Protecting Our Trading Partners


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Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients never have to worry about the threat of suspect or counterfeit components.

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Protecting Our Trading Partners

  1. 1. Presents:Protecting our Trading Partners
  2. 2. Introduction Suspect and low quality components have flooded the electronics market for years. Aerospace Elite Electronics Inc. takes great pride in protecting our trading partners from the threat substandard/suspect components and ships only top quality products on-time every time. Founded in 2001, we are your ISO 9001:2008 certified and AS9120:2002 certified electronic component distributor.“It is our goal to provide an unprecedented level ofquality electronic components to our Military andDefense trading partners. Ultimately, the electroniccomponents we provide will help protect the brave menand women of the United States Military and its allies”. Ryan C. Esposito President / CEO
  3. 3. Over 10 Years of Operation & Superior Service• Aerospace Elite Electronics, Inc. was founded by Ryan C. Esposito and is headquartered in Largo, FL.• AEE is a qualified Veteran Owned Small Business.• Our state-of-the-art distribution facility and work environment is maintained for maximum efficiency• Resources are constantly provided in order to achieve conformity to customer product requirements
  4. 4. An ISO 9001:2008 Quality Managed System• ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedRegistration Certificate:C0000461-IS1• Quality PolicyAerospace Elite Electronics, Inc.will enhance customersatisfaction and fulfill customerpurchase order agreementsutilizing reliable vendors toachieve:• On-time delivery• And product quality.We are committed in continuallyimproving our qualitymanagement system.
  5. 5. An AS9120:2009 Quality Managed SystemAS9120 requiressuppliers to focus onareas impactingproduct safety andreliability. Some ofthe focused areas inthis Quality Systemsare:•Traceability•Control of records•Airworthiness certificates•Lot Segregation•Evidence of Conformance Cage Code: 1ULP6 DDTC: K-4341
  6. 6. Active GIDEP Membership (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program) The objective of GIDEP is to improve the availability of information for the total quality management of mission critical material. This goal includes: Improving reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership. Reducing or eliminating the use of critical national resources for redundant testing. Avoiding use of known suspect discontinued parts and materials.
  7. 7. Keeping up with the Industry•AEE attended the 2012 Association of theUnited States Army Winter Symposium inFebruary, 2012.• The central focus of the symposium was theArmy’s progression towards transforming whileconducting combat operations. Special emphasiswas devoted to the indispensable role thatindustry partners provide to the U.S. Army.
  8. 8. Quality Leadership Forum 2012 •AEE attended the NASA 2012 QLF in March & received certifications for counterfeit parts awareness training.Mission:Advancement of aerospace quality assurance practices.Objectives:• Integrate quality approaches• Standardize quality practices• Address current problems• Improve use of quality resources• Analyze and mitigate quality risks• Communicate lessons learned• Share best practices and quality tools• Improve quality processes
  9. 9. Leadership within the Independent Distribution •In May, 2011 Aerospace Elite Electronics, Inc. was recognized for its exemplary performance by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.• In May, 2012 AEE will be recognized with another Four Star Supplier ExcellenceAward for its distinguished performance in 2011.•Raytheon recognizes its suppliers based on three important factors: On timedelivery measures, sustained performance on quality, and commitment tocontinuous process and quality improvement.
  10. 10. Counterfeit Mitigation Inspection Process
  11. 11. Inspection and Detection Methods• Manufacturer datasheets are used during inspection to verifymarking formats, package types, pin 1 location, lead formation,weight, etc.• Manufacturer device drawings are used for dimensionalmeasurement checks.• Valuable onon-site resourcelibrary for legacyand obsoleteproduct.
  12. 12. Inspection and Detection Methods • Manufacturer’s labels Technology is are carefully inspected misspelled “Tcchnology” and analyzed for punctuation, spelling and bar code scan tests. QTY has an apostrophe between the Q and TBar Code Scanner
  13. 13. Inspection and Detection Methods• Optical microscopy is performedusing digitally enhanced imagingsoftware enabling our inspectors todetect nonconformities.• Photographs are taken at a veryhigh resolution for a detailed visualevaluation. Used & damaged device. Package burst.Used parts. Heat caused Refurbished Leadsplastic to melt.
  14. 14. Technical Inspection Equipment Used• Casio Digital Camera (Model: EX-Z4)• Olympus Microscope (Model: SZ-61)• Digital Measuring Caliper (Standard)• All Technical Inspection Equipment is calibrated and inspected regularly.
  15. 15. Lead Cross Sectioning• For metal can, through hole packages such asTO- 99, TO-100, TO-8, etc…• Device leads are cross-sectioned in order todetermine if leads have been extended by welding. (4X Magnification) (100X Magnification)
  16. 16. Marking PermanencyAEE checks marking permanency of all partsreceived using: Revealing the true condition of the part1) 3 parts Mineral after removing the painted layer and Spirits, 1 part marking. The part was refurbished, Isopropyl remarked and painted. Deemed as suspect counterfeit product.2) Acetone3) 1-Methyl Products appear to 2-Pyyrolidone be originally marked4) Dynasolve 750 solutions
  17. 17. Internal Visual / X-Ray To further evaluate a parts authenticity, AEE uses internal visual inspections for its defect detection and fundamental solder quality verification. Presence, condition of the die and wire bonds and cracks in epoxy are detectable with X- RAY inspections. Through this process, AEE is able to identify inconsistent internals, the most common indicator of counterfeit products.
  18. 18. XRF / Solderability / MaterialAnalysis• Lead finish composition• Product Analysis• Infrared Analysis• Materials Identification & Research• X-Ray• FTIR• Scan Electron Material Breakdown• Spectra Illustrations
  19. 19. Electrical Testing Direct Current, Functional, Switching at 25°C, or as specified in the Technical Data Package, MIL slash sheet or Manufacturers Data Sheet as applicable, or other specific tests required by the purchase order.
  20. 20. Packaging Inspection• AEE verifies that package marking is consistent with the OEM marking and that the date/lot code is no later than the last production date.• For Qualified Parts List (QPL) parts, AEE verifies that the manufacturer identified on the package was a QPL source for the time period represented by the part date / lot code.
  21. 21. Vendor Screening and Background Checks All vendors are thoroughly assessed and classified utilizing a stringent vendor investigation form. Vendors who are reported, sued, and complained against for supplying counterfeit and faulty product is “Do Not Buy” counterfeit and faulty product is classified as “Do Not Buy” at AEE
  22. 22. Continuous Vendor Monitoring System• AEE monitors approved vendor performances using our internal vendor profile system.• Vendors with product nonconformities are degraded to a “Do Not Buy” status prohibiting any product from being acquired from these sources.
  23. 23. Vendor Product Warning Notice intended to create a vendor awareness and warning of our thorough incoming inspection process. This notice persuades our vendors to carefully inspect and “double check” product at their facility prior to shipping. This discourages any attempts to send substandard product. AEE encourages vendors to contact our Quality Dept. for technical assistance who are unsure or unable to determine the condition of their product.
  24. 24. Inspection Performed by Trained &Experienced Inspectors • Inspectors are provided with workshop seminars and onsite training sessions. • Inspectors are trained to identify and recognize specific aspects of new and authentic component features. By this training method inspectors are able to distinguish unnatural characteristics of a device immediately.
  25. 25. ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 Certified• The National Quality Assurance organization has approved AEE for the ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification
  26. 26. ESD Controlled Workstations Inspection performed in ESD controlled workstations with ESD protected smocks. Personnel, floors, tables, and mats are grounded. A continuous ESD monitoring alarm system installed for mats and inspectors. ANSI S20.20 certified
  27. 27. Inspection Guidelines and Documentation• All incoming product is rigorously inspected for our customers using the IDEA-1010-STD-A Inspection Standard.• Results are documented on our Inspection Report Form and becomes a Controlled Record.• AEE keeps a library of photographs for all products.
  28. 28. Reports for Nonconforming Product Access to Industry Reported Substandard Parts Lists. This list enables our inspectors to stay alert for specific nonconforming part numbers that are circulating in the market.
  29. 29. Detailed Visual Analysis Report• Detailed Visual Analysis Reports are provided by our Quality Manager for questionable and nonconforming product. This report at no charge is available to our customers upon request.
  30. 30. Conclusion As a veteran owned stocking distributor our fight begins with ensuring that our customers are protected from the threat of suspect electronic components. We NEVER purchase components from the Pacific Rim, and we do not conduct business with companies that do. Sustained performance on quality A commitment to continuous process and quality improvement.
  31. 31. Aerospace Elite Electronics, Inc. 12597 Walsingham Road Suite 3-4 Largo, Fl 33774 Phone: 727-394-9000 Fax: 727-216-2376(AERO) ISO 9001 and AS9120 Registered Veteran-Owned Small Business CAGE Code 1ULP6