Make app more visible in App store or marketplace


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Make app more visible in App store or marketplace. In this slide show we can see how to bring more users to our apps..

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Make app more visible in App store or marketplace

  1. 1. Make your app more visible ..Bring more people to your app
  2. 2. What is unique in your app? • Check for similar apps in the store and learn from it “ No idea is original, there is nothing new under the sun. It is never what you do but how it is done. • So, add some creativity with uniqueness • Find the problem and solve it with the application ”
  3. 3. Starts with App store/Market place “Name the APP” • Choose the best suitable and catchy name for the app. • For example: App for managing Task or To-dos. Research on existing similar app names. Try guess better name, like My To-dos. Tip : App icon also adds to the first impression.
  4. 4. App description – Plays a big role • Description is a powerful section for the app visibility. It needs to be given in the app stores, during submission. • Most of the users will read the app description before installing. • Try to describe your app and uniqueness of it. • Don’t write spam.. (app may get )
  5. 5. Add appropriate keywords • App stores are providing another option - adding search keywords. • It is limited to few a words, but app can be made visible with those words. • Think as the end user, before adding search words. • Do research through keyword tools. Tip : Google Play Store doesn’t have option to add Search keywords, but there is way. Use keywords in app description three or four times. Remember it should be meaningful.
  6. 6. App Category • Select the category that best describes your app. • In a few app stores, you can select a secondary categories. • NOTE: Don’t add your app in unrelated categories.
  7. 7. App Screen shots • Every app store has options to upload a few screenshots. • Users will look at the screenshots before installing the app. • Take the best screenshots which shows your app’s uniqueness. • Adding annotations to explain about features on image .. I have seen this for a few apps. Note: adding annotations in the screenshots helps with understanding • Do not show your creativity with fake images.
  8. 8. Social Media • Try to integrate Social Media into your app. • Social Media plays a key role to give more visibility and popularity. • Add “Refer to friend” in the app if it is general. Maybe give reward points to the users. • You can create a fan page for the application and get user feedback.
  9. 9. Ask review/rating from users • When users open the application, after a little usage – Ask to rate the app and for referrals. • It is not enough just to ask for rating, need to listen to your user’s feedback also. • Most of the people will review user comments and ratings before installing the app. • Please take actions on negative comments. Make an update, as soon as possible.
  10. 10. Use Analytics • Use cloud-based app analytics & bug reporting services (E.g. :- Google Analytics) • Based on analytics reports make changes and updates the app
  11. 11. Localization and Internationalization • Implement internationalization in the app, it will reach more people “ Even the smallest business can go multinational..! ”
  12. 12. Post in 3rd party sites • Post the app link in a few popular sites like: • • • • • Post on blogs, social media sites, and share with friends.
  13. 13. Few more points • Add video (an option we have in the Google store) • Plan frequent updates – at least once per month • If app shows 500+ downloads in a week, 1500+ downloads in next few weeks. What will be your next move to retain your users? What’s next?- Create a vision for app • Collect feedback from users- give them a chance to email you, before they give a poor rating. • Add FAQ page and if possible a “what is coming” page to retain users.
  14. 14. Thank you! Naga Harish M @nagaharishmovva