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What is share point sps_denver_final

  1. 1. What is SharePoint? And What Does It Mean To You?Nedra AllmondEmail: NedraAllmond@live.comBlog: NedrasharepointsTwitter:@NedraAllmond
  2. 2. More about Nedra•Working with SharePoint since 2006•MCTS•Working with the Department of Defense, the aerospace and biotech industry, entertainment and non-profit organizations•User Advocate•Presently is the Senior Technical Consulotant at Perficient•Co-Chair of SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles •Co-Founder of the San Fernando Valley SPUG •Western Regional Board Member of Women in SharePoint
  3. 3. Before we get started! THANK YOU
  4. 4. Agenda• The Official Definition• The Six Pillars• The Flavors of SharePoint and How Much Does it Cost?• Who Uses SharePoint?• What Does SharePoint Mean to You?• Case Study – the CFO• Public Facing SharePoint Sites• Career Possibilities in SharePoint• The SharePoint Community• Help and How to Get Started
  5. 5. What Microsoft says What is SharePoint?​“SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2010, your people can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.”
  6. 6. More from Microsoft
  7. 7. The basics – flavors of SharePoint• SharePoint Foundation• SharePoint Standard• SharePoint Enterprise• SharePoint OnlineFor more about comparisons, go here: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/en- us/buy/Pages/Editions-Comparison.aspx
  8. 8. How Much Does It Cost?• Bamboo SharePoint 2010 Price calculator – http://community.bamboosolutions.com/blogs/sh arepoint-2010-price-calculator/default.aspx
  9. 9. Happy Birthday SharePoint!• SharePoint turned ten years old on March 27, 2011• SharePoint even has a father, his name is Jeff Teper
  10. 10. Interesting…
  11. 11. What does it mean to YOU? – You are an office professional – You are an IT professional – You are a web designer – You are a developer – You are a project manager – You are a business decision maker – You are in finance
  12. 12. What does it mean to YOU? – You are an Office Professional/Administrative Assistant • You can become a Power User • The path to a SharePoint Power User and beyond Site Visitor – Site Member – Site Owner – Site Collection Administrator – Server Administrator
  13. 13. Office Professional (cont.)• Might want to start with your own “pain point” – Is there a task you are doing that is repeatative or that is manual and you would like to automate that task?• Prerequisites: – Become very familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, Outlook – Learn what SharePoint can do – Know your organization and team – Learn about the security model of SharePoint – Know your business process
  14. 14. What does it mean to YOU? – You are an IT Professional/Server Administrator/Database Administrator/Network Security Professional • My personal favorite 
  15. 15. What does it mean to YOU? – You are a web designer • Do you remember something called FrontPage? – It is gone away and now there is something called SharePoint Designer SPD for short.
  16. 16. What does it mean to YOU? – You are a developer • These things might help:• SharePoint Designer "Development"• Add, use and customize the DataView Web Part• Assemble workflows• Branding and Style (we are going to ignore this for this article, and reference in a separate branding article) – Master Pages – Styles for Content Query Web Part and Summary Link Web Part• .NET Development• Develop Web Parts• Develop Features (this includes list definitions, site definitions, etc.)• Develop List Event Handlers• Develop Workflow
  17. 17. What does it mean to YOU? – You are a Project Manager • Same skill set as PMP • Please use MS Project
  18. 18. What does it mean to YOU? – You are a business decision maker • WE NEED YOUR BUY-IN
  19. 19. What does it mean to YOU? – You are in finance • No longer do you have to email spreadsheet, I promise
  20. 20. Practical Uses• Collaboration• Version Control• Searching• Business Intelligence• Workflows (BPM)• Content Management & Archiving• Customizations
  21. 21. Case study- the CFO• The CFO had a “request”• I want to know where all of all of the leases around the globe• This required collaboration of 41 VPs and directors• SharePoint by fire, not the best approach• All executive had access to upload their files• The end result, all documents we uploaded to the site for review by the CFO• No longer were documents in file shares, emails, flash drives, and file drawers• The In-House Counsel stated “I love SharePoint!”
  22. 22. Are you emails a file system• ???
  23. 23. What does sharepoint mean to me if• I am upgrading from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 – The Ribbon • Contact sensitive and security trimmed, you only see functions/tasks in line with your permissions – Office integration • Easy use of content – Cross browser compatibility, Firefox, Safari are no longer a problem, good news for MAC users
  24. 24. Public facing SharePoint Sites• Pringles http://www.pringles.com/home• Hawaiian Air http://www.hawaiianair.com/• Ferrari• http://www.ferrari.com/English/Pages/Home.asp x• Library of Congress• Recovery.gov• http://www.recovery.gov/Pages/default.aspx• Neudesic• http://www.neudesic.com/Pages/default.aspx
  25. 25. More Public sites• GLU.com 3D gaming site – http://GLU.com• US Marine Corps – http://www.marines.mil/Pages/Default.aspx
  26. 26. Sharepoint 2010 public facing sites• http://www.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDHomePa ge.aspx
  27. 27. Career growth or new career• Lots of SharePoint career opportunities today• The future of SharePoint as a career path is good• IT Pros• Developers, DOT Net, C#• Project Management• Trainers• Administrators• Designers
  28. 28. The SharePoint community• SharePoint User Groups or SPUGS• SharePoint Saturdays http://sharepointsaturday.org• SharePoint MVPs
  29. 29. Links To Get you started!• Here are a few links for training and information: – What is SharePoint (Lynda.com video) – SharePoint components and terminology - intermediate (Lynda.com video) – http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/en- us/Pages/default.aspx
  30. 30. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s12Jb5Z2xaEMS SP Training: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepointtechnology/CH011424561033.aspxhttp://office.microsoft.com/en-us/webcasts/HA102547461033.aspxhttp://office.microsoft.com/en-us/webcasts/HA102547461033.aspx ZDNET article http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/microsoft-were-adding- 20000-new-sharepoint-users-a-day/9011
  31. 31. And more help• Technet• Twitter• MS Forums• http://www.sharepoint-videos.com/
  32. 32. Quite simply, Sharing Is The Point
  33. 33. Take aways• SharePoint is a complex platform• SharePoint Foundation is the free version to get started
  34. 34. How about some questions???
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