The passion of an artist-a poem collection of Sudipto Nag (written when he was a student of EFLU, Hyderabad, India in the period 2008-2013)

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  • 1. The passion of an artist By Sudipto Nag
  • 2. Rest in peace You played hide and seek with the death. Then you gone away like a piece of paper. Your body was found, not responding. The doctors declared you dead. We all mourned for our selfish life. Somebody fingered at the building maintenance. While someone was searching for its root I was madly roaming everywhere Of course, searching for you vainly You smiled and told me Bangali, I’m doing yoga only.
  • 3. Beyond ‘their’ plans Stop dancing at the tune of madness. The snake charmers haunting tune Still attracts the snakes to dance. Poet sukanta said moon is burnt bread. You can compare your darling with it. One can say moon is an old bald man. Different madness but the same tune. The snake dances without hearing it. The magics are better than the truths The truth is boring than Para normality. People are happy with their discoveries and dancing in the tune of madness daily. The wild snake never thinks or stops dancing. The flute player may be one day feel tired. Another flute player will play the tune. A different tune which has the same rhythm. The creator’s creator will laugh at their madness and comment- this is the joke of all jokes.
  • 4. Beyond truth and lies The all lies were silent today. They were all true you know now. Unknown things are far better. Atleast you can sleep and dream. Sweet lies are the sweetest of all, As long they are obedient and true. But lies are all born to lie itself. I wake up from sleep to dream again. Nothing is more deceptive than dream. The day dream ends and night falls. Then subconscious mind dreams long. And we never accept the truth of lies. We fail to know as truths are all lies. Really what is the need to know truth? When happiness is beyond truths and lies.
  • 5. EMOTION When you have nothing to explain Arguments are meaningless, The truths lose its sharpness. You don’t want to win the battle. You want to escape and cry alone. Want to wipe all green memories. Which will still live in the recycle bin. And haunt you like a departed soul. Beyond all logics and practical concepts. Beyond mathematics and Einstein. Beyond the philosophy of greatest prophets. It is your fucking emotional naked heart. Responding in every second in its own rhythm. The power of science or logic can’t stop it.
  • 6. It will be stopped when you will full stop. Ginny..Ginny wake up The Sun sets but the sun rises again. Ginny…Ginny please wake up dear. The naughty dreams are floating. The adventurous kite flies ahead. The smileys are winking at you. The sleeping mountain is awake. The dirty pavements are all cleaned. Your imaginary yummy world of chocolate, Yes, it is just in front of your eyes. The innocence of the wild winds…. The zigzag unknown alleys of happiness. The music of heart dancing in waves. The world of darkness comes back, And scares you like a hungry monster. Dear, don’t worry just try to sleep quietly. Sun will rise again to wake your pretty eyes.
  • 7. I saw a River I had seen a river, moving towards a sea. The dark waves were so mysterious. Full of shattered memories of its past. I dived inside the depth of water. To find out some hidden truths. And ended up lying to myself at last. Your polluted water was so holy. I mingled in it and lost my way. The river mingled with the sea. I became so much confused. Did u die or lost somewhere? Carrying your all pain you disappeared. May be towards the gate of that heaven. Where all angels are disguises like demons. You left us but no one can stop your flow.
  • 8. Love is blind I am infatuated to the world. As I open the world clock. Love seemed more logical As logic is more illogical The depth of darkness kissed me. The light fell into the darkness. It mingled and vanished in a flourish. Deep seas die with their darkness. Is there any need to see the light? When u can see through the darkness! Light’s multiple colours change in every second. They increase and decrease their sizes. They at last show me the rainbow to make me colour blind forever. Hence I am living in black & white And came to know love is blind.
  • 9. Madman’s psychology The madman is sleeping in his pavement. The venders’ hue and cry or traffic in the road, Never bothers him or wake him up from madness. The lost glories of the past or new nasty inventions, Highly expensive shapes of heart with small pricks, The dusky dreams with ultra-modern three-d glasses, Nothing moves him or brings him back to sense. The world may cry alone or light like a burning sun. The world may rejoice the happiest moment of love. But the madman still smiles and laughs loudly. He looks at the sky and never shifts to the soil. We throw them and call them senseless idiot. Do we ever think how the madman looks at us? The senseless smiles are the most sensible one. As god hides himself and we try to discover him vainly. Break his golden silence and listen to his whispers. Madness is now necessary to get rid of this ‘madness’.
  • 10. MOVE ON Dry heart and cold tears choked inside You unable to say a word, she left you. They told you to simply move on. Yes life moves on when dream ends. The silence falls into the moving world. Lies seem sweet as you hide the truth. You seek happiness and so feel sad. Unexplainable pain brings happiness. The story of success was never a success. You write your own story with your ending. Truths criticize your tragic fake propaganda. When did she come that she left you? You blame yourself and shout-‘move on’... The life moves on stopping you somewhere.
  • 11. My dusky sky I was alone in a deserted road. My destination was forgotten. I slept like a philosopher and Wake up like a newborn baby My all foot prints in my desert Were lost in that sandstorm Or I tore all of my poem collections After losing the depth of them Am I mad or losing my aims? I asked to the almighty god. God didn’t respond to me As he was confused about his birth I continued my long journey In the middle of the endless sea I tried to find the direction and failed I was mad to see a small piece of land. I tried again again and lost all hopes I surrendered to the power of nature Then I found the beauty of water world.
  • 12. My sister’s birthday The unseen lands sweet smell was inside me. The internet connection is coming and going. Come on…damn it, I have to connect somehow. The lovely smile of her is spread everywhere. Today the cuckoos are even singing in this winter. The trees are nodding their heads to greet you. Yes dear I can see all these from my small window. I pushed so hard that the internet wire broke at last. Now the network is connected as I closed my eyes. My little sister is putting of all lighted candles. All of her friends are clapping I can hear them. I too sung with them happy birthday to dear stephy. I wake up, oh my god! It is already 11.50pm in her country. I ran towards the lab, but the lab was completely full. I shouted – friends, Today is my sister’s birthday please…. A Korean sister??? They all laughed and said I am a fool. Hello stephy, can you listen to me??? Open your mind.
  • 13. I am straight knocking to your heart please open the mail. Over a chocolate The half of the chocolate melted in my way. The eyes were down under holes of silence. The trembled hands were still hesitating. The chocolate -eyes exchanged with each other. O god did it really happen? When and how? The material clock stops and I was in dream. The sweet pain of melody shut my ears. My heart was completely empty but full. The meaningless mumbles seemed so meaningful. There was she licking my partly eaten chocolate. Every time her lips touched it, I gulp it too. The taste of imagination is beyond hunger. The rain came to blur my dream of chocolate. I stumbled in the muddy slippery road of crush. The rhythmic music of rain drops was inside me. I experienced the love of shower for the first time.
  • 14. PURCHASE ME Sun was over my head like an umbrella, And I’ m the best seller in the market. I have sold everything to win the battle. Now the sky is dark, sun is setting slowly. O’god,I am finally ready to sell my body. Tell me the price of each limbs and blood. Tell me the price of my eyes and ears. And how much would you pay for the soul? When I will die and rest in peace forever, I want to take all the treasures with me. The Egyptians were pretty intelligent. I know that selling the soul is illegal. But that is why it has some value today. A pirated soul costs more than bread. Poor god, a dead body never dies twice. First you sold me now I’m selling myself.
  • 15. The discovery of life I saw a lonely man with a stick. He was climbing a high mountain. I asked him, why are you climbing? He just gave me a sweet smile. That smile showed me a dream. I am alone inside the lifeless world. I cried and cried but nothing responded. Then I wanted to finish the dream. When I woke up and got rid of all fears. I thought of going back there again. I saw that dream after some days. I found the world lifeless again. But the world itself was full of life.
  • 16. The discovery of life I saw a lonely man with a stick. He was climbing a high mountain. I asked him, why are you climbing? He just gave me a sweet smile. That smile showed me a dream. I am alone inside the lifeless world. I cried and cried but nothing responded. Then I wanted to finish the dream. When I woke up and got rid of all fears. I thought of going back there again. I saw that dream after some days. I found the world lifeless again. But the world itself was full of life.
  • 17. The lost dreams and fairy tales The colour of the earth’s sky is red today. Today all lifeless hearts and waterless tears The blood floats like ancient streams. The mechanical civilisation believes in science. The science has no brain, all are theories. We all fight and fight to conquer the throne. After conquering it we realise it is a thorn. The colour of the sky is still blue for me. As I live in the world of sweet fairy tales. Every story has a good ending and no complaints. If you fix the dreams, then they are not dreams. Escape beyond the world to open your dreams.
  • 18. The naked truth I saw myself nude in front of the mirror. They all laughed and said I am mad. Before they snatched my voting right, I resigned and gave them all clothes. The clouds are covering the nude sky. As moon strips most of the time. They all wear the valuable clothes to slowly remove them one by one. What is the benefit of wearing clothes, When you are naked inside the clothes? Civilized monkeys like to be half naked. They are all afraid of the naked truth. I also hold that huge black umbrella But wasn’t able to protect the rain drops. So today I am speaking wearing nothing. The civilised society called me uncivilised. But once who removes the all clothes Never wants to wear them all again This is not a lie but a naked truth.
  • 19. THE OLD PATH They killed me at last But my soul was alive. My eyes were not moving. They were still and calm. There was no ink in the pen All the papers were lost too. But all the thoughts were alive. They forced me to drink poison. The poison tastes like nectar. They abandoned me in a place. Was it hell or heaven? God knows. I forgot everything to know again. They can wipe my memories. But can’t wipe my memories. They are alive in every corner. I can’t see them through my power. But I can realize them through my heart. They will show me an old path.
  • 20. The passion of an artist Dark circles under my eyes. I haven’t slept many nights. How to write? What to write? I haven’t written for years. World’s cacophony has blocked My ears and I pretend to be mute. But I can still hear that galloping Horse is running all over my frames. That gorgeous white horse is Carrying the loads of my dreams. His motionless eyelids are fixed At the end of this enormous sky. I walk above the depressed clouds With my magic legs and I sculpt The time of pain with a lot of love.
  • 21. The real joke I applied poison to die I wanted to end everything I was slowly achieving freedom. Free from all joy and sorrow. Away from light and darkness My bravest last adventure, towards the gate of unknown. I was not frightened or reluctant. But I was desperate to breathe. Life and death is a real joke.