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QR Codes
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QR Codes

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  • 1. QR Codes
    By: Nichole Ackerman
  • 2. QR = Quick Response
  • 3. History
    In 1994, Japanese company Denso Wave Incorporated (a subsidiary of Toyota) developed the first QR code
    Denso Wave needed an easily scannable code that could store more data than traditional bar codes
  • 4. Capacity
    Traditional bar codes can store up to 20 characters
    QR codes can store 7,089 numeric and 4,295 alphanumeric characters
    The 2D (two-dimensional) design of QR codes allows it to hold more data than bar codes
  • 5. QR Codes are 2D (two-dimensional)
    image by Denso Wave Incorporated
  • 6. Where do you find QR codes?
    image by technologyqw.com
  • 7. Magazines
    image by basketball-news-update.com
    image by acegroupnyc.com
  • 8. Television
    image by 2d-code.co.uk
    image by yasni.com
  • 9. Internet
    image by projectgutenberg.org
    image by 2d-code.co.uk
  • 10. Products
    image by 2dbarcodestrategy.com
    image by picplz.com/brittanycooper
  • 11. On the Street
    image by acegroupnyc.com
    image by 2d-code.co.uk
  • 12. Art
    image by 2d-code.co.uk
    image by thinkerbelle.me
  • 13. Libraries
    image by Flickr user Robin M. Ashford
    image by blog.ovrdrv.com
  • 14. What’s in a QR code?
  • 15. “…the QR code has become the shortest distance between curiosity and information retrieval.”
    - Hamilton Chan (2011)
  • 16. QR codes can contain…
  • 17. Scanning
    QR codes can be read by dedicated QR code scanners, tablet computers (like the iPad), or smartphones
  • 18. Scanning
    Smartphones and tablet computers must have a camera with auto-focus and a scanning application (app)
  • 19. QR Code Actions
    QR codes cause smartphones or tablet computers to perform a variety of actions including:
    • open a webpage
    • 20. send an email
    • 21. send a text message
    • 22. add contact information to the phone
    • 23. upload an event to the phone’s calendar
  • Top QR Code Apps
  • Anyone with a computer and internet connection can create a QR code – for free!
  • 29. QR Code Generators
    • qrstuff.com
    • 30. mobile-barcodes.com
    • 31. qr.kaywa.com
    • 32. jumpscan.com (mobile business cards)
  • When creating a QR code, make sure the landing page is mobile ready and the content is valuable.
  • 33. Mobile vs Non-Mobile Ready
    Non-Mobile Ready
    Mobile Ready
  • 34. References
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