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Patent iNSIGHT Pro™ is a comprehensive patent analysis platform that allows you to accelerate your time-to-decision from patent analysis activities. Designed from inputs by experienced patent …

Patent iNSIGHT Pro™ is a comprehensive patent analysis platform that allows you to accelerate your time-to-decision from patent analysis activities. Designed from inputs by experienced patent researchers, Patent iNSIGHT Pro easily blends into your existing research workflow.

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  • 1. Your one-stop solution for Patent Search, Reporting, Analytics and Mapping
  • 2. Do you frequently repeat the same searches? How do you meet the challenge of integrating IP and journal data downloaded from different sources? Do you spend time in normalizing latest assignees/inventors to the respective records? Do you manually assign patents around your custom categories? Taking lot of time to download the patent data set and then trying to sift through the large text of data?
  • 3.
    • Save time taken to interpret research and generate output
    • Leverage high quality text mining capabilities while analyzing patents
    • Identify new licensing, research and growth opportunities
    • Simplify IP information communication across teams and implement industry-standard patent reporting practices within the organization
    • Eliminate frustrating aspects of research process and reduce chances of human error occurring in manual procedures
    • Find out potential white spaces amongst your research areas
    Why Patent iNSIGHT Pro? Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a comprehensive patent research and analysis platform that accelerates your time-to insights from patent and scientific literature.
  • 4.
    • R&D Researcher who is searching for specialized information
    • Legal Counsel who is protecting his company’s intellectual assets
    • Business Development folks in search of acquisitions and partners
    • Competitive Intelligence - Get key insights about your competitors research activities
    • Inventors who want to expedite the patenting process
    Who needs Patent iNSIGHT Pro?
  • 5.  
  • 6. Patent iNSIGHT Pro - IP Portfolio Manager
    • Integrate patent and non patent data in a single repository
    • Manage the entire knowledge base
    • Different lines of research and various stages of product lifecycle can be denoted by Reports and Catalogs
    • Scoring and Custom field options can be added for records
  • 7. Patent Set Creation
    • Supports data from all online sources
    • Supports all commercial databases
    • Import non patent literature such as Journals
  • 8. Patent Set Cleanup
    • Standardize the patent information and get rid of the redundancies
    • De-duplicate company and invetor names
    • Incorporate M&A activity in your reports
    • Merge and cleanup assignees/inventor/keywords by fuzzy matching using a thesaurus in the Auto Cleanup feature
  • 9. Semantic Analysis
    • Create custom categories as per user inputs or use the state-of-the-art clustering algorithm to auto generate categories
    • Develop multi-level hierarchies upto the n’th level as a method to explore large number of records
    • Identify hidden topics deeply nested within the text and use those topics for further statistical analysis
  • 10.
    • Advanced Boolean searching Multilevel Iterative filtering of patent data
    • Patent Similarity Search used to rank patents most similar to a patent based on Title, Abstract or Claims
    • Multi-color highlighting option available
    Powerful Search capabilities
  • 11. Citation Analysis
    • Forward-Reverse Citation Maps for patents or group of patents
    • Generate citation trees for a patent or group of patents
  • 12. Patent Mapping - Technology Portfolio Analysis
    • Where can the possible licensing and revenue opportunities lie?
    • Who can be possible future partners for development?
    • How can I uncover the patent strategies and emerging technology trends of my field?
  • 13. Who are the major players in the technology field of “user interface in consummer devices”? Which global markets are they showing interest in? Technology Analysis in the field of “ User interface in consumer devices ” Country coverage Average time taken from Filing to Grant for US Records Top Assignees Filing Trend
  • 14. Snapshot for a particular Assignee What is the filing and publication trend for a particular competitor? Which of the records have most number of forward citations to determine the most valuable records?
  • 15. Advanced Visualization in VizMAP Network Analysis Context Analysis
    • Perform network analysis on patent relationships that stretch across assignees
    • Map potential knowledge flow between patent owners within the target technology
    • Uncover prior art missed by other search techniques
    • Analyze patents based on their contextual similarities with each other and identify topics existing in the sets
    • Used to determine In-licensing and Out-licensing opportunities
    • Possible infringement analysis
  • 16.
    • See which companies are closely related to each other
    • Efficiently analyze technologies, emerging trends and product strategies in your business area
    • Understand the inter-dependencies between competing portfolios
    Correlation Map Co-citation Mode
    • Use citations to find clusters which fall in the same space
    • Helps in identifying groups of patents that are having common interests
    • Gives an indication of how similar is one patent with another in terms of importance
  • 17. Export Options
    • Create standard MS Excel or MS Word reports automatically
    • Click-through creation of charts and graphs
    • Ready to Print /Present powerful charts that can facilitate decisions
        Patent / Application Number   Assignee   Title   Filing Date   Inventor   Priority Details   1. KR20080081470 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS FILE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EMBEDDED LINUX BASED SET-TOP BOX 2007-03-05 LEE DONG HOON 2007/KR/0021485/2007-03-05     2. US20090113476 VOGEL PETER SAMUEL ELECTRONIC CATALOG SYSTEM 2008-10-21 VOGEL PETER SAMUEL 2007/AU/0905793/2007-10-24     3. US20100064324 MOVE NETWORKS LIMITED DYNAMIC VIDEO SOURCE SELECTION 2009-09-09 JENKIN GERAINT, LIASSIDES MARCUS C 2008/US/0095738P/2008-09-10,2008/GB/0022236/2008-12-05,2009/US/0556347/2009-09-09    
  • 18. Thank you! For more information: [email_address] 1-408-689-2603 An advanced patent research and mapping platform developed with a vision to simplify complex patent reporting and analysis needs