Technical Speaking Guidelines
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Technical Speaking Guidelines



Hot to deliver a technical talk. Being an influential presenter, delivering technical pesentations, technical speaking best practices, tips and tricks.

Hot to deliver a technical talk. Being an influential presenter, delivering technical pesentations, technical speaking best practices, tips and tricks.



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Technical Speaking Guidelines Technical Speaking Guidelines Presentation Transcript

  • Technical Speaking How to Deliver a Technical Presentation?
    • Svetlin Nakov
    • Telerik Corporation
    • Technical Trainer
  • Table of Contents
    • Preparation
      • Know your Audience
      • Know the Content
      • Know the Territory
    • Before Presentation
    • The Presentation
    • Things to Avoid
    • Speaker's Tools
    • Tips and Tricks
  • Preparation What to do Before the Actual Presentation?
  • Preparation
    • The preparation consists of three stages
      • Get to know your audience
      • Get familiar with the territory
      • Know the content
  • Know your audience! Do they like funny or serious presentations? How many are the attendees?
  • Know your audience! Find out what they know Level of expertise What is their age range ?
  • Preparation
    • Know the content
      • What you will be talking about ?
        • Get familiar with the content on the slides
      • The interesting points of the topic
  • Preparation
      • Presentation hall
    Know the territory
      • Audio
      • Projector
      • Presentation tool
  • Before the Presentation What to do Before the Actual Presentation?
  • Before the Presentation
    • Build bridges
      • Meet with some of the attendees beforehand
  • The Presentation
  • Mind… The ending Speak loud and clear Manage the time Be consistent The content The beginning The position
  • Mind…
    • In front of the mirror
    • Talking to a friend
    Manage the time Best managed with rehearsals Rehearse with somebody!
  • Mind… Speak loud and clear
  • Mind… Be consistent
  • Mind… The beginning
    • Introduce yourself
    • Introduce the topic
    • Greet the audience
    • Try to connect with previous topic
  • Mind… The content Introduce each new section
      • Constantly ask questions
      • Forget what is obvious to you
      • Forget " I don't know ", " I am not sure "
  • Remember! The content Try not to use jargon phrases
      • Look confident ! even if are not …
    Don't sprint through the slides
  • Remember! The content
      • Monotonousness makes people sleepy!
      • Almost kills them!
    Watch " Death by PowerPoint "!
  • Mind… The ending Try to connect with the next topic Make a frame with the beginning Thank the audience for the attention
  • Mind… Everybody should see you You must see everybody Look at everybody and nobody The position
  • Things to Avoid What Should We Not Do?
  • Speaking silently Avoid! Speak too fast / too slow Speak unclear More complicated concepts than necessary
  • Speaker's Tools
  • Tools MS Power Point ZoomIt Windows Magnifier [Ctrl]+[1] [Win]+[+] [Ctrl]+[P]
  • Speaker's Tools Live Demo
  • Tips and Tricks for a Better Technical Speaking
  • Give Real-Life Examples Better influence Better remembered
  • When a Question pops out… Don't just answer Teach to handle things on their own! Show it ! Use Google if necessary Repeat it out loud
  • Always bring water ! The throat gets dry Drink when you need a second to rest
  • Technical Speaking