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KP Compass Learning Platform

KP Compass Learning Platform



KP Compass as a learning platform. This presentation describes the unique technology driving the system for concept mastery and testing. It uses the Automatic Remediation and Mastery system for ...

KP Compass as a learning platform. This presentation describes the unique technology driving the system for concept mastery and testing. It uses the Automatic Remediation and Mastery system for Concept Driven Mastery which included game theory and knowledge leveling.



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    KP Compass Learning Platform KP Compass Learning Platform Presentation Transcript

    • Introducing KP CompassThe next generation learning platform
    • KP Compass Primary Features• Mobile ready (HTML 5)• Easy to use• Concept Driven Mastery• Automatic Remediation and Mastery System• Student Mastery Tracking• Reports and Test Prediction• Easy to add content• It just works!
    • Welcome to KP Compass• I created this platform with the purpose of making my content in Culinary Arts easy for teachers to use with their students.• We focused on making the experience quick and easy, not muddled like Moodle.• Our platform became so powerful that other teachers wanted to start using it.• Currently (May 2012) it is in use by 200 Culinary teachers and 15 non culinary teachers.
    • The Dashboard: Keep it Simple• Access content, classes and messages
    • The Content• In this example you see culinary arts learning modules.
    • Concept Driven Mastery• This learning module contains concept pages which students master. They check their knowledge.
    • Concept Driven Mastery• Concept pages contain content to teach a single concept.• Can contain text and/or video or presentation.• Students are responsible for all content in the learning module.• Modules are organic and adapt to whatever content is added to it.• Each concept shows students their level of mastery using ARMS.• Students check their progress using ARMS.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System (ARMS)• Progress test is generated from many micro test banks from each concept.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System• One concept page with 17 questions.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System• Concept page with 14 questions
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System• The system selects a random set of questions from each concept.• A test is generated and randomized.• Utilizes abundant assessments and Item Response Theory.• Student results are given instantly.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System Round 1 Remediation Focus• If the student answers all the questions from a given concept page correctly it is then remediated out of their working bin.• If the student does not answer all the questions correctly they are told to go back and study those pages.• They are never told what question they got wrong to prevent them from studying just the answers.• Student repeats process till all pages are remediated.• Goal is to encourage mastery of knowledge.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System Round 2 Mastery
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System Round 2 Mastery• Colors indicate knowledge level.• Grey = Non-Mastery Page• Red = Novice• Orange = Apprentice• Green = Scholar• Blue = Guru
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System Round 2 Mastery• Flipping the testing system. Tests are now used to report to the student knowledge levels and not just to the teacher.• Students study areas of need and test again to level up concept pages.• Goal is to help students build confidence when they take the summative one shot test.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System Teacher Reports
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System Teacher Reports• See the class knowledge level for each student at a glance.• Numbers indicate test attempts.• Some students take need more than once to master the content.• Begin the class day knowing where your students stand.• Identify students of greatest need.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System• Individual student details. Looking at Cooking Techniques. Low performing area.
    • Automatic Remediation & Mastery System• We can see what they answered wrong. Red = wrong answer given. Yellow = correct answer. Help them in specific concepts.
    • K-Bots and Game Theory in ARMS Gamification with Kromey the K-Bot
    • K-Bots and Game Theory in ARMS Gamification with Kromey the K-Bot• After a test students get these results.• They know their knowledge level.• They know which pages they need to go over.• They get a picture of a robot in a city.• They see their growth graph.• They see the question coverage for this round.
    • K-Bots and Game Theory in ARMS Gamification with Kromey the K-Bot• Kromey (chrome-me) travels the world searching for knowledge.• Each learning module is assigned a random city.• Each test taken, Kromey visits a place and gets his photo taken.• Scenery = knowledge level. Scholar gets better pictures with recognizable landmarks.• Kromey gains knowledge points too and | levels up to get better parts.
    • K-Bots and Game Theory in ARMS Gamification with Kromey the K-Bot• Kromey at level 1 in Sydney. Humble beginings.
    • Teacher Content• Add your own content using three simple yet powerful tools.• Any content added can be a part of the mastery system.• Content always rests in system. No new windows or tabs to break the experience.
    • Teacher Content• Weblink tool to add live web content from any URL
    • Teacher Content• Use the Questions Editor to add a micro test bank
    • • Click on New Question to add
    • Teacher Content• Choose type and Bloom’s
    • Teacher Content• 5 questions minimum = low mastery potential• 9 = average mastery• 15 = high mastery
    • Teacher Content• Use embed codes to capture media
    • Teacher Content• Media shows up without distracting ads
    • Teacher Content• Rearrange the content you just added
    • Teacher Content Benefits• Organize your content into learning modules.• Any page can be made into a mastery page just by adding questions.• Content usage and mastery levels tracked for analytics.• Never share a file again using online cloud services.
    • List of Free Cloud Services• Video – YouTube, TeacherTube, School Tube, Vimeo, Hulu, FoodNetwork, etc.• File Sharing – Dropbox, Box, Google• Presentation – Slideshare, Prezi, Animoto, Google Presentation• Other – Google Docs, Blogs, Wiki, PDF, any website
    • Summative and Prediction• Test tool allows you to select questions to create a static test which can be saved and printed. Use the Bloom’s slider to randomly select questions.
    • Summative and Prediction• A printed version of a test.
    • Summative and Prediction• The answer key.
    • Summative and Prediction• Because we are gathering data as the student interact with the system, we can do really neat thinks like this beta tool called Test Overlay. Here we use an algorithm to play the what if game. What if I gave a test based on my previous selection, how would my students perform?
    • Summative and Prediction• The test prediction algorithm is in beta and being tested by dozens of teachers for accuracy.• This prediction capability has never been done before in education because no one has captured performance data like this.• You don’t have to do anything to use it. Just make sensible modules with concept pages with enough questions and make sure your students are engaged with the system.
    • Conclusion• KP Compass is a modern LMS utilizing the latest code and algorithms.• It is a web app, designed to unify the experience between PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.• Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Designed to be powerful yet easy to use.• Uses modern testing theory above all other systems.• Creates student engagement with gamification principles.• Teachers do not need to be programmers to use and operate the system.
    • ConclusionAll you need to do is add content and questionsand let KP Compass do the rest.If you like to learn how you can use this platformfor your classroom please contact us. (next slide)
    • ContactNai WangFounder and President800-701-6323 x913nai@kpcurriculum.comwww.kpcurriculum.com