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5 steps to safe your samrtphone data
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5 steps to safe your samrtphone data


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How you can safe your mobile data.

How you can safe your mobile data.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. ABOUT SMARTPHONEFrom last 5yrs we are insmartphones world and now adays without smart phone we feelsomething missing in our life.Smartphone is only being forchecking mail and doing so manythings when we connect it withother devices. Now we can play onsmarts phones throughapplications and we can learnmany things from smartphones.We can read books and watchfilms online on our smartphone.
  • 2. FOLLOWING ARE THE 5 STEPS TOSAFE YOUR MOBILE DATA Set Screen Lock Turn off the setting once mobile is not in use Don’t download the fake applications Beware of the useless ads & Application links. And the main don’t lose your smart phone
  • 3. SET SCREEN LOCKSuppose you leave your phone ondesk for sometime and at that timesomeone access your phone andextract lot of importantinformation, so that’s why screenlock is important so nobody can useyour phone without knowing thepassword.This is the very easy way to safe yourdata and this facility is available onevery smartphone.
  • 4. TURN OF THE SETTING ONCE MOBILE NOT INUSEHackers can easily hackthe phone throughWi-Fi,Bluetooth,Location service.
  • 5. DON’T DOWNLOAD FAKE APPLICATIONNow a days people are very curiousto hack someone phone so inmarket there is lot of fakeapplication which one time you canuse and submit your data and thenthey can easily fetch all theinformation from your phone, likefake payment transfer applications.Before downloading a applicationyou must have to note all thereviews/comment status anddownload ranking which tells youthe truth story.
  • 6. BEWARE OF USELESS APPS AND ADS LINKSVirus can enter in your phone frommany ways like you play games inyour phone and there is so manyads comes in so many game.Avoid connecting on links inSMS, MMS, or even emailattachments from unknown orunauthorised senders.
  • 7. DON’T LOSE YOUR SMARTPHONENo one wishes to lose theirsmartphone, but unfortunatecircumstances might happen. Youmight forget your phone in aauto, or in a restaurant etc. andwithout locking your phone theycan easily use your phone so whenyour phone is misplace so you haveto confirm by cops and lock youIMEI no. so no one can use yourphone and do something wrong.