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Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Australia
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Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Australia


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Published in: Travel

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  • 1.
  • 2. Analysis of Preliminary Environmental Assessment Plan
    Larry Nagazina
    Tourism Planning - HFT6712
    Florida International University 2010
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. Blue Mountains, Australia
  • 6. Location
    New South Wales
    190 km or 3 hour drive north-west from Sydney
    Wolgan Valley
    Gardens of Stone National Park to the north and south
    Wollemi National Park to the east
    Part of The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage site
  • 7. History
    Australia is home to the oldest living culture in the world—evidence of first hunters dates back 12,000 years
    Today, the territory is shared by four Aboriginal Nations; the Wiradjuri are most predominant
    The name Wolgan Valley is derived from the Aboriginal word, 'wolga', used for the vine commonly known as Old Man's Beard, found throughout the region
    In 1823, Robert Hoddle was first European to discover Wolgan Valley
    The Homestead was built in 1832 from materials found almost entirely on site using the traditional slab hut method of construction
    In 1929, the Webb family arrived at the Homestead to graze their cattle and sheep and the land grant remained in family until 2006
  • 8. Vision Statement
    “The project aim is to create a natural sanctuary where guests can enjoy absolute luxury tranquility and connection with nature. The project has been designed to sit lightly within its environment, in a manner that is sympathetic to the very special natural, cultural and scenic values of the valley.”
  • 9. What do you think needs to be taken into consideration to achieve this vision?
  • 10.
  • 11. Environmental Considerations
    • Threatened plant and animal communities;
    • 12. Bushfire hazards;
    • 13. Vehicle access;
    • 14. Protection and management of the environment;
    • 15. Cultural heritage
    • 16. Water quality (sewage treatment & disposal);
    • 17. Utility supply; and
    • 18. Scenic quality and character
  • Matters addressed in this report
    • Archaeological Impact Assessment
    • 19. Water and Energy Conservation Plan;
    • 20. External Lighting Plan;
    • 21. Construction Management Plan;
    • 22. Infrastructure Plan; and
    • 23. Landscape Management Plan
  • Approved Concept Plan
  • 24. Proposed Modifications to Concept Plan
    Addition of an off-site electricity line including fiber optic cable to service the site
    Modified resort layout:
    Relocation of helipad
    Re-alignment of the internal access road
    Addition of gatehouse (not visible from Wolgan Road)
    Addition of stables (for 12 horses)
    Supply of water
    Relocation of staff accommodation and maintenance areas
    Incorporation of National Parks and Wildlife Services land
    Addition of feral fence
  • 25. Proposed Modifications
  • 26. National Parks and Wildlife Services Land Re-Distribution
  • 27. Cultural Heritage
    How do you preserve the cultural heritage?
  • 28. Development
    On November 21st, 2007, Emirates Airline commenced the development of the $69 million luxury Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa in Australia's Blue Mountains, a project that will see the transformation of 4,000 acres of distressed farming land into a high-value conservation site.
    Two percent of the 4,000 acres will be used to create an exclusive resort of 40 free-standing suites and a main homestead that will feature fine dining, a Timeless Spa, pool area and conference facilities. The remaining land will be progressively restored to its natural state with the reintroduction of native fauna and flora. The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa opened on October 1st, 2009.