Test automation - Building effective solutions
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Test automation - Building effective solutions



This presentation is answering the questions: how to build an effective test automation framework, select the right tools and organize to whole process?

This presentation is answering the questions: how to build an effective test automation framework, select the right tools and organize to whole process?



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    Test automation - Building effective solutions Test automation - Building effective solutions Presentation Transcript

    • Test AutomationBuilding effective solutionsby Artem Nagornyi
    • select the right toolIn order to understand whether a test automation tool wasselected properly, you should begin with answering a fewquestions:● Is your tool compatible with the application environment, technologies, and interfaces?● What is the cost of your chosen test automation tool?● How easy it is to write, execute, and maintain test scripts?● Is it possible to extend the tool with additional components?● How fast can a person learn the scripting language used by the tool?● Is your vendor ready to resolve tool-related issues? Is the community support strong enough?● How reliable is your test automation tool?
    • building theframeworkData-driven type of framework with page objects. Site Class "Page A" Class "Page B" Class "Page C" Class Tests Helpers Driver
    • select test cases forautomationHow do we select test cases for automation? "Automatethem all" is hardly an answer if you are focused on qualityand efficiency.You should automate a manual test case only when:● Your test case is executed frequently enough, and takes time to run manually. Especially this is actual for large regression test suites.● You have a test that will run with different sets of data.● Your test case needs to be run under many different platforms and system configurations.
    • select test cases forautomationOn the other hand, test automation is not recommended inthe following cases:● Usability testing.● When the functionality of the application changes frequently.● When the expenditures on test automation tools and the support of already existing tests are too high.● When test automation doesnt provide enough advantages if compared to manual testing.
    • test automationlifecycle
    • sharing theresponsibilities ● TA Engineers● QA Engineers Test ● Developers Manual Test Automation Cases Framework Development Automated Execution Test Scripts and Results Development Analysis● QA Engineers ● TA Engineers● TA Engineers ● QA Engineers
    • what is seleniumwebdriver?● Open-source, multi-platform, multi-browser tool for browser-based Web UI automation that is de facto standard in the world of Web UI test automation.
    • what is seleniumwebdriver?All browsers, all versions are equallysupported.Once written, test script in most cases will workfor all browsers without modifications.
    • what is seleniumwebdriver?Test scripts can be developed in anyprogramming language of your preference.
    • what is seleniumwebdriver?Many frameworks are supported:● JUnit● NUnit● TestNG● unittest● RSpec● Test::Unit● Bromine● Robot● FitNesse... and others.
    • what is seleniumwebdriver?Has the biggest and strongest communityamong all open-source test automation tools.
    • what is seleniumwebdriver?Example of Selenium WebDriver script: WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); // Go to the Google Suggest home page driver.get("http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en"); // Enter the query string "Cheese" WebElement query = driver.findElement(By.name("q")); query.sendKeys("Cheese");
    • what is sikuli?● Open-source, multi-platform visual technology to automate graphical user interfaces using images of objects on the screen and OCR.
    • what is sikuli?Virtually any application interface and platformcan be automated. The only requirement isJava.
    • what is sikuli?Test scripts can be developed either in Jythonor Java.
    • what is sikuli?Images of elements can be captured in SikuliIDE.
    • what is sikuli?Example test script in Sikuli: #Start program calcApp = App("Calculator") if not calcApp.window(): App.open("calc.exe"); wait(2) calcApp.focus(); wait(1) #Verify that the window appeared if exists("CalcApp.png"): print("PASS: Calculator window appeared") else: print("FAIL: No calculator window") click("2.png"); click("plus.png"); click("3.png") #Verify the addition result find("5.png")
    • what is testng?TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit andNUnit but introducing some new functionalities that make itmore powerful and easier to use, such as:● Annotations.● Flexible test configuration.● Support for data-driven testing.● Support for parameters.● Powerful execution model.● Supported by a variety of tools and plug-ins (Eclipse, IDEA, Maven, etc...).
    • what is apache ant?Software tool for automating software build processes.It can be used for preparing environment, compilation andexecution of test scripts if they are developed in Java.
    • what is jenkins?Open-source continuous integration server with 300+plugins to support all kinds of software development.It can be used to make test automation processes moresolid by:● Updating tests from source control repository before execution.● Scheduling test execution.● Keeping test results and history.
    • demoTest automation framework that is built upon the followingtools: ● Selenium WebDriver ● Sikuli ● TestNG ● Apache Ant ● Jenkins
    • questions?