Profile for Beston cleaning services


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Profile for Beston cleaning services

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Profile for Beston cleaning services

  1. 1. BESTON CLEANING SERVICES P.O.BOX 136-00204 Athi River, KENYA ....................... 0722-795-795 0735-949-145 àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA áàtyyA axã àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA Wxw|vtàxw áàtyyA Xyy|v|xÇvçA
  2. 2. About us.......................Beston enterprises started in 1998, in the town of Mombasa. The companies which we have worked for in Mombasainclude Schindler (K) Ltd., Thabiti Insurance Co. and Morris & Co.Ltd, among others.The company has a dedicated and well trained staff of 20 with experience and good interpersonal skills. It is ourendeavor to not only provide cleaning services, but also blend with the organizations that engage with us.Our core business.......................Providing superior cleaning services in all type of premises and professional outdoor landscaping,Our goals....................... To be a top-notch market driven outfit with excellence in customer satisfaction at its forefront. Staff competency-train and equip our staff with necessary knowledge to perform their tasks to the highest standards. Build on and innovate on our service delivery- adopting to relevant and new methods and techniquesWhy us?....................... You can concentrate on your core business You can work in a clean and friendly environment You can rest assured of the best in cleaning services. àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA áàtyyA axã àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA Wxw|vtàxw áàtyyA Xyy|v|xÇvçA
  3. 3. Our services....................... Comprehensive cleaning services Carpet/upholstery and curtain cleaning Car upholstery cleaning Floor stripping and polishing Janitorial services-Washrooms/Bathrooms maintenance Kitchens/Cold rooms cleaning One time job services*on request by client we offer; Window cleaning Landscaping & Gardening Fumigation Garbage disposal àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA áàtyyA axã àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA Wxw|vtàxw áàtyyA Xyy|v|xÇvçA
  4. 4. Daily Office CleaningCleaning is done as frequently as required by the client. Relevant detergents are used. The staff is friendly &hardworking, neat in uniform.We are innovative in our approach to office cleaning, not only in the way we clean but also in the way that we manageand supervise each individual contract.Innovations include: • The use of microfiber cloths, which do not require chemicals to provide smear free surfaces • New mopping system for faster drying floors • Environmental policy dedicated to progressive reduction of chemical usageWe have the experience and knowledge to clean the windows of any building, whatever shape or size.Washroom & Hygiene RequirementsWe are dedicated to creating and maintaining washroom environments that are not only clean and hygienic but alsosafe, pleasant and welcoming.This is as much our endeavor as our promise. A promise that runs right through our company and into what we deliverfor our customers.Our services include: Soap and soap dispensing machines Roller towels Sanitary bins Sanitary dispensing machines Air fresheners Dust control matsCarpet & Upholstery CleaningOur company is well placed to provide a complete range of carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.Grounds MaintenanceWe specialize in soft & hard landscaping & grounds maintenance. Our aim is to maintain your investment bymaximizing the presentation of your landscape assets. àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA áàtyyA axã àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA Wxw|vtàxw áàtyyA Xyy|v|xÇvçA
  5. 5. Our equipmentWe employ the best in technology to ensure best results.Hard surfaceEquipment Handles various floor types such as tiles, marble, stone Carpet cleaning Equipment Using technology that enables pressure control, they provide fast, safe and efficient solutions to cleaning of all carpet types. The dry form carpet cleaning machines are ideal for delicate carpet setsSteam cleaners & pressure washers These employ steam technology, ideal for heavy cleaning needs such as industrial equipment àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA áàtyyA axã àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA Wxw|vtàxw áàtyyA Xyy|v|xÇvçA
  6. 6. Our chargesWe peg our charges on:- Location of business Nature of surface to be cleaned Manpower/Machines to be used.Contact usWe ensure that all our customers get the maximum attention they deserve.To cater for this, we have a responsive team dealing with communication needs.For queries, complaints or comments, Give us a call Beatrice N. Mutisya 0735-949-145 0719-717-078 Mutisya Kennedy Muthama 0722-795-795 àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA áàtyyA axã àxv{ÇÉÄÉzçA Wxw|vtàxw áàtyyA Xyy|v|xÇvçA