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Earth Hour Malaysia
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Earth Hour Malaysia


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. EARTH HOUR 2009 mohd najwan md khambari FTMK UTeM prepared by: najwan
  • 2. Earth Hour Overview • Campaign to raise awareness about global warming, climate change by switching off the lights for 60 minutes. • Began in Sydney in 2007 – 2.2 million people switched off their lights – 10.2 % energy reduction in the city – equivalent to taking 48 000 cars of the road • Went Global in 2008 – 35 countries – 50 million people prepared by: najwan
  • 3. Earth Hour Overview (cont) • Global WWF climate change initiative – 4th March 2009: more than 800 cities in 78 countries signed up to take part in Earth Hour 2009 – Target: 1 billion people (1/6 of the world population) prepared by: najwan
  • 4. Earth Hour Aim of Achievement • December 2009: World’s leaders will meet at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to write and potentially sign a successor to the Kyoto treaty • Earth Hour 2009 aims to provide a platform for 1 billion people from around the world to express their desire for unified and urgent action on climate change in the lead up to Copenhagen prepared by: najwan
  • 5. What does commitment to Earth Hour means? • Pledging support for the campaign by turning off lights for the hour • vowing to take the necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more broadly • conscious of how much energy being used and identify opportunities in homes or offices to reduce energy consumption • a signal of support for action on climate change, and to show concern for the future of the planet prepared by: najwan
  • 6. Why do we need to fight global warming? • To save the Earth • “The threat of climate change is the greatest natural crisis facing the world today. It is totally indiscriminate of race, culture and religion. It affects every human being on the planet” – Desmond Tutu • Desmond Tutu: – Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1984 – honorary doctor of a number of leading universities in the USA, Britain and Germany prepared by: najwan
  • 7. Why do we need to save Earth? • The world is just awesome! prepared by: najwan
  • 8. Malaysia on Earth Hour • 2009: First time to participate. • Launched on 16th February 2009 at KL Tower • Planned and run by WWF-Malaysia and its partners • All parties are welcomed to join: Turn off lights: – 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm – 28th March 2009 prepared by: najwan
  • 9. Malaysia on Earth Hour (cont) • Cities taking part : – Kuala Lumpur – Penang • Landmarks to go dark on 28th March 2009: – KL Tower – Sunway Pyramid – KLCC: hoped to come onboard. Thousands of Malaysians have signed up at the Earth Hour Malaysia website encouraging KLCC’s participation in Earth Hour. prepared by: najwan
  • 10. Who can participate? • Anyone…! – who shares a desire to unite with the global community – who take a stand on climate change – who wants to demonstrate on a large scale that even just one hour can make a difference prepared by: najwan
  • 11. What YOU can do for Earth Hour • If God has placed me here on this earth to make a difference, what should it be? • Can little me really make a difference? • If so, how? prepared by: najwan
  • 12. What YOU can do for Earth Hour (cont) • Households: 1. Switch off unused lights 2. Switch unused appliances off standby 3. Switch to energy efficient light globes 4. Reduce use of hot water • Businesses: 1. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs 2. Be more efficient with heating and cooling 3. Reduce use of hot water 4. Turn off lights and computers outside working hours 5. Educate staff and colleagues on energy efficiency prepared by: najwan
  • 13. Earth Hour 2009 Vid Clip Campaign prepared by: najwan
  • 14. One person can make a difference thank you prepared by: najwan