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NAGILITI is a global management consulting practice offering a robust set of product cadences, including advisory services, for Corporate Clients, Executives and Senior Level Professionals.

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LinkedIn Strategy + 2Q11 - NAGILITI

  1. 1. #mobilityonfire @nagilitiThe Professional Dashboard… A ‘Traffic Firehose’ with Mobile Page Views ↑ 400% YOY#smartconsumption LinkedIn Corp. 2Q11 Highlights + Executive Women in High Tech|
  2. 2. #content ë LinkedIn Snapshot ë LinkedIn 2Q11 Highlights ë LinkedIn Membership ë LinkedIn 2Q11 Financials ë LinkedIn Strategy ë LinkedIn 3Q11 & FY11 Outlook Backup ë Monetization: Revenue Model ë Charts & Graphs — Members, Unique Monthly Visitors, Page Views, Corporate Solutions Customers, Annual Revenue, Revenue by Product, Revenue by Geography, Revenue by Channel, Headcount, Average Annualized Revenue per Headcount, Adjusted EBIDTA, Executive Women in High Tech|
  3. 3. “If I were running a company today, I would have one priority above all others: to acquire as many of the best people as I could. Id put off everything else to fill my bus.” -Jim Collins, Good to Executive Women in High Tech|
  4. 4. #snapshot About LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD) ë LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet ë The LinkedIn Opportunity: Connect talent with opportunity at massive scale ë Mission: To connect the world’s professionals, to make them more productive and successful ë Site Launched: 5 May 2003 with 4.5K members at end of 1st month in operation ë HQ: Mountain View, California ë Employees: 1.515K (30 June 2011) ë LinkedIn became a public company on 18 May 2011 — NYSE LNKD shares trading commenced on 19 May 2011 at IPO share price of 45USD ë 120M+ members in 200+ countries and territories (August 2011) ë 2B+ people searches on LinkedIn (2010) 3 Primary Business Lines ë Premium Subscriptions: Enabling professionals to be more productive with premium tools tailored by customer segment. ë Marketing Solutions: Delivering marketers targeted access to one of the most influential, affluent and educated audiences on the web. ë Hiring Solutions: Providing passive recruiting at scale and adding social relevancy to active job searches. SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  5. 5. #highlights 2Q11 Highlights ë 115.8M Members 2Q11, ↑ 61% vs. 2Q2010 (June 2011) — 120M+ members and adding 2+ members every second (August 2011) ë 81.8M Monthly Unique Visitors, ↑ 83% vs. 2Q2010 (June 2011) ë 7.1B Page Views, ↑ 80% vs. 2Q2010 (June 2011) ë Net Revenue: $121M, ↑ 120% vs. $54.9M in 2Q10 — Revenue from Field Sales represented 55% of total revenue in 2Q11 — Corporate Hiring Solutions revenue represented 48% of total revenue in 2Q11 — Marketing Solutions Revenue ↑ 111% vs. 2Q10 ë Global Footprint: 12 offices outside U.S. — 32% of total revenue in 2Q11 from International markets (outside U.S.) — 50%+ of LinkedIn members are outside of U.S. (June 2011) — New Asia regional Headquarters in Singapore (May 2011) — New North Europe Hub in Stockholm (June 2011) ë LinkedIn platform opened to developers (April 2011) — Plug-ins introduced, 100K+ publishers now using LinkedIn Share Button to drive traffic to their sites — New Groups, Company, and Jobs APIs introduced, 30K+ developers now using LinkedIn APIs ë LinkedIn Mobile Page Views ↑ ±400% Y/Y — LinkedIn mobile presence extended with launch of LinkedIn for Android (April 2011) — LinkedIn Today, flagship social news product, launched via LinkedIn for iPhone 3.6 (May 2011) — LinkedIn Today added to Flipboard for iPad app (June 2011) ë LinkedIn Corporate Hiring Solutions now used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies (30 June 2011) — 6000+ Corporate Clients, ↑ 163% Y/Y — 150K+ Small Business Customers ë 2M LinkedIn Company Pages SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  6. 6. #membership Global Market Opportunity -Members Worldwide Labor Force 3,300M+ 120M+ LinkedIn Global Members (4 August 2011) Worldwide Professionals International comprises >50% of total membership 640M+ ë 26M+ in Europe Source: International Planning & Research ë 6M+ in the UK ë 2M+ in France ë 2M+ in the Netherlands ë 2M+ in Italy ë 1M+ in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) ë 1M+ in Spain ë 10M+ in India ë 4M+ in Canada ë 4M+ in Brazil ë 2M+ in Australia More… ë 6.5M+ students ë 9M+ recent college graduates (Graduated between 2008 and 2011) “The single most important driver of long-term value creation within a company… Talent” -LinkedIn SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  7. 7. Global Market Opportunity #financials -Monetization Worldwide Talent Acquisition & Staffing Services $27B (TAM Today)1; $85B (Total TAM)2 LinkedIn 2Q11 Financials Worldwide Internet Ad Spend ë Net Revenue: $121M, ↑ 120% vs. $54.9M in 2Q10 $25B (B2B)1; $69B (Total)2 Revenue by Product 1 2 Source: LinkedIn / IDC — Hiring Solutions Revenue: $58.6M, ↑ 170% vs. $21.7M in 2Q10 — Hiring Solutions revenue represented 48% of total revenue in 2Q11, vs. 49% in 1Q11 and 40% in 2Q10 — Marketing Solutions Revenue: $38.6M, ↑ 111% vs. $18.3M in 2Q10 — Marketing Solutions revenue: 32% of total revenue in 2Q11, vs. 30% in 1Q11 and 33% in 2Q10 — Premium Member Subscriptions: $23.9M, ↑ 60% vs. $14.9M in 2Q10 — Premium Member Subscriptions: 20% of total revenue in 2Q11, vs. 21% in 1Q11 and 27% in 2Q10 Revenue by Geography — Revenue from U.S.: $82.7M, represented 68% of total revenue in 2Q11 (↑ vs. $40.3M in 2Q10) — Revenue from International: $38.3M, represented 32% of total revenue in 2Q11 (↑ vs. $14.6M in 2Q10) Revenue by Channel — Revenue from Field Sales: $66.7M, represented 55% of total revenue in 2Q11 (↑ vs. $30.2M in 2Q10) — Revenue from Online, Direct Sales: $54.3M, represented 45% of total revenue in 2Q11 (↑ vs. $24.7M in 2Q10) ë Net Income: $4.5M, ↑ vs. $4.3M in 2Q10 ë Non-GAAP Net Income: $10.8M, ↑ vs. $6.4M 2Q10 ë EBITDA (Adjusted): $26.3M or 22% of Revenue, ↑ vs. $11.5M in 2Q10 or 21% of Revenue SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  8. 8. #strategy LinkedIn Corp. Strategy ë Global Monetization — Hiring Solutions for passive recruiting at scale (75% of Fortune 100 are using LinkedIn Hiring Solutions) — Marketing Solutions for targeting affluent and influential audiences on the web — Premium Subscriptions tailored by customer segment and targeted to member based on profile data/activity ë Professional Insights & Knowledge Sharing — “The Professional Dashboard” and essential source for business intelligence ë Professional Identity Ecosystem — The professional profile of record — The definitive professional search engine ë Viral Growth Engine — Boost number of member invitations and connections ë Technology Infrastructure — Global platform for developing scalable, data-fueled professional networking applications — Open platform for third-party developers and publishers Long-Term: Increase investment for growth ë Infrastructure: Scale HW and SW to enhance site performance and accelerate development cycles ë Product Development: Execute robust product roadmap to enhance growth, engagement and monetization ë Sales Force: Meet increasing demand across multiple business lines ë International Growth: Expand global footprint by launching new languages and sales offices SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  9. 9. #outlook 3Q11 and FY11 Guidance for Revenue and Adjusted EBITDA ë 3Q11 Revenue Guidance: ± $121M - $125M ë 3Q11 EBITDA (Adjusted) Guidance: ± $9M - $11M ë FY11 Revenue Guidance: ± $475M - $485M ë FY11 EBITDA (Adjusted) Guidance: $65M - $70M SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  10. 10. Executive Women in High Tech|
  11. 11. #monetization −Diversified (online / offline) monthly recurring revenue mix −High margin self-serve business SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  12. 12. #metrics1 SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  13. 13. #metrics2 SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  14. 14. #metrics3: Members, Visitors, Pageviews SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  15. 15. #metrics4: Annual Revenue SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  16. 16. #metrics5: Revenue by Product SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  17. 17. #metrics6: Revenue by Geography SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  18. 18. #metrics7: Revenue by Channel SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  19. 19. #metrics8: Adjusted EBITDA & Margin SOURCE: Executive Women in High Tech|
  20. 20. About EWHT Sponsor: NAGILITI NAGILITI is a global management consulting practice offering a robust set of product cadences and services for Corporate Clients, Executives and Senior Level Professionals, including: For Individuals (Professionals and Executives) ë Executive Talent Management and Representation, Career Consulting and Executive Coaching ë Resume Preparation and Review, Executive Summary/Bio and Interview Preparation For Corporate Clients ë Global Search and Recruitment: Specialized Professionals, Executives and Senior Level Managers (i.e. Engineering, Product Management, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, R&D, etc.) ë Organizational Development and Succession Planning ë Leadership Services, Executive Coaching and Advisory Services NAGILITI helps client partners worldwide align their people strategy with key business objectives for sustainable competitive advantage. At NAGILITI, we understand that quality of talent is an organizations chief competitive advantage. We maintain a strong pipeline of top performers and high potentials to help ensure a strong base of AGILE world-class talent, specifically, Specialized Professionals as well as Executives, who will provide immediate, significant impact to our client partners organizations. Our unique value proposition is our ability to leverage our global network for efficient and effective strategic sourcing for world-class leadership and talent in key geographic regions: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Central and Latin America (CALAM), and North America (NA) Executive Women in High Tech|
  21. 21. About EWHT Sponsor: NAGILITI Testimonials: “You have the best candidates. That’s why we see NAGILITI candidates quickly.” –Human Resources Manager “We have used NAGILITI’s services successfully over the last 2 months to accelerate our team expansion at the Executive level, and their results have been exemplary.” –Corporate Vice President “It is with full confidence that we continue to engage NAGILITI. Their ability to communicate openly and their strong understanding of the Industry makes working with them a pleasant experience.” –Vice President “My overall candidate experience with NAGILITI has been an 11 out of 10, if 10 were the highest satisfaction rating.” –Vice President “My experience with NAGILITI was first class! The interview preparations with NAGILITI were second to none.” –Senior Director “What impressed me about NAGILITI’s services was that, at all my interviews, the interviewers each had an Executive Summary that my Career Consultant had prepared for me which contained key highlights, strengths, and relevant content of my background and experiences effectively organized in a document for each interviewer. I believe this gave me an advantage over other candidates.” –Senior Director My NAGILITI Bio and Executive Summary were prepared with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail, highlighting my unique experience and background precisely. This highlighted my value commensurate with the opportunity I was pursuing.” –Vice Executive Women in High Tech|
  22. 22. About EWHT Sponsor: NAGILITI Testimonials: “My NAGILITI Career Partner was absolutely superb. In all of the career experts, executive coaches, and executive trainers I have had over my 20+ year career, NAGILITI has certainly been one of the best.” –Vice President “I felt a sense of ‘journey’ with my NAGILITI Career Consultant. My successes were her successes, she was a great career partner! I was discovered by a recruiter for my current position, however, it was all up to me in regards to client and industry research and interview preparation. With my NAGILITI Career Consultant, much of the work was done by her and I received excellent information and coaching. Overall, my candidate experience with NAGILITI was perfect. It was a great combination, a perfect storm! With great preparation and my presentation, we couldn’t miss, and we didn’t! I am loving my new job, and I am working very well with my new team.“ –Senior Director “My NAGILITI Career Consultant was committed, diligent and very hardworking.” –Senior Director “My NAGILITI Career Consultant has highlighted my strengths and has been key in assisting me in positioning and articulating my experiences and skill sets. Her unique ability to focus in on key attributes of my work experience has certainly made her services and the engagement of her firm a major reason of my continued engagement.“ –Vice President “In preparation for my upcoming interviews, my Resume was rewritten and condensed with necessary adjustments incorporated by NAGILITI Career Partner. My strengths were effectively highlighted, and this successfully strengthened my candidacy.” –Vice Executive Women in High Tech|
  23. 23. Contact Executive Women in High-Tech Executive Women in High Tech|