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Nagios Conference 2013 - Eric Stanley - Whats New Core 4

Nagios Conference 2013 - Eric Stanley - Whats New Core 4



Eric Stanley's presentation on Whats New Core 4. ...

Eric Stanley's presentation on Whats New Core 4.
The presentation was given during the Nagios World Conference North America held Sept 20-Oct 2nd, 2013 in Saint Paul, MN. For more information on the conference (including photos and videos), visit: http://go.nagios.com/nwcna



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    Nagios Conference 2013 - Eric Stanley - Whats New Core 4 Nagios Conference 2013 - Eric Stanley - Whats New Core 4 Presentation Transcript

    • What's New in Nagios Core 4 Eric Stanley estanley@nagios.com
    • 2 Nagios Core 4 - Overview Released Sep 20, 2013 In development since about June, 2012 Primary developer – Andreas Ericsson
    • 3 Nagios Core 4 - Performance Core Workers – lightweight processes which perform simple tasks Configuration Verification – each configuration item only checked once Event Queue – Insertions now O(log n) Macro Resolution Sorted on start-up $ARGx$, $USERx$, $HOSTADDRESS$
    • 4 Nagios Core 4 – Query Handler External interface to main Nagios Core process Uses Unix-domain socket /usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.qh Simple protocol
    • 5 Nagios Core 4 – Query Handler core - provides Nagios Core management and information wproc - provides worker process registration, management and information nerd - provides a subscription service to the Nagios Event Radio Dispatcher (NERD) help - provides help for the query handler echo - implements a basic query handler that simply echoes back the queries sent to it
    • 6 Nagios Core 4 – Core Workers Nagios Core Initialization Scheduling Initiate Host/Service Checks Retrieve Host/Service Check Results Handle Downtime Send Notifications Process External Commands
    • 7 Nagios Core 4 – Core Workers Nagios Core 3 Entire process forked twice for each check Check results written to and read from disk
    • 8 Nagios Core 4 – Core Workers Nagios Core 4 Core workers forked at Nagios start Core workers only contain code needed to perform their tasks Only need to fork for actual check when check is complex Check results passed to main Nagios process in memory
    • 9 Nagios Core 4 – Core Workers Workers register using query handler interface Workers can register for specific checks Specialized workers Future possibilities Remote workers Workers for specific hosts
    • 10 Nagios Core 4 – Object Changes Hourly Value (hosts and services) Intended to convey value of the host or service to the organization Integer value Example: development server would have low value but e-commerce web server would have high value
    • 11 Nagios Core 4 – Object Changes Minimum Value (contacts) If hourly value of host or service is less than contact's minimum value, contact is NOT notified of problems Value of host is host's hourly value plus hourly values of all host's services Example: sysadmin might have low minimum value, but CIO might have a high minimum value
    • 12 Nagios Core 4 – Object Changes Service parents Analogous to host parents Can be used in place of service dependencies for most cases Example: check_by_ssh checks could have check_ssh as parent Host address attribute is now optional Set to host name when missing
    • 13 Nagios Core 4 – Object Changes obsess_over_host and obsess_over_service now support shorter attribute obsess failure_prediction_enabled has been removed
    • 14 Nagios Core – Object Behavior Contact Inheritance Contacts only inherited by services from hosts if service has no contacts or contact groups in its definition Time Periods Problems resolved where time periods contained both exclusions and exceptions
    • 15 Nagios Core 4 – Configuration status_file and object_cache_file can be set to “/dev/null” CGIs still need these files log_current_states – determines whether current states are logged when logs are rotated check_workers – specifies number of core workers forked at Nagios start When unspecified, number of workers is calculated based on number of CPU cores
    • 16 Nagios Core 4 - Configuration query_socket – location of query handler socket enable_environment_macros – determines whether macros are exported to environment when commands are run All paths in nagios.cfg can now be relative to location of nagios.cfg check_result_reaper_frequency and max_check_result_reaper_time deprecated Object definitions in nagios.cfg prohibited
    • 17 Nagios Core 4 - Macros $CHECKSOURCE$ - new macro containing name of worker that performed check When use_large_installation_tweaks set, $HOSTGROUPMEMBERS$ and $SERVICEGROUPMEMBERS$ no longer exported enable_environment_macros configuration option (discussed earlier) Macro-related performance enhancements
    • 18 Nagios Core 4 - Miscellaneous libnagios – contains code to support worker development Documentation – some doxygen formatted docs now available (make dox) Test Suite – significantly updated nagios.spec – overhauled to bring up to current standards Object IDs – each object has a unique now has a unique ID, but it is not persistent
    • 19 Nagios Core 4 – Deprecated Features Extended Host and Service Information – now available in host and service definitions -x/--dont-verify-paths command line option – Don't check for circular object paths Configuration variables check_result_reaper_frequency max_check_result_reaper_time sleep_time external_command_buffer_slots command_check_interval
    • 20 Nagios Core 4 – Obsoleted Features Embedded Perl Most problematic part of Nagios Core Speed improvement obviates need for embedded perl Is possible to write embedded perl core worker Failure prediction Never implemented Would have broken Nagios Core paradigm -o/--dont-verify-objects command line option
    • 21 Nagios Core 4 – More Information Nagios Core Documentation http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/nagioscore/4/en/ What's New page Doxygen Documentation make dox nagios-*.tar.gz Use the Source, Luke
    • 22 Nagios Core 4 – Experience One person's experience 2300 hosts, 4500 services Nagios Core 3.4.0 to 4.0.0 24 core system, 32 GB RAM
    • 23 Nagios Core 4 - Thanks Andreas Ericsson Robin Sonefors Eric Stanley Max Sikström Dan Wittenberg Ricardo Maraschini Anton Löfgren many others
    • 24 Nagios Core 4 - Questions Questions?