca. He enjoysswimning. Hc looks forward to a careeri! mcdicine. 9rt'a uJLr MIJ'I{AI' SAIIIB Munaf is a cald, friondiy fellow witb a stron8 PerrcDalirY EDloYs readios esaYs, swimmrng. odrng and collelting siaDps As fo! sports he h fond of Playins football His futureis uodecidedYet. ,,rt! g"a Jt ]- SULAIMAN S-ABEtrHTAIIIR A serious ard a rue friend lle m j o y ss $ i , n n i d g . ' n d h r i n g t e n n i ' r His favounie $hFcE are Phltcs aud Matl$. His future is urdecided I i ( it
    • Jrl'.'r9-! MUAYADSADIK c n j o r r h r e . D da g o o dc o m _ p . n. An . r , r p p t ,o n )inq foorb! and sr,mhing. nlnb rnd phJsrcs re a n's be,rticd subjecLs Hc plans ro ct?l,.['r5& NABII, (AMEL AJAJ A carn peson wj1h " picasa.t nJture Nabeel rnjoys ptaying r o o t b a t t . o r n gp i c n i c ss n d p t a y r n g g . He will build his futlre enh.r otr nedicineor engineffins. lrrJaeu Ji NABIL NAFA'A A sood - naru.rt, cheeful cras_ nate.NatJil madcm.Lny friendsdurirs h's schooldays. IIis being a(racre; to itre stxdy of c|emisbl icadshih ro decide on bejng a chenicat *_J.j"r NABrL wAHxED A ra.e rersonality... loved by mos! ol his classmdtcs..strongly built...a goodswinner... hisinreresls in AnaLrnr sureiypoints nedicine to :
    • gr4JlJU Jt NABEEL NAIL A calm conscieqrious srudent He enjoys swimmins, drilnrg cars - and ptayins halJ1all. Nab-l vould chooseenginccring il't+ ,"e AMROU ABDULL1H "ALOOFA" AMROO is k.oiu fellowitr lhe cli$ a.d as the shorlest always scen wiih a snilirrg iicc Enjoysplayinschc$, strisnring .nd Iisiening nusic. Hc lotrs fo.,dd to o"?r" r?J WAITEED JURJIS SEBU Waheed is an afl.ble and con_ €nial conDanio!. EljoYs Playing iad *atching all sPorts, but likes piDgDongmost. intereslrn His pxvsrcs and chdtrstrY will tead hm to ,F #!"f J)l HILLAL NtrCIIAIL AIVAD A quict and scnsttve Pcrron' OlI coflfus hc likes dilins cas. Dtrsic,lravellnrgard naking frields He hopes be an cngincer. ro i I
    • roussrFFARAJ ej.a4- An energetjc hsrd workingyou.g and man. He Fas liled for ni petrfut charactei He is a good toorbdt playe, and swinnei He lik6 zoology and rhis B *hy n. wantsto be a docrdr {+ (il,L, SAMAN MAJID tmaD Is a lice felow with ar amactrve personatjty. He tikes nsrenng.to Dusic, ptayinSfoorbal aDdorvrng cds. He wisbes be aD ro e'F '!"* 'e-t YOUSIF CYRII, BAHOUSHI JoJO is a caln genllemao.His sood narders makes him ve.y PoFdar id scnool.He wishesro be yOUsrrF FELIX JURJI d-.-,+!ig! A hondsone youDg ran pto is ai*ays walkingqirh. wide smiteo tir ,'ps._OFcNmpus likessolviDe he harder marhem.rrcal probtems and Edin! diFcMt krDds of bools. His hiah' standflrdin nains nay iad rieio;n {. : '1: iis rl -
    • Ltst);s WARZIR FATAH A f r i e n d l ) ,s o c i J l b l en d j o l l Y r f e j l o w L $ 3 y r e a d v o 1 - r u grh d t e l l a s t n jokes. L;kes chemistry PhYsics ald English. Hopesto bc an englneer' liL g'L fb; WISA]'I SAI,IM HAWA Tall and handsome... kecpssilcnt fri.nds... parricularin selectinshis fri. .ds... plays handball, swios... athematics his favouritesubject.. is wit! no patienccfbi argunents... velldecided elgineerirs. on _,t, iu: II.TSAM ZAQUO "Was{ is liked bY 'll his clas- dar* ber,useol his gr:' scnse ol hun,our rrd $rtIY reir k' ^ hJm hopes to be alrie to sludy mcdlcrne
    • eg.teb.*: WA'ADI EIIIRUS AL JABI Always.a gentlemao, his frierd- lin€ssard siirceiity haswon him nany friends at B.C- 6 jtjl ,Aht MUDHAFFAR AI,RAWI Likesfootballand lennis.Favou- rite subjects phlsicsand chenistry are Fqture : Medicine.
    • . a # $
    • UNDER GI-.ASSMEN r^+dJ"Jl;.ti.s,iirf I
    • ;1r,:.jl r>l nV Jat JY.L f" )-t dlJ CFr+e c+e* , ir ,Jl ,)e it.* +/ilr 1" iu'- * fE& rl3ll q)l- ,! ,If r),r- Jl,:Ii '"iJirr'*a Anasrbrahid, M' LeonPanos, w*"r, sur,i.audul salam, AiDetrAl-Hasali, Firsr Rote Ra'ad Tala!. Nanect Kalil. Faris Abbas. Blild Annaghani,Jafar Sadiq,Ali Shaker,Nasrat Butrus, Taha Suiaiman' Salan Jibrail. Zuha;r' Jsbran Khalii' Ala-Al ftnd Rofl Handi Ali, Nabil Nadim, Emil Zia, SamirShab,Abdullah Batrani. Abdul Kareem Sadiq. foultt Rov ,qidut narrmanrawzi, Ati Al-Alxsi, Ahnad Khalid, Mailham A]-Khshali' MunsifNafi 5A Fifth Ror Sixth Row Maidar Ibralifl , MnstafaNoori. MuhammadIssa,salamAl Gawad Muha'rmad Abdul Gafour, Hxider Jawad, Emad Edward, Ragheed Bulrus .18 ..'3;3]!::...-[
    • ...r1 C I g{rrr ._-r,!lll.*. .[j! oL-l Ljt*)t J->l al,Jt4" J).t tls.t d)111 de jyj ur ,:' j L,L J"':,"-'u lL4r jlcL .i"r. 1u-l or-!t CL+ ",* .t!l? (Frorn dght ro teft First Rop : RaadAbdnl Kadir, SateJatat,.V! sabahHindi, Mr. salrna! Muhannad Mekha. Fa.* "uor,,, *.0".t,,irff Hasar, Basn . Second Xow : Babikxarr!, BasrD Tatar. SabahNoor, Zain Thanoon,Abdul latif Fuad, Aot Abdul Thi.d Ros : Usana Shaker,AIi Abdui }iusa; WateedKhatid, ir, Omar Abdut Aziz, Falah Salah, sadoor. Ata -* ' 'a'i! Abdur Aneer, Ahmad Basir Nam€er Hazim, Faraj, :::'l f;'i.T lt5#ii;111'. Ab{tur 5B .,:;:: , tili"",ftr:l?;{i}i*[i{ lf,iiiT#**1}J;li sadiq,Nasir AbduiA1 Asadi. 4t
    • ob.,Crr, aL"--rr a,w & r,-d t'lJrl d.t-[ l)T J.Lll Jilr -rLl- r11- fY-)l Li 4r+, ,3t )t IL; LJ *}:o ,.rCt 3l ..l-{' CY- JlP J.{- f ) rt) j':jl J)tt) i' :;i) I -<l Fl, f ,r' r- Jf ,y'!t.t- ,. :. ,',, A .. .,......r. l-.,r,.... ..r . 'i.::i :-*-.. Ibraheen Albarc' samiButti'AvadLaso' Mr' f.i:Ilil$n"",'t]. Muhammcd, Aran' Nabeel Ara Younis-Robertzawane - u"-4r Sadoon, Hailham Abdul Karin' Raid Amnanoaii' : sccondRow f$Til';'jiii;#.lili'.str*ifi[x,,*";;;,;arhanAbdut-Malseh.Ans l{rtii H3brb AliMJf -''., ""- lri' w,t;"', ""::;;"" ,Ilil:,1'l$.:fi:i,:i;-lmad slramAnraer'RashidLabib'sartesroihnan's irl 5c ;-"; $.;ilillll riz-'r''" P " i ar a r ' r 'r d n e e r ^ n i a d H r q : dd
    • d-,Jl-tj. l !4)l +* ;Jtf Jl Jl; e.{lL. lU t1i -#Il dlL nf ttv c!:t!l a:V €.rtjJtcyi tuc$ f-.Slr+ ret; lrJle ttl 23 S JJl-t"c f-E ,1.,-V .J"lil|! (From rishr to lefi I FiA.Roi : ADir Basmarl, FatahAt A2aei MahDood, Mr. Abdul Karim Faraj, Museb Khatil, sarmatr AI Khalidi, Mudhafer Basara seco[dRow:Aljtr4ahdi,LairhMahdi,Faizchutan,NaDi.Janit,rzbidAlKadhn,NajahJanil, rhirdRon : Mlreed Abood. 5D sff,;.fffl::::bo#sl"am. Abdur Karin Aof Qasirr. ArRawi, Farah Haed. Mutrjed [#;:t,yji]"fl,T;:1i,u3i#,?:,eJ;n'rus,ana sa,ah. ;",HtH" ; i,1lf :1"'J 5I
    • rtf 6j elL, .rUl-Pu; -i t: 2t- 2 V as * i)v tz$tt"o 'v ait )n )v J+ .- - -'u ,JJ-s-41"5 ;u t-i .grrlrfi ,u t",t'l? Ghanimsalirn'Ahrnad llll**li*t Ghasan Mr' Jam salim, Husain' ,"'u, "anr satnatr, Naji, Ala Ma,an. oori rbaer sxb'rh raoreeq Secod Roe : Hitili ooou,*oo-, t"'iq Jaqad. RaotNameer Haider ',i,;""i#il'ii,q -aui,rs,,t,,. s , h h Akram Abbood, F a l i h M d d h r l Sahib,a l r l m A h o o o d . Fahin' o5nan , if"l:; ;i,1; w"'eedbMustatl Tlird Ron i{"*"i'r'tai efi;il"yi;"i::i'';,""",iti,iiii,i'Lla. MalhanrAbdul Fouth RoE , "iii.r'"q, ir'-t "**, "..a""r Jiibert,AbdulNaserFalah,Laith omran' Muliir, ualiyar a uai,lHakrm'TchaYseen' Fifth Row iili;,:il; N".biU*:$.9:"*{{;r{i1}b# , Xill','JiTiJ'"lfT"iT)i,: ri:;'i.;r. ir't" cov unamrnad Mu'a' ruaer i2 4A Slxtl Rolv ilili; ii,i",,l;;ij:#:;:lih;; i;;;; 3lTr"il ; Dhafer Alvas.Muhammadlsd Aril shawiat. Laith Nafe Kaka.
    • ,It ;rt ?b) ,llL.ijl :- cjut J .tJUt+.,r", -:,:!j.r1rI +llll 4*! LLI :,-L]-l;t i"q :lul i)l- ijr-^:' J$r ,"JE ]],.^" J-ijL $lJ Jlt J*-l ,"*l5l e^! ,JLL tlJ.i, zl.jt-J Cltr'll rLtj elv 6) ,,r', tt,"i (Frorn risht rolef Fi.st Ros I Z^id tais, Armad Kamat,Saiaftchannn, yonsif,Hajder Mr. yaqoob Abdul Khaljq, ^ MnrJM.noJil. Khaiid Ala sccotrd : il-i,';,X"il:ili{i,f,'ii$,, ., Row va-r, s..'ua r.;;Jidli,fil#ll;,H?'Y;hamad' samer Haitham srutii, sardi' i;.:: ii,:,'.ii iii,;:j,:l*i iJmee, d1d, d {jj:.,,1,:t;{tr".}i MLn,r rrd' ^ n i i - a t l r . L a r . l r r h m o o d . w d r a d , , f .J J , a ,y J 1 d n , , M A J a f d r 4 u t " m o a d . trourthRoD:H!id(r.easin1,-e-risMuaDar,Muham'adFarhan,UsamaJasin.ft.adAdib.Dharbi Abdui rnbbar. i.i"qJ:.y^4""^9-y,,1:"r,!ha a",i.'s"iib;V,;;;ia ilii"iiiik. B"r,i. 4B Firtb Roa ' *i;;;Ji#ri:!#fi:)iilFi,o ooo"ron"",, Marik. Muzhe,, *and Ara sa.adranl,
    • $t ,ib' 4.rt1l ;rt_,, ej bu- .rial 1v Jtr rr:t-lt J'a lUi. cLPlt ,LAtbr.. X _r5 -ta, J+ -J ltjul '!B .lr L"L l:b) ) ) "[-il ,l'l ) 9r.' ri"r J^-+ ? r? t tt'J' ,.J" ix' .l.J qr!!l iL; i-j JjlJ eE js CHnliL-' , it -Llt r,r- iu -t Kanit ribikh' salim' Majid Raid M' Abu s,iil*ll*o'','"ii'",.l!t"n"'n..f*i,Y:ffi #*"""', : Ismail rozif Youni' secondRos I"i;l,l?i11i#i11$ffi1i,iii#*?,1#',1:x'ryj*?ff*li' *" rhhd : l*:l,yl'"i'll,''1l9:li['ffifj,ritit'1'rTltrif':i:""',:i]:1'l* Ron u"i;;et", rr"din sa;i, sadim Muhamrnad' Majid,Firas Kharil' Mudharer iiiliiii, 51 4c il;,H+Ii$i,"ff ffi#:{#Hi'*T'#ii#il'.'#"r*qv"-
    • ,s"Jir "+ u+ $; .,11 &* t:t; 4 ,fll,ll |-." ll.- . ;.ti +L:rrtl,, ,l' l*t 9ju1!l ,r"..+ qy$t 1flt.t r .ttj.t x- 4t;t* ,ll-.tl . l, J.+t Cit (,J"">)l Jqj c!3ul ..r")U Jrr FL':JI - ,,t-,.:l' 6' ){ll .>t^; i.'L' dlrf (Fromricbrtoldr) Ilrlt Row : Abdul KariD Abbas. Bava, Ha, Adoon sbaoooD. MJ. AHul chatrr Ziad ra khri. Nasir Raoof.S .b Nra. At_Uobbaidj, secod Rol' : Wanidh Sbaker,BasitAti, Nahidi srtim. Soraq Orblna!, Faris Mahdi. Tbamn Abdul nftd : $P"iT^*:iTft'J: Ron 8';fxilxT ^-"' +AfJ.:' '"* Abdu, sburer ;""*J" ; m["t#..r1ffi"r,!"teh#3,I;4 eadir 4D F:ft 'Rov:u*n*:tar,*:**'"m.d.#,LH*ffi_.:::f 55
    • 6F J! cru -lrl .r L.:y-. g)J-Jl Jjl' a:2 4)t .u- t- -4 "1r ' q,&JoL? rl , iUt-hll tr ,it -LJr, , rJ.... .-.At ,ti i- 4, J.. &..t ,Lr, bjv t 3 hrst noi : SalamYasin, Jrhad Rcfat, Jinan Lutfi, Mr- Sati Al-Daoud, WaleedKhalid, YaserTaha' MuhammadAti SeconlRow:LionardBrba,ArabAhdulRahnan,Avadlbmheern'MazinAbbas'AvadHashiB, A n m a d l h d b i ' . M u h d m r a d B u r h i r , Z J k i T a w e rf,a r i s 4 u h a m m a d Third Ror| : Riyadh Janil, Meshail Jozaif, Azad Ninat, Ali salah, Marin Raoof' Faris Ahnad' Atheer Jarjess, SabahSabri. FourthRov : Ali Abdll Aziz, Ala Abdul Latif, JasnnMuhamnad, Muhdnad Yousif, Nabil Ata 4E F d ; : BasilAbdul Ghafoor,Luay Abdul wahab, Ahmad Rasheed, MuthaberJamal.Anmar Muhanmad- YaqoobYousif' BasilGbazi' 56
    • €"F Jj' -"(-,1_t J* c)L J!,1) lrlte .jr.- J- Y s,f ,1"* o L i* , , 1 . _.J},rJ,! OJU )!) Jtf ;.i ri:Jl{j lt,tl ::3,11:"y9."f jrrr--ti,.- ;rJr-r Jl )- fi.st Rorv I ].ousif SaLTt. Nanir cha, nn, M uha!h ad Nazir. Mr. SaibAtAmji. Raia! lvaiq. Ali, SamirFa.!j. I !a1r second : Row At.saffar, Ari, Maikel. Mahdj, sarim B,sir sa,ad kii,.,l':ilF;,5i1;it:Jliiliisa,ad ebras rhird RoB I r.rced, sdih.Rand Hani yotrsirRand yisarAbdu] Faiq, f"$3."Hliil]-*;I:il" srlam, rourthRow : Barrir sahi.NimatKrn3r, zoidvudilaliar, Hus$inAri, LaiihAzhar, 3A Filih Ro* Hiirilillit. : s!,rd A7iz. Ara $rirkees. Ilini .bdut l,Ialik,Ziad Tariq, Khalid BrsilrAl-Z!hari, ^dDa. Ilastrnn. Slahid. abit Daoud.
    • ' ,rt rl '" I elliJ .rBu, 'P .JJ*t+' ri-rtL jljJlr' Jt- .r:t J>{1, & rb- u-r] sil J[r J:tg z"t4 lgaull .rrlc 5lr-at Jl> EA&- o) t ;'r!l 6p!jl, +llr, Jl,IlJ-' 1ft:t J-t 4)+,4J. J*a"l J.'l Iil- Lvrw .r,-'jl _.rL5 iruJt rJ-t i,t}, lk btJlc r'J- ,;€,t ,l-Jl .)u- S- ,9,r'Ul.f c' t*' 4-*b (From risht to left) Roel' ii'ii'riiil-- ,-i*; auad R@aq, Tariq Abd' Jalil, Adil othmn' Mr' Adnan AL Abbasv' Luav K halidTadif,, Yibya Abb Avad Akran' Nidham Seco Roe : Alben wilkon.Orhajr Munit RabbahEashir.VubaomadAbbas, sf,il','1i!fiy*. ye1"'n Ros : If;5"iii11fl""1'l'. rhird Hassatr A.hhad, shakara' Abdur ta'atr 4abDood Adnatr Lai!t Adib, Htin-Muharrmad rhdia eMul Ruaq, Abdul Mutalib, Abdul Mejeed' sami Khalil' Arif 3B Fifth Rov : s."il Ib;""-, Hamid-YaserAli. SixthRos : Munen Famj, Ali Hussain !E
    • :--i Ja- rl; -tJl> f v lr": 'wlut Jtf .ue ' )rt $l) #r-.,,!r ,)tt ;;L* €4)tt J4 & ''"t Att4 ,&.,ib-." JrUjl,r, J.^j ,Jjlrr jig ;f. +* t'lrl J.. c;llt,r,tri .lJ -rL (Fron righr lo lelr) FtustRow : Riyadb Najerb..Hamid Majeed.Ahmad Taha Mr. tsDail Almad Zakr., Marwd Muhammad.wisam Dhia- Faris chanim Seco Row 'll'liiT,;l.i""'n*::;iff1T-)I,T,":ffl*'-i1;'ly-ffi^xf ,4!sraraMuhamad. Thhd Row : 4 u s , a r aK a m a l .N d m i r 7 a k i . K l E l i d K a d h i d . S u d a d I i , M u l a n b a d K a m a t ,S a , s r l A Farid, YasharZu hair,Ayad Mekhail Fouth Ror ; wisan Sh:*er, Haid€r Abdul Husain, Muhammad Husam, Bajti Madhat, Nabil Ibraheed, 3G Ayad Mufid. Mlstafa Mudhe.. Fiftt Row : Jmdl Saeed. Mazin Saeed. A Sarin Isca.Scner Ismait,Ati Nrsoolu. Sanm.r Valik. Abd! w r " a b A h D a d ,Z u h a i r b d u l O a d i rR a i d A l i _ . a9 l ':r i.l -*---r-! ;',r;:;---.-*,'..', -, ." :
    • '4 -lP- ,J ) L* ": L"J irL<Jl,ijL J]* )rt '- 5-'.;r) !1 -i, r- !iLrl . ir , ,!:,r ,olrLl :3..r J L< ri -rr J [- ,. Jb i) "', iiii'hl'; s" "a a., o. hLulLdNlr.hrmo Raa Al-shididi,Mr' {bdul srLtarAl'oba'dv' rd, l r n d ,r . a _ ' r o . S d _ D " F '1 " ' " f i tou-i ..i--., cd |.i'. vrAbdulJ'b1d. sccondRor : q . _ , , 1. i, . . U . . t. ,.:. A' -.J,.. F (oD.! .r /r l-( 'dr ThirdRov:o!r3f^i-l1nar.rme'rr|bes,RaadJan,YarobQasiD'N{ulanadSalahFaiselAl- Obrida Haider Noori' Nluhinnxd Zcki Salso Ilourh RoF : iii ."iero.,,, r,"d*r s.,rkrs.'{nnth* Akkash. Mrh o. B.r-ll'. lJ or 3D r i t rR o , i . l ' . . . t l r ' , ' q . t ' l ',e.dAll r :qll-'. lT iu-n q aH1'nh: I5'd ''srr :( Id': t
    • cFtt J*l JLL- _.,1* 4-",U ll*,"rLj . d)^: AL- ,tfuiJ- +-+".)a .rJ4Jt u!+ .:-{- r.u _.ll "[- -/Ul ,rjl, ,lt-t,14 il+ jl,. !-tl ojl, riiu Iirst Row : NIu Lharne Slainan. MLrharnni Sabah, ad Ayad Naseeb,,Ir. Welan Taoi!], Atr::d ]i:n.1, N I a 2 i no o f i . P o L iY a q o o b . Secod Ror : Qutaib. K.n1irl, N,funhitJinar, Liirh Tobiya, Muhnnmad Lafir. Sin3nJrt:]. In.d trtrus. SdlahNlxhdi.I'Inhlnnad Abdut Iiahrnan. Thi.d Ro{ : lrrzin EJ!s. Aii ilKhishaij, Irhrstatrx Abdul N.i, Sababyolsii .!rer Sad..6, Sat3r P i o t .S . r d w a h b i . Fonrth Ro{ r Qusri Ullamnrd, Thaif T.btx. Nluhannad Hasan. Ayad Ffid. Feijs Bjhnam.Armar 3E Fifth Roiy : Basil l-A-sir!fj, Zxyx Alksendef.Iqad Assin. I,tLlhrmnxd ilanrid, Ttraner Hihn3,. H.ss:r!A1i
    • I '..Ll-J.!ll Lr-jrrlll)T CiJi;Ju .s;L.a" ftll d;-Jrr"Ju J.-?tLl rJ.:b gJ; l,l ,. (, JL.; rlrl ' 6' 9- .Flrl.r-3 .e_ f U' Jr+l YLJI r^4 *-:;Jrct- j ? jt r.tt ;u' r+ JLrJtlrf! 'i'?i,.t' Hashjrn wahedAl-Deen' Abbas, Yihva Mr' *i,l?tl'f"' AbihI Karin' Khaltd c-gees,u sams ;;;, t::*n*:;*ru* g:lfltiilXiill'"*,,.' ^dir Fuad. Abdu, Kee,h Ran La,ir, Aram Sarlis. Hrnanr-5arrm . - Mustara' rhird : mrixl"*r*.[:*l"q*"t:*lallXllf Ron -'"*r Abid' Muhammad FouthRon:S:3ffifif"f;'#?.i1'i"T"il'an'AvadArbair'i:*":'I:..-"-:':'^:*' 0l 3F Fif.h Ror : *;;;-ii;;G;tt, M'ha$mad radq, rhakwan raha, Faris raha' sa'ad shawkat'
    • J.LJI J"Jli 'L' u- LrLJ-l -jl,l -4LJ rx, ,tp tr .:'. f tt fr+. ('-. g-,l;1-r't+ ,J*1'a' ,!s eL-. " jv' (From iight to lef, FirsaRofl : Ma'atrDaoud,Im.d Ahmad,Roni ceoree,M.. SabriMansou.,Ala Sae€d, zuhair Shaker, Fxit L.iz. SecoDd Ros : Muth.nna Mahdi, Ay:rd Abdullah, Faris Mahdi, Majid Sharif, Hairhcn Sbaker,Sievetr Toma, RiyadhAbdul r ahnran. Third Row : Mls1atrx Kamel, Mubannad Khalid, Mlnther hril, Marko Boshos,Sami rbrahirl SamerHanna. Fouth RoF : Fdis Salm..HussainSami, Amanj Mxhamad. Haider Lafta, Hajrhem Mahdi, Abir Gorgees. M.'anAdil, Thair Abdul Majeed. 3G Fifth Ron Sixth Rov : Nasir Abdul Hamid, Luay Stanly, Peter Admon, Nafeel Sabeeh. 4 - h " m d S . v J. : Ra'ad Jasin,Anir Hanid. Haithen HaEid. 63
    • g2:ll')o sys etJ,utf JL' JLL J'v,*o eail{+l J>. talil dii etarr&- J6# 4:.iLt a.$ r.j "!r dkb fi r* dU4 LLI fL attt< drr*rt[ *J"r* "u:itlJj' 4rUl-rla d'4 Jt itjL .rte C)ta rt * . Kll.r-p ,LLlr r;lJ g:'!Jl''' .4) o'.t in3t roi : Lnith William, JawamirJalsl, Paris Zeki, Mr. Yashar Ghazi Askar, Majed Jafar' omar Younis.Raqim Hashim. S€corit Rorv : Alnaa eni:en, Mustafa Hanid, Saman Othnan, Gord€n Khoshab4' Ahmad Khalaf' Abaad Yaqoub,JaberAbdul Arnir. Tr,iil Row : Ghassan Mahdi, Yousif Aziz, Ri)€dh Haidea Sa'ad Al-Saesh' Mazin Jatal' Muhammad Shake.. Uslama Butrus. Fo[t& Row : Abdul Katirn Jawad, Shawan Muhahmmad, Fadhil Fati8, Wala Zuhair' Sa'ad Najim' 3H Xifth Ror MuhamDad Ala Al-Deen : Basil Salin, Salam Muhamoad, Nabil Kanal, Ali Hanad.
    • .-)1. irji.-j 6{IlJ'ojl, i-i-- )!i f titttt ,9j! "L-u . :)t ,. -, JU-!',rLL>; {lli f,6lJr1 cti1; dl}i JJ4tt- ;- - J ,:9 .! u"l l,lf , le First Ro; : AiiKamel, Muqdam Jasim,MnstatraKafil Husain,Mrs. Manal ZaidaD'Shawan Navazi' Maztu Ashaiaer. Luav Farai. SccondRoF:Ja'i-vluhan1'dd.shawanlbrrhim,FarooqOmar.LuavAbdulRasoolAliAbdulRa H " $ a n Y o L s ' lS d u a , f a d h i l N r y a / i . i m a r A l l a bM a n a i l .R i f d rl b r d b i D r T h n d R o F : l a i , h S " b ; h .A s x r a d e , T i v a d H i k f l a r , A d m o Dl a j i D a n . N - 4 u h d m a d u s s a i D r i H A M a h k . Q . s $ M u e e r T a h s i n l i . a h a kK n o r i n . . A FourthRonl : MuhammadAIi, Safbaz Talat. Qahtatr Adnan, Ma'aDAbdul Jalil,Hdith Zakariva'Ma'a! 2A Flfth Rov Ibral n, Laith Yousif, SamerAbdulRahmar ; Ahnad ibrahim, Muliannad Mahmood, SaDir Suda4 Raid Muharnmad' Lijan Hasaq NailMard. waleedAli. Abdul [atifAl-Farisi.
    • ak- o1,; -Jr./ Jli.-rl.p r. Jl y'- dul+. ,:-.) -i-_.r. LLI :1-* r j"e *: Js i; ,/J*:.r"n &'t €"; P'* c+;- -rJl--" r ,(JLr-e I Fftn Ro; : Rcnzj Yousil Srnan Abbas, S.1adTaofiq, Mr' Karim Qoja, salma. MuDir, sBasmar Abd! Aziz,lssamSaeed- Second Row : Ah Hadi, Maznl Giranim,SalahJawad,Khalil Bahjat.,Nasir Khalid, Mazin Abdul Amir' Abdullah Muayad. Thnd Row : HassanTalat. Usana Yousif. Doud Muh.mnad, Wiam Rishad,Raoof Zuhair, Abdul Hnndhhbb.r, RamziAbdul Malik, Salan Najinl. FourtbRoF : Ranl Ahmad. Muraz Haza, Nebrai Ibralin, Zaid Daoud, Muhamdad Doud Al"Janabi' MuhmDad Shaker.Sa'adSaiah. Fiftl Rov : Ziad Ala Al-Deen.Ahmad Jafar,Ahmad Abdul Majid, Sa'adSalih,Husan Karim, Ghassa! 29 GhNssan Kanal. Siifh RoF : Y.usif Fatthallah,Abbas Fadhil, Abdul Hamid Abdul Karim, Khalii Hufdhi' Ahmad Iz A1-Deen.
    • -,+1,-r CU.iJt -FI J-e J4t Fl;,j ;X. eiL-J . l".F )ii ; L't; ,u! !;r.*l .:i rru -ir i 4J>@ lJ* ,iu l.Jl4 )Alrt,tj J,t..l"t J'f !--"Je !,)j ,r" .-+:;'. "i e! ub Jl.up r .(l .r..c i-4* -iJ -'r-j, l.t ." r' Fi$t Rori : Firis Abdul Ghafoor. QusayHanoodi, Janal Fa'iq, M!.. Fouad Said,Ali Fadhil, Peshrosrtt. Hishen Abdui Mahk. Seco&lRos : Ahmid liixlil. Wa xd Shaker.Muhannad Husain,Husain Munir. Rjadh Muhanmad, Sahrin Hil,rral. SndeerJuDra,LaiLhFafhallah. Thid RoR : Ziii Ndi. Zjyad Jlmil. Sarrnld Abdutlah, Hafin MulFmlrad, l{arilan Taha, Abdrl K ,, .J. , Fourth Rorv : Ba.har Mich.el. Has;tr Muhannad, Ali Sadi'],Inad Salmatr, Ghrjth lzzat, Mahnood M e h s i r .N I n l ! . ! ! ! . d A b d u l l a h . Filth Roy : I h r l ' . $ n r d , b i d , M n x ) ' a dS h i h b , Ahmad Abdul Fatah, Nanir Fadhil, Muhanroad 2,C Sixth Ros Nlritrdi, lvl.zln Adfrn. Rajc Georee. : Nl!h:xnmad Zilxd. Nalreer lUahdi, Firas Abdul Hlsain, Khalil llashim, Ala William, nI:iid II3ssrn. lii
    • .-t It jttlr*" J;' at j o"A jb :-Lt jl r sjl r" ,r.Jlr.' r ,(i,r--" -r-.+ LilU r: .lJI-r, K ,r4r S! ifnl .-a.- rP all :; . <) L; :. - .. iiot qo" : HaiderKhalid, Tliamir Am ash,Muhammad Abdul Karim, Mr' Abdul Lat'f Muhamnad Ja*!d, Ra'ad Abdul lvahal', Hushan Nazhat,Mrhanmad Farooq S€cond Row : 'Iulhanna Sh.ker. Haithem Hazim. Khaldoon Abdul A ir' Adnan Abid Rijxb' Inmal Nasir,MuliammadIhssan, AYadTaha' Third Ros : Akram Husrin, Omar Saif Al'Deen. Hnslan Adnan, Fmnk Inlonivons,Ahnad Abdul SaIrib.Khalid Nasir, Ali Sad'q FourthRo{ : Furat Fadhil. Haider Sahib' Haider Khudher, B'ke' Abdul Salan, FaiT Otaibi Fadi Fai'hallah. ti3 2D FftI Row : Abdll QnderAdul Karim, Sa'ebAbbas, Ali Khldher, Divar Khalid' Basil Jafar' Sabah An{er. Sixrb RoF I Faiz Kadhim, Baker lssan, Wanidh Raoof Abdul Latit Wisam Admon Abdll Aziz Thabit Anis
    • L|'G ,-4i: * J)AJI^ ,L b* r---, #lL .JitJjt, .t -,J J.+, JJ,blrrlJ f'jtt* ejl- d":J f-6lrrir-E (F.oD rigbr to left) First Ro1l : Muhamnad Saljh,SarmadMadhat, SaadAbdui Jabar,Mr. Jubrail Shamsi,Fi.as AMul Razzak, DashanAbdul Jaber. seco'd Row : TahaAbdul Qadir, Sa'nerYaqoob,Adil Ahnad, Quri Sail,Raid Antwan. 2E Ttid Rolv : Onar Sani, SalinrSadouD, Riirdh Subhi,Mutrtasirlbrahim. FourthRor : Muhanmad Aldul Majid, Mahnoud Shnkir Mayad Janan, ktifTalib Fakhri- Fifth Ror Ali : Ali Ahmad.waleed Khalid, MahmoudAbdul Jabar,JamalHilal, Ali Khalid, Talib Zuhair
    • .?tarrJJ J:^" srrrir u_q ete . ,4r^- F .t+l4i .i-Jlr' .l rj #; rlt 4r+" 7;'"e sts_lv t*,jtt drr^ C)..,' et Jlt J l- ,J, -)l .r--.. ,(. r+r+i #cl^ jlj,Ju-' rLP et -'-t 4)yJt-t*. AbdurMajrd, MukramAbdul Anir' Bashir Amjad'Mr' Fareh Hasan' il;;;""",;;,-.d Muiannrd Klcaim, vin'amLd Abdulwdbah Ha/ r AodulJibirar' . ., . ,q. r"+"'" rro""ii rr'"lia s'ro Salahvadi zardAnjad saeed secord Rop : I;liiil;-,|-n-; rtoartwut'"1. 'ti H'0' w ' eed s,t KhaLid TtirdRow:sutaimanSheel,MuhdmadBashjr'Sa'ailHanna,NazarAbdulMuhsin'wai]Ab YousifMurta.tha. Abdursaram' Athir Adib ForrthRov : ,ii?i'iiIA'ii.ii--"a abdlr Majid' HanniMajid' sherko Rashid AbdulAmir' Muhammad, Abbas,Avad rsmael Fadi Izai' KnaLid Ali 2F rifth Ror : iil,ilii'iii-Jiair,'il'r'""nad A1i. SixthRov : o;;r Ahmad, FadhilAbbas, SamirSadi' Nahidh Jawad'
    • }t a)v ,.rlr il ,iu ,u t+ -l'u 4b,rlj Cif 'rL-- Ju&J# J.jr",./1-; t*.8 -+.) otK ':t Jb 6f.t Ji)la ,x* ---u 'l?v,V JFrJjr. (Fron right to left) trilst Ro$ : Fadha Sadi, Hartiyoun Shukri, Athir Daoud, Mr. wisan Toaoliq, Nazar Zeki, Latjf Shahid, Ahnad Ala. Secod Row : Ra'adPhjlip, Haithen Fairal, Oftar Sreed, Fadhil, Chdir Munir, NahilPhilip, Ammar Ali ls'nael.Nabil AdDan.Saham Is.mael- thitd Rotr : Kawa Sharif, Aqecl Noori, Adnan Muhamad, Rafid Abdulla!, Ayad CLa"i. Firas Sadi, Muhanmad Salim,MuiD Abdullah. 2G Fourth Row : Muhamnad Noori, Barra Ridha, Anir Ali, Sa'ad Abdul Amir, SaDir Alber, Mazin Aziz, riftb Roe F- as Sadi. : Hassan Ali. Hamid Abdul Munim, Narnir Yihya, Faiz Faiq, SinanSabih. 7l
    • L, eJ irLL .r;1lr fticb oLl- rilJ i; f lra.. 'iut-'" JlJl r"' CLu., $r Jr.tJ' chxziAske''Kh:lrid Mnbd'r'Mr. Yasriar f,,i.11::"'",''{ii sxttlr, s'rid saLin'Flrmid '," Ahdur Ad$cr. li srbri nroudSrlmar ' ^bdur Karnn' : lirooj"ini;"i'' ""'r't-'sri;' Hli1len sabri'onar Mdjid' MnqdiDr secondRo{ Raldsat,Lr. Nnsrrtr MJjLd, ",,",)o.lil t Abid,Muhanmad Khxlid, ,^hmrd{i'cr' K} *",n,r, ,",'"r i..di.shrNan ThkilRor : ''".t!tR a ' l d " r l-io. 1n r , , - . . . . ^ , - H . d ^ .b A m'i' r H rso - ' n.'d l14 d H 'M'Lan d HrrrvoJr rouflh ow : u',' .i't 'i l'"u" a l b r '' {l 'rd N I 1 r . P r : d A o d . r l H r n d . AR ' o I-alh o'i* v".^i' u"r"' "'d Minmoodldrid Abdurrah' FrrrlRo$ : ;:Hi;-;;;' 2H Ro sixth : ii,:ill#iffi:;. Akrrm Othman ^"'-" Hanna' sr'kerMahmood' Muhammad' Noori' sarnrad sabah i)
    • ol ) jl,Le ,rri . ''l r-i, , '_ r 4J<, o.t t"-j .l+- t- n e"f- .r,Al,ue j;Lt .rl _r .r>1r Sl.r.c .,t- .r* ,e<t.Flt r:-ll-'., fi- J:s .lrt ijL lL e)'+ J'r- .{tt -,'v -5't ut (Frornrish! ro lerr) FirsrRow , Ra,ad shnke., saidAr.ra,i.Faris Mr. ,,*,,,ii**,?.i"lli, Abdur Razzaq, Basin Second Row : Satarn Abdul Husrin,RashidA sarnad Fakhri, A.*."f x*,yl':1,b:il?f::Te#:y"sl,m, Dharer zaidoon shaker, rbird Ro!? : wrteedTanq. Fari!Adwe.. rqirt",, r*"p1n",q,, N;r]inauio,u., efi aUuruulo "us., 2K rou h Row : Wateed Khalid, Namir Chanin! Shawan rbrahnn, Sarim Majid, Adjil Sadiq, Altwar iJ
    • jr-l ii ]v" Qs.t jlt$:u-; ri r*l J1t e/)U aa.";."Lr ct-j- itll-..9 l""rt- JjlJl iq 'JjL rd Jjj-. ojL, tu iJu' ,rLll J,jlr (From right to lefi) Ihst Ror Sa'ad Ghalib, Najib Mansoor, Mustala Abdul Majid, Mrs. SajidaAl-Khalisi Abbad Jilbrt, Ala Saroi,Harith Qasin. S€conil RoF waleed zuhair, KameranYousil Roni Yousniva,Muharirad Hikmat' HaidetMuhamnad, Nasif.Tariq Shaker, MazinMBfllh€r, Sa'adDaoud. Ttird Ror Ra'adHusnin.MutazIbrahirn,HaithemSabe,Yaser Adel' Ahmad smael, Ayad,tunmarSa,eb, Khalid,ziad Tariq Waleed Iouth Rot Almad Baker,Aof Abdul Rahman, Usana Salah, FarisKamal,MazinJaber' Atheer Kanan,Raid Hashirn, IA Fffth Ron Wale€d Khalid,NamirGhaDid,Shawan IbrahiF, SariE Majid' Adil Sadiq'Antwau i4
    • e :,iil-Lc ajL t'*]1 lL ;'JlYl o"V-g eL# . -iJ;|j irt"J.i e 4i! . '1; u:t 6li -!.- J:t' .ttta lc &*4 J,Jl.L; .Jil.Lr cu fl-j .-tt, b)u alj)lr.' at'Jl1+c .r-ll *- ,-VlJ, ,ljl. (Fron dghr to left) Filst Rov : Faozi Mahnood, Abdul Wahab Abdul Razzaq, Bassan Nafe, Miss Huda Lafta, Ahmad Muhder. ShawanAdver. Atheer Jafar. SecondRoa : Faris Yaqoub, Amer Kamal, Laith Abdul chari, W€san Hasan, Nanreer Shab, Mazid Abdul Amir, Ahmad Haithem,Khalid Abdul Jabbar,Ihstr Abdut-Hadi,Haidc! Yasin. Ttftd Row : Shadman Nadhif, Basil Mlhmnad, Mazio Raof, Ahmad Abdul Sa$d, IIagob Hoseeb. IB FourthRov : Hindersen Hagob, Ammar Abdul Jabbar, AdeI Abdul Ruaq, Muhammad Salim, Samit Fifth Ron A b d u lK h a i j q . 4 u h r m m a d u h a i r . : Waleed Z Abdul Hadi. Abdullah Dhiya, Ali AHul Azia Ali Husain,Ali Kadhim. 71
    • .1,'r 5l.r- JF j!r.' Jt> J-Ylf.llrl rr,t" .ttv J-iJ"r,. dt '.Et ;lJ4'r+" lt'ee &L sl, ,)L{ tP J-,tl+a Jt iJs.oJ,ll lf.i: ,JL.a &u ):t) -rll i,l-l 4J4'rsrs .e:) .iJu r'i L^.U :'r * €i-/ -t.t-{ iu .rl' '-;;J biu .llt ,Jo (From risht ro left) [rBiRo; : Onar Ka'lal. UeamaAhmad, Mikhor Faozi, Mrs. Nida Muhammad,I$am Mrrhsin' Ra'ed Abdul Hasan, Haider Kadhin SecondXow : Mutaz Abbas, Ra'ed Khalil, Mamon Abdul Jalil, Ghassar Atras' Abdul Karim Thader, Ahmad Jasim, Athil WiIIiam. Thlrd Row : Kasra Mahdi. Salim lzzat. Mzzin Muhanmiad, Muhammad Avad, Mustafa Isnael' Bara Jasim, Husain Abdul Rahnan, Mazin Sam€e. Fouth Row : Ma'an Fedhil, Ali Hanid, Zaid Tariq, Majid Salin, Riyadh Abdul Karini' Musiafa lslhael' rc Khalil Abdul Majid. Fifth Rort I Nazar Qasitn, Ra'ed Fadhil, taith Issa, Ahmad Husain, Anet Rabin. Akso Oth-nan' Ib|ahirn Sanir.
    • th.J-t _ril o-6 x' J,nJ.u jft rll :it ,, LilJ.'Ll J.IJ,.JYL o:r1! .)!,j J>l J^J Jl' IL .... First Row : yarub Ali, Dhafe. Sa ad, Talat Ab<tutHussain,Mr. Abdul Khaliq Ah,nad, Ali Abdul S . . r b . l , . ' m . . dA h n J d , s . , l i mK . m i t . Second Row : Alheer JaDil, lvlnhainnadKadl m, Ayad Hazim, wateedHusham, MuayadFaeq,Khalid nluhatnmrd,TatraJafar,Omar Hanid. Third RoF : Imad Ali, Ahniad Fadnit, Amer Hashin, Ma'an Halud, Ata Husain,NameerAomn, chassanAti. SaifAli. Fourth Row : Ayad Ai-Sabri,Riyadhzeki, Ala Talib, Muhamnad Sajid,Ati Muhanmad, Ndu Abbas, ID SharniiKatnil. Ziyad Tariq. .. Filth Ron : {) rd You5if, sar ir [4 uhsrd, Bad.i, Muhamftad Maroof, SuhairAbdu] Khaliq, Tariq Ali Sr'ad
    • -S S Av:' iu-il ;,Ll PK "-+' Jl- J'r' 4*rll J1,-l "'r J-! ^itr";'l rlllr^' iijt' qK/,Y 9ur lI F- -fl. .t tr.. .rf- I Abdu" Kanrl Majid' Hashim' Abdur "'!harn''ad 'rr' bT"fi.:TI.,",'*i' "*'", "1"..,:.io9l' l;'.o"lll wareed, La'i,Al.,dA-oou1:,,,.r;';,..,;l"lif^lfl1lfilil,id Issan saiein Nruhsh' secood : ros Abba i:ij.iill;,'liil;; i;''1i;,?,".1,,';*0,"'*, Faiz Ra'ed o,, rarjis, Alrbood' Ro{ : rhird yousif, orsl,a Bassard i"r.il 'i:*l'liJ:i1::ijii',*,*, Lahib n"n""."ihy., : Fou'thRo," Name3 $lit i'fJ:l'tl?.[l)ViJi:fa r,rdjid, rsnaer. Haqqi Muh$nad Khadbm. liftb . ll:iHil::t:fll,"ti#:i* RoN ;8 IE
    • {.9 f,^lrrl e"* .rJl-,* dl- i.t-1 dur LLI 4Jt gW )j )Ji<-l -r*l.te Jr-, ' ,rjtt r.Jtt"tr ,^e JrJ .)J.Ji A.lrb +,-rrf*r] 6Jrt rrJq";H+taf Jr'l ,": J*;-t ,Jh.rl-,, /LJb j4 bjv 4t:1"' ,ot, Ju (frcm ight to left) Fr8t Ror : Am,nd Adil, Faiz Matti, Sabah Niood, Mr. HanM Musa, Bayar Salim, yousi{ Abdul Jabbar,AhnadMuhalmad. SecondRoe : Usalda Khairi. Muhamnad Adbutchani, Arabi Shart Janat Nasn, Muhammad Abdur wadcod. Haideredsin. FirasJamrl, AIi Khalid mid Rory : Muin Jafar,SaedKhatii,rskand( rNoor' Abdul Jalil Abdul Raltran' Jamal, Muavad Mahmood, Az Avad Khataf' Amer routh Rov I Waet Baker, MDhammad Ibrahi Muzhir' I'dm viclor' HJ'irn Abdul sahib' IF -- lx.ft fioa odav Rssh'd.o',"r.0''. o-," tlo'Basim : Bashir Ahn.d, Aia Abbas. Ma&hatAbdul Jabbar, Ami., Usana Abdut Majid. MuhammadSamih, Faklii. Abdll t$
    • (i-,'l.r +JlJ* d"5 l@ Jl- CL,;11& ; )F rt-q' .l'Jil, c'r' {u p" ue.") . JJI u ;t- .!K l-! b j'- f: -s *'" jt'))1r-r a)t iB r't tl'f'r]t wisamAdil'KharidHamd ilnii'iili"t t""o'd.wa'adshuker' Muhamma4 AbidAli' Azd'r Mr' oo' rdazcr'd-"r' doAbdul sa SecondRoll l*:of.li;i1i^, u " ,. . .ad 'ti" r'' s..ad ALdu :'; Ab.do o"der' adN " bdlr Tbiil Row 3;:,i:';:'l"i:L-l:i"l'. " : : ,E"'.1 ; . : : , ",oa' n -'." '1.'.'l 4,ziirvu.'J.De- Ddrr M d t r 4 J a l r a rA . - e .r " ) a d n s h " d q | , . Iourth Ror Khr[d lahmood, t'Lu]id Ahd!l]rtrilr' rood r-r'h'* A d Mar' a'er llll*; i;.:;,1'{,,:;Illi'J',i,i'Jio'' i'pF H IG firth RoF HaDid Bariq
    • Ji jy4, ,te ry .tr<t Ln) i1LJl-L' {.. d|lrr*r J.;vGt) Lily'rrel Jl2Jl ,Juj .!{€Jl jlJi e)f tL" tf ,t .t+- ,*illJ.t .6rl-r.c .rrc .**, ttr JUJ'I'.r,1 fJ- JtJl,l.J L*tr .ii:,llt .!lf I+o.).r,- i;* g'l.r'rrB J.J-t a}, fv':= J,rt l& FLstRow , "ra, sa.ad Aziz,Mrs.Murarsmaer, ceorge, Khaili, tTj,,ji,irH#"i". samer Arj Seccd Ror I siror Muslafa.Hashim Muhanr Abdurrah, salarr. lrawd s mad srbah, Rrat aieed M"*i',;Ti#'f;tfi l"Fasrz Third Ror : Muhamrnad Krrim, Abdul em"a M",1",-J, ar,fi""i"-,"".ua, ' ' ' 'e_;ua. A,ai. * " _ NiaU Abdlr'nao.Ayed.no.HardcrAI.dLrKlatrq,AhmrdtDrah,. TK _ F o ' t l f t R o F : . . , r : . . . . 1 d i r . , e a . i uL . t r m a d 4 r , b e r . Muhannad. Muhanmad shak, Hrsham,IssamKhatid. l . ; . n e i i i r " . v . i , . . os l , l * , s r , * " u , r :r, Asad Abdut Satrar, Khalid J(asem, Muhammad
    • ;&.ff. &&{-{{.-}Ks"$."&$fs ,* +lr, JL, ,rur.j ) gJ.6, o:ij d-!n -;.;- .-!'{-a -!tl
    • i-+.uL"., sL?#urr s.L +.Jl Iri' e'' e-fJt:: ' ^rrftl , '"h #u-,crL €F-tt ,rr I 4;K1)1 ..",r, a -l*tl -.J. ;|"a -r3 .rur, .!Jt I .!:$ -,.. fJ+- d.il ctra i-i!l ij.it:i]i LJJ' Jl+ j dl.r, JL. ;.dl gLJr *- ;.uJl r.L r: J-,.* +J, jr +l fL: 1: rllJl rlUl u-n- 83
    • fitrJte4^5;; . !.Jt e , elJl t..? _.a v ,, rj !p5ul d|".Jl.r"3 o-rJt Jlhll !rt&,f:K d cq:il &JA+ et3'SPI g' u.lib . . .91 g,,1lr. .1!.1 .y '-j-jlt4V.oSq. ... fr. Jt c'tr q " ' L" dJrl
    • 9... ,--rr"rt ji ilLul i.lLll i-;"rl ; t tt :-)^al 9 J-Jl.r t... Jtj- jtl
    • ... ir-L;ll r lrJl illjl e-'L ... ,Sl t."- a13"-.t)tSlsd: ' . . 1' .:,") t i i-j,t s" i il<ll !''rLl U.l' JJ.-, JJ .. fl 6-y' 86
    • f,J Whois wbo?in theBiology Lab....
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    • ,f f ;r-j+" Abdul Rahmln Kurukcnr it",t+ d) william JundiAwadh. ;r- .)U- 6rl.tlll.c $1,r-r DCLIIIAD NI. iIAB9,N Abdul KlrccmAl-Muqudadi
    • J$ Ge J-9 Yehya Nidr muharnm€d si'.rt)l ql" -t, SaibAli Al-A raji Hazim SaidYounis rF rfl
    • g.i1, .iiJ 6J.l Huda Laftha lr'lahdi Abid Ali Hrmid d.l,! JJ:r L.on Penos Markar
    • il llii l..li I i.ltr:r-', ,,,i, J-$J?) .f. Y.hva .rheed l-DcenAhr A . r. Jl ,i-l Jl-L' Li Quiaib!Abdul WahidAl'Diroobi
    • ' i-:l !JLr. J-j Yousif Samaan ) r l J le L $r s Abdul Latif Jawrd S i I i A b r n . r dA 1 - D d o u d s
    • :1t-!1JJ LeslieAl-D.]oud ol+j +l,ii JL. M a n a l A b d u l M a j c e dZ a l d a n Adnan lluhanrmed Hanna Mus3
    • Cabricl Shr.r!i !l> ajrt; eI; f,.* 4:V t4 Furd Slrid PhilijrRadrrzJ.rct YashrrGha,i Askar r
    • Muna Ismai) ('rJl d)1, Alobaidi SrdiqSalman Sami Roufxil Bulli by* (f * MuhammedHassou{
    • j-Al .r>l-llr' Jl> qJ-rr Gnlr' Khalid Abd(rl wahab Al-Hiti Abdul Ghani Al-OFl];:.. a.b 11&lt r?L S a b r i 1 " . r ' . , r Ilajid Kam;lAbrrTabrkh
    • FaIh HasanAli 53$ iJ r-', Bxdr Ninra Al-Malik' ,-iu1.il; {gjl-;l ";*l IshaqAl-Jawahiri
    • CUt.'-r'-' Ivlaisoon Khidhe..Al-BaYati .iil.Lc rrlr.:., Mashaan Alrailah Mahmood .--eJ:.i'_.r': YrqJUb YiLrt|l ll:rirjr
    • -lr.l ;Jl'llrt Abdul Satiar Al ObaidY AbdulKhaliqAhmad ,y'il.r.' C>13 ialah Abdul Amcer Nas;! Radhi Jawad
    • iJij of:" i'taisoon lxroon Said T ElivaYaqoub :,Li'L J-?U Nasif Taqlaq S r i i d , r hQ u j i m H a s s a n
    • lbfrn.eir ll Sh3ikh 6)lJr g:-.a Sabih Abbas Al-Falahi Ismail Ahnad Zeki
    • d.Jdl J.tl Ahmad AlMuddcris K.reenl iv{ikha Qoja jujr r* Said Hanccd Al-Ta'i
    • Hi n r - r L n r ! n L - r . r dt a4* lk- 'iPr.J d!., SuhamHussainAl-Kh3lidi F$ial MuhaDmed Ali s s $$,,i$ iru
    • l)ummafAbdutKrreemAt_Rawi J a l a lA b d u l A n r e c r H r s a D b d L r l H L r s ! i nt i a n r o o d
    • J,:-S ts* Gorid Bernc Msnsour n1*' .-.':Jlib A i i u l l x h I l r s i r l fr A f N u a " n y rit r:.. Itaoid Rashecd IT
    • 4:s*1 u"tc t-e i . 1 r h r r , , ' c t l , h a sr t J e i r o r i HashimTaher B,.toul Musa
    • SalahAl-DeenJasim Hanid N4ahlnoodAi-Rawt Abdul Majrd Ab'lul Latll Riradh Al-S!bbngh
    • Sul:iErr DlouC Al-Jafrfi ,-J-r,€j, "s:.,tu| t a z i M i r i r l , ) o dA l - T i k r i l i iLilrLIl.." u.+i Fahmi bdul hbr. Al-Ani
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