Why responsive web design important for your website


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Why Responsive web design is very useful for your website.
Today 45-50% people use their smartphone for browsing the website and if the website is not compatible on phone then your market ration goes to downward slope.

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Why responsive web design important for your website

  1. 1. - Nakul Anand www.nakulanand.com
  2. 2. Today Smartphone’s changed the world. Smartphone’s have changed the way to communicate. More than a phone a Smartphone is consider as a computer with various features. You can click photos, use high speed internet and the main thing is that you can browse any website on your Smartphone. www.nakulanand.com
  3. 3. Now a day’s 40-45% of the people uses their Smartphone for browsing the website. They use application in their phones like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. As per a search 21 per cent of web traffic to e-commerce sites now come from tablets and Smartphone’s. This is the main reason why today we need “Responsive Website Design”. www.nakulanand.com
  4. 4. Almost every client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s basically important that one design for the Nokia Lumia, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle, Android etc. and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. But, why the responsive website design is so important for your website? Before we understand that, we must understand what “Responsive Web Designing” is. www.nakulanand.com
  5. 5. Responsive web design (RWD) is a advance web design , it is a new web design skill that the design and development respond to the user behaviour based on screen size platform. A responsive web design serves a same design on each and every platform whether it is a mobile, tablet or PC  Easy To Navigate on all devices  Easy to changes with low page scrolling  Flexible images  Custom Layout Structure  Adjust Resolution Auto  Easy Reading on all devices What is Responsive Web Design www.nakulanand.com
  6. 6.  Time and Money  User Experience  Better Promotion Visibility  SEO and PPC Benefits  Common Code Base Why is Responsive Design important for websites? www.nakulanand.com
  7. 7. www.nakulanand.com https://www.facebook.com/DesignerCafe https://twitter.com/nakulanand +91 9711245194 info@nakulanand.com