How fast speed, velo
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  • 1. How fast?
  • 2. After determining howfar the objectmoves, the nextquestion will be “Howfast did the objectmove?” Thisinformation can beprovided by the object’s
  • 3.  Are you familiar with the traffic signs below?
  • 4. These signs tell us themaximum or minimumspeed limits allowed by lawfor road vehicles. Ingeneral, the minimumspeed limit in thePhilippines is 60 km/h andthe maximum speed limit is
  • 5. What are the unitsused in the aboveexamples of speedlimits? Whatquantities do theseunits represent that
  • 6. Activity: Fun walkObjectiveIn this activity you should be able to gather data to determine who walks fastest.
  • 7. Procedure:1. Start by choosing a spacious place to walk straight.2. Half of the group will walk while the other half will observe and record data.3. Mark on the ground the starting line. All participants must start from the starting line
  • 8. 4. Upon receiving the go signal, all participants must start to walk as fast as they could. The other members should observe closely as the participants walk and determine who walks fastest.5. Repeat #4 but this time, collect data to support your conclusion.Discuss within your group how
  • 9. Tabulate allyour data.
  • 10. Answer the ff :Q1. What quantities did you measure for your data?Q2. How did you combine these quantities to determine how fast each participant was walking?Q3. How did you use the result to determine who walked
  • 11. Homework 2:Give the averagespeed of atleast 10animals or anymoving object(train, light, cheetah,