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All about Na'im McKee

All about Na'im McKee

More in: Business , Design
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  • 1. HELLO IntelligentBONJOUR HumorousMERHABA CreativeHALLOHOLA Determined Leader-ish TalentedI am Na’im McKeeWho is Na’im McKee? Well keep reading to find out…Interactive Marketer & Digital Strategist
  • 2. About me I was born by a river….Well, sort of, I was born in Cincinnati where a national merit scholarship would bring me to Colorado to study Industrial Design. I would later pick up a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and I am currently enrolled in the dual MBA/MSM program at CU Denver. I am a talented and dedicated interactive marketer and digital strategist. Na’im the rugged individualist at age 3John Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 2
  • 3. Dear wonderful person who may happen to be reading this, What do I do? I am a digital strategy expert pure and simple. I have worked in all areas of interactive; as a marketer, analyst, web producer, content manager, and research. I also specialize in traditional marketing tactics, and have an extensive background in branding, channel communication, and consumer behavior analysis. I have excellent communication skills, and I am a positive, outgoing, and relatively good natured human being.John Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 3
  • 4. My third grade teacher told me I faced a lifetime of limited academic achievement… boy was she wrong. Her name was Ms. Birkoffer, drop me an email if you happen to find her. Education 2010 … University of Colorado, Denver Master of Business Administration(MBA)/Master of Science in Marketing(MSM) … Conc. Interactive Marketing, Brand Management & Channel Communication 2006 2010 Metropolitan State College of Denver Bachelor of Science in Marketing (BSM), Minor in Music Performance •Art Merit Scholarship Winner 1997 2003 … 2004 • Who’s who among Volkshochschule Leipzig college students 2006 Zertifikat Deutsch, Grundstufe American Marketing Association (AMA) 1997 … 2001 Art Institute of Colorado, Denver Associate of Fine Art, Industrial Design TechnologyJohn Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 4
  • 5. If you look close you’ll notice that computer says, Consumer Reports, boy did I start at a young age (6) My areas of expertise briefly explained 1 2 3 Marketing. I am proven Digital Strategy. I Creative Direction, Brand marketing manager possess an expert level Strategy and Channel capable of assessing knowledge of digital Communication. I have marketing tactics, analytics-driven an extensive arts strategy, directing and decision making, web background and I have executing marketing page consulted on brand campaigns, financial design, SEM/SEO, eco direction and strategy as modeling, and market mmerce, and social well as package opportunity analysis. media marketing. design, logo work, and copywriting.John Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 5
  • 6. Here is a assessment of my skills, using action movie heroes. Skills Bruce Lee Jackie Chan Daniel Larusso Liam Neeson Apollo CreedJohn Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 6
  • 7. My works PORTFOLIO I have a varied and extensive portfolio that may be found at my website: www.naimmckee.me CLIENTS African-American Drum & Dance Ensemble, Mugrob Consulting, Aspire XBRL, Queen City Forum, Squapple Baby Cuisine DESCRIPTIONS Website Design, Interactive Marketing, Package and Brochure Design, Market Planning, Marketing Research, Business Planning, Presentation StrategyJohn Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 7
  • 8. Contact Na’im McKee 19551 East Girton Place Aurora, CO 80013 720 989 7132 m3@naimmckee.me Naimmckee.me twitter.com/heismckee Facebook.com/HeisMcKeeJohn Smith Creative Graphic Designer and Web Developer 8
  • 9. Thank you for watching.