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Effective presentation

  1. 1. How to prepare aPOWERPOINT PRESANTATION by Nimesh Soni
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF MAKING ppts? Praportion Explaining 33% Visual 67% Explaining Visual
  3. 3. Point to be noted while preparing PPTs BIG SIMPLE CLEAR
  4. 4. BIG• Shouldbe able to read everything from the back row• At least 28 pt, preferably ≥36• Use the floor test
  5. 5. SIPMLEUse bulletins instead of full sentenceNo more than 6 linesNo more than 7 words per line
  6. 6. CLEAR• Arial or Helvetica• Blue background with yellow text• Avoid overuse of red, shadows, animation and transitions• Beware of busy backgrounds• Use clip arts
  7. 7. How to present Your Presentation ????
  8. 8. Before starting presentation….. Check your presentation at least TWO times. Be conceptually clear. Rehearse it in front of friends and ask for JUDGEMENT.BE IN FORMAL.( Dress Smartly) Have some warm up using “QEQR”.
  9. 9.  “Simply say the letter “Q” with your mouth screwed up and small. Then say “E” with the mouth stretched very wide…really stretch yourmouth! Then “Q” again, followed by saying “R” with your mouth open vertically as far as possible
  10. 10. On Starting presentation……..Q.1 How to built Confidence? Have some water (if u have). Take a deep breath. Have big SMILE on face.
  11. 11. Remember, Remember“I am Intelligent”;“Everyone wants to hear Me”&“I know a Secret”.
  12. 12. Q.2 How to start?  Introduce your self.  Introduce your topic as good as you can.  Don’t hurry to finish it quickly.  Have your body free.
  13. 13. While presenting you must remember?Maintain Proper eye contacts with every one.Use open body language.DO NOT READ FROM SLIDES.Never play with anything you have.Include your audience in your presentation.Don’t stick to your place.
  14. 14. Question & Answers
  15. 15. Dose any one have Question for my answers???
  16. 16. The Rule……. Never argue with a member of audience….
  17. 17. Instead…………. Look at the questioner. Remain neutral and attentive. Listen to the whole question. Pause before you respond. Address the questioner, then move your eyes to others.
  18. 18. “Make sure you have finished speakingbefore your audience has finishedlistening.” -Dorothy Sarnoff
  19. 19.  Tips of the DAY  Speak from the notes, don’t read the SPEECH.  Make sure you know what you want achieve in your presentation.  Learn from your mistakes for your next presentation.  Prepare well. Preparation is the KEY of Success.  Break the rules. Find your own Presentation skill.  Don’t be quick in delivering the presentation.  Maintain EYE contacts.  Be flexible.  Get ready to accept un-EXPECTED.