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Two Things I Want To Be When I
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  • 1. Two Things I want to be when I grow up
    Secret Service Agent
  • 2. Why I Want To Be A Secret Service Agent
    You get to have a gun
    You have a suit and shaded glasses
    You get to meet the president
    You get to scare people because of the shaded glasses
    You get to protect the president
  • 3. About the Roles of The Secret Service
    The U.S. Secret Service has two distinct areas of responsibility:
    Treasury roles, covering missions such as prevention and investigation of counterfeiting of U.S. currency and U.S. treasury bonds notes and investigation of major fraud.
    Protective roles, ensuring the safety of national VIPs such as the President, past presidents, vice presidents, presidential candidates, their families, and foreign embassies.
  • 4. Picture of Secret Service Star Logo
  • 5. Why I Want to be a Plumber
    You make an honest living of about $40,000 per year
    Plumbers work with water, which is fun
    They ensure that people get water for their house
  • 6. About Plumbers
    A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage, drainage, or industrial process plant piping.
  • 7. Austen
    Austen says that city plumbers make $500,000 dollar every year. That is false. Plumbers only make about $40,000 every year. This slide was only to clarify how much plumbers make, NOT to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • 8. Picture of A Plumber At Work
  • 9. Comparing Plumbers and Secret Service Agents
    Secret Service Agent
    Plumbers fix pipes
    Plumbers make only $40,000 per year
    Agents protect the president
    A Secret Service Agent can make up to $131,033 per year
  • 10. THE END