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This document provides an insightful review of the successfully concluded Youth Engagement Summit at the Intercontinental Hotel in Mauritius on the 4th-5th December. The summit was a partnership between Extensia and Ministry of ICT Mauritius and took place alongside the 3rd annual International ICT-BPO Forum

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Yes 2013 review

  1. 1. Youth Engagement Summit Mauritius The inaugural Youth Engagement Summit held in Mauritius on the 4th-5th December 2013 was a landmark summit addressing the critical issue of Engaging Youths in ICT in order to accelerate the development of an ICT literate society in Africa and supporting the sustainable social and economic development of the continent. The summit was attended by 86 separate organisations operating in 23 countries and regions with 10 Ministries represented and 5 ministers in attendance. A more detailed breakdown of the attendees can be viewed below along with links to the majority of the presentations which were shared with the attendees during this important 2 day summit and a comprehensive review of the findings and insights gained over the two days, presented by the Conference Chair, Dr. Madanmohan Rao. 35 30 25 Attendees by Title 20 15 10 5 0 In partnership with Ministry of ICT Mauritius
  2. 2. Youth Engagement Summit Mauritius Attendees by region of operation 80 70 60 50 40 30 Angola Africa China Gabon Burundi Benin Botswana Egypt Gambia Ghana India Kenya Nigeria Malawi Namibia Rwanda Swaziland Tanzania South Africa Sudan Uganda 0 Sierra Leone 10 Mauritius 20 Presentations Summit Repot from the Conference Chair Extensia – Dr Madan Rao AIS Young Professional Award AFRINIC Online Engagement Officer Babusha Radhakissoon Dot Africa – The Road Ahead ZACR Africa Liaison Koffi Fabrice Djossou ICT in the Non-Formal Education Sector Strathmore University Faculty Manager Christopher Momanyi Kenya Country Showcase MOICT ICT Officer Oscar Omondi In partnership with Ministry of ICT Mauritius
  3. 3. Youth Engagement Summit Mauritius WHive CEO John Karanja Country Focus Namibia CRAN CEO Stanley Shanapinda Community Engagement - Workshop Wikimedia and Mozilla Foundation Community Liaison Oarabile Mudongo Wireless Mesh Networks for Universities - Workshop University of Ilorin Lecturer Nasir Faruk Country Focus - Egypt MCIT Egypt Director, Human Development Sector Ahmed Darwish Country Focus – Sierra Leone NATCOM Deputy DG Senesie Kallon Youth and Technology Mediatecas Angola CEO Prof. Pedro Teta Intra-webcast Experiment and Experience University of Ilorin Lecturer Nasir Faruk Regional Internet Registries AFRINIC - Comms, Marketing and PR Manager Vymala Poligadu-Thuron National ICT Sector Development MOICI The Gambia ICT Officer Khadijatou Tambajang In partnership with Ministry of ICT Mauritius
  4. 4. Youth Engagement Summit Mauritius Free Internet for Schools Ministry Information and Comms. Sierra Leone Director Bakaar Tarawally YES 2013 was the inaugural Youth Engagement Summit, brought together to allow those people who are actively involved in engaging Youths in ICT across Afric, to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate. We will continue the communication and collaboration through the dedicated online portal. Attendees are invited to join us at other Extensia events. We look forward to following developments at the 2nd Youth Engagement Summit 2014. In partnership with Ministry of ICT Mauritius