Happy baday to u!!!


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happy 22nd sahib!!!

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  • thanks maa...that's so sweet!
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  • nainoo u have done a wonderful job. kudos to u....i had tears in my eyes while reading it all. got me all emotional.god bless u sweetheart. always b a sincere friend.
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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xtbUl-vdVM
  • Happy baday to u!!!

    1. 1. On this very day, 22 years ago, as the worldinnocently celebrated Halloween’s Day….theywere unaware of the terrors that were about tounfold…. THE REAL DEVIL WAS BORN!!
    2. 2. Here’s a message fromsome of your friends thatyou left behind 22 yearsago… click here
    3. 3. As for the rest of us…….we’dlike to wish you ….Gangnam style….
    4. 4. As we can all see notmuch has changedover the years….
    5. 5. But the fact that you’ve growninto a beautiful young lady… 
    6. 6.  Here’s a couple of messages from us all….
    7. 7. Happppy birthday to youuu,happy birthday too you , happybirthday dear sahib , happybirthday to you :D <3Happy bIRTHDAYSAHIB <3 Wishing you all thehappiness, success andgoodness in life ! May you alwaysshine the brightest.. Have afabulous day filled with everythingyou love the most. Wishing yourbirthday brings as much joy andhappiness as you give to thosewho know you ! Cheers buddy ,keep smiling always ! XOXO lotsof love gursheen ! muaaaah !
    8. 8. A brand new day is dawningand it gets its start,i want you to know i am thinking of youwith warmth in my heart.Life is busy but you are rememberedwhenever it gives me a chance.I hope your birthday is specialand you have a blast.So have a perfect morningand an even lovelier day...May happiness surrounds youtoday and always!Wishing you MaNy MaNy HaPpY rEtUrNs Of ThE dAy.....:)GOD BLESS YOU!!! ~Prerna
    9. 9. Happy birthdaySahib..And hope youlook as lovely asthe necklace webought the otherday!!God bless you andthanks for alwaysbeing there .Love you beta.
    10. 10. happppppiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeebday sahib........Well, you areanother year older and youhavent changed a bit. Thatsgreat because you are perfectjust the way you are. Happy
    11. 11.  i want to tell you that you are one of the most awesome and one of a kind person ive ever come across.. and i love you, no matter how less of how much i get to see you, i love you! :D `Rhea
    12. 12. Wishing you the best ofeverything in life with lots ofgood health, prosperity &happiness. You are themost amazing & superbperson I could have in mylife. Thanks for yourunconditional support andlove.Love & hugs, Tanvi
    13. 13.  Gurjiwan Sekhon: Happy Birthday Sahib ! Have a kick ass day :D I am in the city, lets chill :P Happy b’day sahib!!
    14. 14. Happy birthday loveeeeeeee!You’re a 22g now :D HAHA!Umm! What do I say? I’m at a loss of words!You know I love youuu! Infinite much! xDI’ll always be here  and will fulfill our crazy insanepromises, be it wedding fun or random trips! We’lldo it all!It was so tough choosing pictures because we haveso many memories!Cheers to the old ones and here’s to new ones!LOVE :* - Harkanwal :D
    15. 15. Some things are leftundone, some words are leftunsaid, some feelings are leftunexpressed, but some ones asnice as you could never be leftunwished, happy birth day love ! I will always love you !---- Preeti :D
    16. 16. You wore aFrom young innocent skirt..yayy!!girls (yea right ;p) Rules are mean to be broken… …to grown up responsible ladies (yea right ;p)
    17. 17. I feel I have grown up and shared many aspecial moments with you , be it the geriroute fun during my India trip( oh theyummy stu-c food), official bunks forrehearsals, packing my bags for Aus. and alot more I could probably not mentionhere..;pYou’ve always been there by my side and Istill miss going in to class and finding yourbag next to my seat in class…It’s so nice to see you look after mum in myabsence.In spite of being so far away, it feels as ifyou’re right here next to me.I want you to know that you’ll always be myspecial ‘chuddi’-buddy..Love you and miss youloads..HAPPY BURRRRDAY
    18. 18. We love you!Happy 22nd!!