Walks 2012 presentation


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Presentation of Williamsburg Walks presented to Public Safety Committee of Brooklyn Community Board #1

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Walks 2012 presentation

  1. 1. Weekend Walks 2012 in CB#1Williamsburg Walks hosted by DOT & NAGGrand St Weekend Walks hosted by DOT & Grand Street BID
  2. 2. Weekend Walks• The Walks are temporary pedestrian streets that create great opportunities for New Yorkers to meet, see their neighborhoods in a new way, and relax on summer weekends.• This is the 5th year of DOT Weekend Walks programming. The star event is “Summer Streets” which shuts down Center St, Lafayette, & Park Ave for several Sundays in August. However, the New York City Department of Transportation also partners with community groups to present Weekend Walks at 19 sites in all five boroughs from May through October in 2012.• Local merchants associations, community groups, and business improvement districts host these Weekend Walks to provide a fun new way to highlight local businesses and cultural institutions.• Each event is organized by a local partner with help and guidance from DOT.• The events are programmed, featuring a number of activities including music, arts and crafts, classes, and youth programming. The goal is to promote healthy and safe recreation as well as local businesses, and create high-quality public space where community members can come together.• Instead of vending, the event will highlight local cultural institutions, non-profits, and economic resources.• Businesses within the Weekend Walk zone are encouraged to expand their business to the curbline.• Restaurants abutting Weekend Walks are allowed to offer outdoor café service, without any additional permits or fees, in zones demarcated with barriers. – Restaurants can expand to the curbline in front of their establishments. – Café furniture must not be placed on the sidewalk until the beginning of the set-up time listed on the SAPO permit, and must be removed by the time the road is re-opened to motor-vehicle traffic. – Restaurants with two-year DCA café licenses must remove all additional chairs/tables and return to the boundaries listed in their DCA licenses when the street is reopened to motor-vehicle traffic. – Restaurants with valid SLA liquor licenses that do not include outdoor seating can offer liquor in their Weekend Walks-only café spaces without modifications to their licenses.
  3. 3. Weekend Walk Events in CB#1• Williamsburg Walks on Bedford Ave from Metropolitan Ave to N12th. 6/9, 6/16/, 6/23• Grand St Weekend Walks on Grand St from Lorimer to Graham Ave. 7/14 & 7/21
  4. 4. Williamsburg Walks 5th year on Bedford 2008- Billburg/Bedford Cheese Shop 2009 – NAG & L Mag2010- NAG & L Mag & Project for Public Spaces 2011 – NAG & Northside Merchants 2012 - NAG
  5. 5. Dates: Sat June 9th, Sat June 16th, Sat June 23rd Increase in 1 week from previous year
  6. 6. Street Closed to Vehicular traffic from 1pm-930pm
  7. 7. Set up from 1pm-3pm
  8. 8. Programming from 3pm-8pm
  9. 9. Clean-Up from 8-930pm
  10. 10. Event is technically Rain or ShineAlthough a lot of the “active” programming is dependent on good weather
  11. 11. Event is combo of pedestrian plaza, encouraged business/street life, and programming by local businesses and community groups.
  12. 12. NAG takes its inspiration for the event from world class pedestrianized streets like the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica
  13. 13. Businesses are encouraged to take over the sidewalk in front of their business for cafes or sales or programming
  14. 14. Community groups and businesses off Bedford are encouraged to participate through hosting “programming”
  15. 15. To create $$ to offset free programming space for local businesses and groups, we have some corporate sponsorship opportunities
  16. 16. NAG is looking forward to another great year, withmore Bedford business participation, more community participation, and a week more of fun fun fun!!
  17. 17. Grand St Weekend WalksFirst year!!Sat July 14 & Sat July 21Grand St from Lorimer to Graham Avenue12-6pm