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  • Parts of test cases that must be for all project are in green.
  • Test cases

    1. 1. Test Case
    2. 2. Test AnalysisTest Design TechniquesSelectionTest DesignSpecificationTest Case SpecificationTest PlanSRSMock-upsTest DesignSpecification…Test CaseSpecificationTrainings’ Content
    3. 3. What is Test Case? Test case is:– a set of input values, execution preconditions, expected results andexecution, post conditions, developed for a particular objective ortest condition, such as to exercise a particular program path or toverify compliance with a specific requirement– documentation specifying inputs, predicted results, and a set ofexecution conditions for a test itemaccording to Standard Glossary of Software Engineering (IEEE 610)
    4. 4. Test Case Structure Depending on the particular project Test Case might consists of:AttachmentTest CaseNameDescription/ ObjectivePriorityTest StepsExpectedResultTest Inputs/ Test DataActualResultTest CaseIDTest CaseTypeAutomationStatusPre-conditionExecutionResult /StatusTest CaseStructure
    5. 5. RequirementsTest DesignTest CaseTest Case Example
    6. 6. Test Case Example
    7. 7.  Test Case Specification – a document specifying a set of test cases(objective, inputs, test actions, expected results, and execution preconditions) for atest item (After IEEE-829) According to IEEE 829 Test Case Specification consists of:1. Test case specification identifier2. Test items3. Input and Output specifications4. Environmental needs5. Special procedural requirements6. Inter-case dependenciesTest Case Specification
    8. 8. Test Design & Test Case SpecificationsTest Design Specifications Test Case SpecificationsObjective To identify set of featuresor combination offeatures to be tested.To specify in details eachtest listed in Test DesignSpecification.Content The list of all tests, testscenarios and checkliststhat will be created fortesting of some featureduring particular testingstage.Only test cases.Test Data Does not record thevalues to be entered for atest, but describes therequirements for definingthose values.Specifies test data for usein running the testconditions identified inTest Design Specification.
    9. 9. Goals of writing Test Cases: Testing efficiency: the idea is to write test cases based on designwhile code is incomplete, so that we could test product quicklyonce the code is ready Early bug detection: errors in code can be prevented before thecoding is done, also new test ideas will be generated Test credibility: test cases are supposed part of the deliverable tothe customer Ability to cover all parts of the requirements Legal documents of testing work, in case information is neededfor law suits Ability to track history while iterations Usefulness while bringing in new testersGoals
    10. 10.  Write short test cases (up to 10-15 steps) Use simple English and general words Write test cases to quick and easy to determinethe expected result Provide test data if possible Write in details SQL queries (it will save time whileexecuting) Add reference to bugs and requirements Add some notes in case you want to conveyadditional information Highlight important things, marking them in boldor assigning them color or writing in different fontBest Practices
    11. 11. Thank You!