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Nagios Conference 2012 - Nate Broderick - Bringing Nagios XI Into Your Business
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Nagios Conference 2012 - Nate Broderick - Bringing Nagios XI Into Your Business


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Nate Broderick's presentation on bringing Nagios XI Into Your Business. …

Nate Broderick's presentation on bringing Nagios XI Into Your Business.
The presentation was given during the Nagios World Conference North America held Sept 25-28th, 2012 in Saint Paul, MN. For more information on the conference (including photos and videos), visit:

Published in: Technology

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  • We love our business
  • You could have monitoring, but is it enough?
  • How much did it cost Toys R Us? They could have avoided it with transaction monitoring or business flow monitoring
  • Example Accutrans only available from 8-5. When went to 24x7 shop, business profits went up - companies more confidence
  • What separated Nagios from its competition? The best way to monitor critical systems is with a machine True 24x7 monitoring which can be adjusted to meet your schedule Lets the system watch important processes, you define them
  • monitoring hierarchy means about the parents, MPLS lines, etc
  • monitoring standards
  • Andy Hsu story on this slide
  • SLA monitoring – you need to describe it here. Describe business workflow monitors.
  • SLA monitoring – you need to describe it here. Describe business workflow monitors.
  • Mention about the fine tuning of the monitors, needs to have knowledge to set up the system. JR's typically don't work setting it up initially. One of the biggest problems with monitoring tools is companies don't get buy in to the tool. Nagios is great because you can tie in other tools in the company.
  • Go over systems administration not wanting the system at first
  • SNMP is a popular process used in many devices. Defined multi site as multi regional :)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Bringing Nagios XIInto Your Business By Nathan Broderick AI Vector, LLC nagios@AI
    • 2. AI Vector Background AI Vector is a technology company Founded in 2008 Monitoring Programming Systems Administration Creative solutions to difficult problems Knowledgeable staff Systems tuning 2012 2
    • 3. Specializing in monitoring and programming Focused on mid to large companies looking to enhance their monitoring needs Assist in systems architecture and implementation Performance tuning and ongoing monitoring 2012 3
    • 4. Issue: If your customers know about your problems before you do, it’s time to get better monitoring 2012
    • 5. Why Monitoring? What is the Cost? Monitoring is essential for any company that wants to survive Monitoring helps companies create a professional image Toys R Us website went down temporarily in key Christmas time frame. 2012
    • 6. What is the Cost? Are your current monitoring solutions meeting your needs? What matters most to your business? Productivity Loss Labor Costs Potential Lost Sales Loss of Confidence in your Business 2012
    • 7. Where to start
    • 8. Where to Start Does your company use your current monitoring system? Nagios makes monitoring simple Systems analysis of current Monitoring What processes are necessary 2012
    • 9. Nagios XI Features Intuitive GUI Easily view problems Little training required Performance Graphs Dashboards and Reports Configuration Wizards Expandability 24/7 Monitoring Multiple User Support 2012 9
    • 10. Where to Start How many systems do you have? How many services run on those systems? What are your critical business processes? Who will be running the system once it is set up? Plan what type of reporting will be needed and who will see it 2012
    • 11. Planning Establish roles and responsibilities Determine who will run the system Plan out the host groups and service groups Establish good SLA times Create the audience of the alerts Determine what management will need to see 2012
    • 12. Planning Plan to monitor regional areas of the company Do a cost analysis of implementation Develop a project plan for the implementation Plan out the monitor hierarchy 2012
    • 13. EvaluatingMonitoring Systems
    • 14. Where to Start with Nagios Evaluate the structure of the Nagios system Structure for performance Scaling Redundancy Establish standards 2012
    • 15. Why Nagios XI ? What sets Nagios apart from its competitor? Nagios adapts to your environment no matter how complex Easy to use interface Reliable, scalable monitoring Why does AI Vector like working in the Nagios System? Getting Started with Nagios 2012 15
    • 16. Monitoring Wizard in Nagios Easily set up monitors using wizards Little training needed to set up monitors Better for large environments 2012 16
    • 17. Dashboards Customized views for each member of the team Easy to share dashboards with coworkers Easy to find views 2012 17
    • 18. Performance Graphs Good performance graphs 2012 18
    • 19. Expandability Useful components like AD integration API Backend Sharable dashboards Auto discovery components Graph Explorer Component 2012 19
    • 20. Graph Explorer Component 2012 20
    • 21. Advanced Monitoring Nagios XI goes where no other monitors have gone before 2012
    • 22. AI VECTOR AND YOU AI Vector has specialized in monitoring for several years Nagios XI is the most cost effective solution we have found Nagios XI scales and adapts to big environments when other systems fail Nagios XI interfaces with most systems
    • 23. Nagios Implementation Establish basic monitors Internal politics play a roll in monitoring, trust the Nagios monitors Configure the host groups and service groups 2012
    • 24. Nagios Implementation Add SLA monitors Business workflow monitors Fine tune the system Add additional checks Set up dashboards and reporting 2012
    • 25. Nagios Implementation Finalize dashboards for management Create meaningful reports Visual Maps Root Cause Monitoring Documentation Tends to be an iterative process 2012
    • 26. Selenium Integration Selenium Demo 2012
    • 27. Gotchas
    • 28. Nagios Summary Internal Politics Justifying the cost Long term administration Lack of standard processes Fine tune monitors Expensive monitoring tools Resistance to new monitoring tools Initial setup is crucial 2012
    • 29. Nagios Summary Nagios is the best system out there Proactively solve business problems - Dont wait for your customers to tell you Quickly identify the root of a problem - no more finger pointing Monitoring saves your company money Build customer and IT confidence through transparency Nagios will solve your business monitoring needs 2012
    • 30. Advanced Monitoring with AI Vector Fine tuning SNMP solutions Complex business monitoring • Reliable, scalable monitoring • Multi-site support • Component customization 2012
    • 31. ?????Questions?