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Scoi 2

  1. 1. Client: Southern California OrthopedicInstitute & Bahamas Surgery CenterLocation: Bakersfield, CaliforniaSite: Public areas, corridors, andbusiness officesEL Art Consultant: Brian Ellis
  2. 2. The Southern California Orthopedic Institute and Bahamas Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the best possible care available for all people of all ages and walks of life. Additionally, they serve as a leading educator of orthopedic surgery technique to surgeons around the world. Because the facility is so brand-new and modern, Brian’s primary challenge was to bring human scale and warmth to contemporary glass & steel architecture. To encourage feelings of peace, cheerfulness and well-being while staying true to the clean, modern architecture of the facility, Brian focused on bright colors and soothing images of nature printed on a variety of luxe substrates.From the enveloping peacefulness ofartist Peter Kitchell’s collages ofNational Parks photography to artistJan Heaton’s bright, deceptivelysimple leaves and floral photographicmanipulations, Brian employed hisart consultation skills to improve theappearance of the entire facility, fromlobby to offices.Upon completion of the installation,employees were to be seenorganizing impromptu tours to viewtheir new environment. Employeeand patient response has beenoverwhelmingly positive.Never under estimate the power ofArt!
  3. 3. Building EntranceBrushed aluminum gicleéArtist: Peter Kitchell
  4. 4. Surgery Waiting Room Framed gicleés on paper Artist: Joy DohertyTriptych brushed aluminum gicleé Artist: Joy Doherty
  5. 5. Hallway to doctors’ offices Brushed aluminum piece, center Artist: Ken PaulFramed gicleés on paper, left and right Artist: Marla Baggetta Framed gicleés on paper Artist: Elise Remender
  6. 6. Bamboo and Acrylic, left Artist: MJ LewFramed gicleés on paper, center and right Artist: MJ Lew Framed gicleé on paper Artist: MJ Lew
  7. 7. Brushed aluminum, left Artist: MJ Lew Framed gicleé on paper, right Artist: MJ LewFramed gicleés on paper, left and right Artist: MJ Lew Brushed aluminum, center Artist: MJ Lew
  8. 8. Gicleé on BambooArtist: Michelle Joyce
  9. 9. MRI HallwayGicleés on Bamboo, top and bottom Artist: John Watson
  10. 10. MRI Waiting RoomFramed gicleés on paper, top and bottom Artist: John Butler
  11. 11. Patient Recovery RoomGicleé on stretched canvas Artist: Claude DutombeGicleé on stretched canvas Artist: Claude Dutombe
  12. 12. X-Ray CenterGicleé on bambooArtist: John Watson
  13. 13. Accounting OfficeFramed gicleé on paper Artist: Jan Weiss Gicleé on acrylicArtist: Kerry Vander Meer