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Tāmaki maungakiekie cluster_newsletter_july_11

  1. 1. He  pānui  mo  ngā  kaiako  o   Tāmaki-­MaungakiekieTāmaki-­Maungakiekie  Early  Childhood  Newsletter   July  2011 Tēnā  koutou  kātoa!  Warm  gree1ngs  to  you  all! We  have  had  a  range  of  workshops,  centre  visits,  literacy  tours  on  offer  through  the  past  six  months.    You   will  have  an  opportunity  to  reflect  on  the  impact  these  have  had  on  your  prac1ce  and/or  teaching   environment.    Below  you  will  see  a  link  to  a   Google  Form  that  asks  for  feedback  on   aspects  of  the  PL  Programee.  Once  completed   you  can  have  these  emailed  back  to    you  for   your  teacher  registra1on,  staff  appraisal  or   self  review  folder. The  aKendance  at  these  workshops  varies.  To   make  the  most  of  this  programme  it  is  highly   recommended  that  you  make  every  effort  to   aKend  these.    If  you  find  that  these   workshops  are  not  mee1ng  your  needs  please   feel  free  to  email  me  and  let  me  know  topics   that  you  are  interested  in. Kia  manuia Naketa  Ikihele  -­‐  Early  Years  Facilitator Click here to go to the form
  2. 2. Self-­‐Review  Focus The  proess  of  Self-­‐review  can  be  likened  to  that  of  an  ongoing  spiral.  Choosing  one  area  to  focus  on  gives   you  the  1me  and  space  to  really  interogate  what  goes  on  for  children  and  the  impact  of  your  ac1ons  on   childrens  learning.     We  have  had  some  amazing  focus  areas  come  through  in  the  past  month,  these  include: “How  can  we  as  teachers  engage  all  children  in  dynamic  storytelling?” "How  can  we  as  teachers  increase  our  own  enjoyment  of  the  wriKen  word?". “How  can  we  foster  children’s  ques1oning  powers  to  support  them  in  gaining  new  informa1on  to  further   their  learning?” “How  can  we  as  teachers  engage  in  rich  conversa1ons  with  young  children?” “How  can  we  engage  children  in  quality  interac1ons  and  conversa1ons?” Ill  be  visi1ng  in  the  next  few  weeks  to  hep  centres  gather  their  informa1on  and  data.Suggested  Time  Frame  for  Ac5on  Research/Self-­‐Review  focus June/July August September October • Iden1fy  Self  Review   • Gather  data  about   • Analyse  your  data • Key  ideas Focus your  focus • Iden1fy  paKerns  in   • Ac1on  Plan • Document  the  story • Focus  on  teachers   prac1ce • What  next? ac1ons • What  have  you   • Reflec1on learned? Con5nually  reflec5ng  and  documen5ng  your  journey. November December January February • Iden1fy  another  Self   • Gather  data  about   • Analyse  your  data • Key  ideas Review  Focus your  focus • Iden1fy  paKerns  in   • Ac1on  Plan • Document  the  story • Focus  on  teachers   prac1ce • What  next? ac1ons • What  have  you   • Reflec1on learned?
  3. 3. Workshop ReflectionsTransition to School WorkshopKim Benjamin (Deputy Principal) from Bairds Mainfreight Primary School shared herexpertise with us in an informal catch up at Glen Innes Kindergarten.What strategies do schools use to encourage learning?-High but realistic expectations, Repitition and ConsistencyWhat does BMPS want from ECE children?Children to be eager to learn (more), Inquisitive, Exposure to print, Listening tostories, Creativity, ORAL LANGUAGE and Questioning."The teacher plays a significant role in learning - if youre passionate theyll beinterested" The beliefs and values of teachers highly influence the attitude childrenhave towards learning areas.There is no right answer for learning - a combination of strategies is best! "The sparkle in 5 year olds eyes when they begin school must be sustained"
  4. 4. GET READY FOR SCHOOL DVD SCREENING At the Early Years conference Louise Dempsey mentioned the Get Ready for School DVD, Many of you have shown interest in watching this so we will screen this at Seugagogo Aoga Amata on Friday 22nd July at 3.30pm 54 Mason Ave Otahuhu REGISTRATIONS ARE Popcorn will be provided ESSENTIAL QUALITY INTERACTIONS What does this look like in a busy earlychildhood context? Unpack the importance of language and slowing down. Wednesday 17th August at 3.30pm (Venue to be confirmed)
  5. 5. STORY CHASERS...Our first digital storytelling workshop will be held next month. As indicatedearlier on in the year I hope to build a team of experts within Tāmaki-Maungakiekie to become experts in Digital Storytelling. Your role will be tosupport other teachers and children in the area with digital storytelling.To join this group it is expected that you will attend every session and withsupport, work towards creating and delivering workshops.Date: Thursday 28th July 2011Time: 1.00pm - 4.00pmWhere: Tāmaki Transformation Building, 171 Pilkington Rd, GlenInnesCost: FREEParticipants will need to bring:*A laptop*5 -10 digital images of your own to create a digital story. You will need to REGISTER for this workshop by Tuesday 26th July 2011.
  6. 6. Professional  Learning  Clusters  -­‐  2011 as  at  June  2011 Tāmaki  Transi5ons Literacy  Cluster "Healthy  and  Ready  to  Learn" Toku  reo  toku  oho  oho Glen  Innes  Kindergarten Tinytown  Childcare  -­‐  Mt  Wellington Pt  England  Kindergarten Tinytown  Childcare  -­‐  Otahuhu Panmure  Bridge  Childcare  Centre Waipuna  Preschool  Centre Akoteu  LouOlive  Pre-­‐school Otahuhu  Kindergarten Te  Ao  Hou  Childcare  Centre Seugagogo  Aoga  Amata Edukids  Apirana  -­‐  Preschool St  Marys  Family  Pre-­‐school Just  Kidz  Early  Childhood  Centre Kidstown  Childcare  Ltd Ngā  Purapura  Puawai Ngā  Tamariki  Puawai Tongan  Tamaki  Feofaaki  Preschool LiKle  Moas  Educare Recommended Recommended Reading  of  the  Month Video  of  the  Month An  Agenda  for  Amazing   Career  analyst   Children. Dan  Pink   examines  the   The  Minister  of  Educa9on   puzzle  of   has  announced  an  eight   mo9va9on,   week  public  consulta9on  on   star9ng  with  a   the  recommenda9ons  made  in  the  ECE   fact  that  social   Taskforce  report.  The  consulta9on   scien9sts  know  but  most  managers   began  on  15  June  and  will  end  on  8   dont:  Tradi9onal  rewards  arent  always   August  2011.   as  effec9ve  as  we  think.  Listen  for   illumina9ng  stories  -­‐-­‐  and  maybe,  a  way   Please  download  the  report  from: forward. An  Agenda  for  Amazing  Children  (Full   Report) View  the  video  online  here:  hTp://on.ted.com/9QdB Please  share  your  thoughts  through   the  submission  process. Contact  me         +64  21  594  825       naketa.ikihele@core-­‐ed.org