students have changed?

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I created this presentation as an assignment in my class.

I created this presentation as an assignment in my class.

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  • 1. Are students today different than they were 30 years ago?
  • 2. Are students today different than they were 30 years ago?
    New words
    Are students different?
    Instructional Technology In the Classroom
  • 3. New words
    Digital Natives
    Digital Immigrants
    DFL(Digital as a First Language)
    DSL(Digital as a Second Language)
    *the new generation
    *Born digital and live digital
  • 4. Students are different
    Students 30 years ago

    Digital immigrants
    Students today

    Digital Natives
    Were born into the digital world…have been involved with the new technologies
    Developed the digital world…have been exposed to less technologies
  • 5. Differences between
    Digital Natives(students today )
    Digital Immigrants(students 30 years ago)
    What do they prefer…..? According to Ian Jukes and Anita Dosaj, The InfoSavvy Group, February 2003
  • 6. Students today prefer…
    receiving information quickly from multiple multimedia sources
    parallel processing and multitasking.
    processing pictures, sounds and video before text
    random access to hyperlinked multimedia information
    to interact/network simultaneously with many others
    to learn “just-in-time”
    instant gratification and instant rewards
    learning that is relevant, instantly useful and fun
  • 7. Students 30 years ago prefer…
    slow and controlled release of information from limited sources
    singular processing and single or limited tasking
    to provide text before pictures, sounds and video
    to provide information linearly, logically and sequentially
    students to work independently rather than network and interact
    to teach “just-in-case” (it’s on the exam)
    deferred gratification and deferred rewards
    to teach to the curriculum guide and standardized tests
  • 8. The Differences around students
    ・Teaching / Learning tools
    the Internet, audio, video…
    ・Learning environments
    online classes
    ・Everyday life
    TV, video games, the Internet, iPod…
    The differences around students affect their changes
  • 9. Students are different
    The brain changes and organizes itself differently based on the inputs it receives
    from “Do They Really Think Differently?” by Marc Prensky
    People are changing and developing themselves depending on the needs they have in their life. Students are living in a different world than the one digital immigrants were in. Students have changed because they are always using new technologies. This is similar to the way our ancestors developed languages for their communication out of necessity.
  • 10. Instructional Technology in the Classroom
    Students today are different. It doesn’t mean they can not learn , or that we can not teach.
    They have preferences for learning , so if the method teachers use match their style of learning, they could learn more effectively.
    My teaching
    As a teacher, we should be flexible and adaptable. I would try different types of technology in my class and find out what teaching style matches with my students. Also I would pay attention to what is going on in our society today and keep myself updated because I think education is influenced by society.
  • 11. Summarize of Findings
    I uploaded my Power Point Presentation…
    I couldn’t import my file to Google Docs because my file was “pptx”.
    I changed my file to “ppt”…
    I couldn’t hear the sound I inserted in.
    some transparent pictures have showed up as opaque
    Advantages of PowerPoint
    Wide variety of choice and features
    ex) template, font and etc.
    Advantages of Google Docs
    Everyone can use the application anywhere with the Internet.