NAFSA	  Region	  XII	  Regional	  Conference	                                             Ryan	  Larsen	  	               ...
Did	  you	  know…	    There	  are	  nearly	  600	  member-­‐leader	  positions	    There	  are	  both	  elected	  and	  ...
Where	  do	  you	  fit	  in	  NAFSA	  Leadership?	    Advocating	  for	  IE	    Learning	  about	  IE	    Member	  Inter...
Lead	  by	  Advoca>ng	  for	  IE	  Advocacy	  Day	                                                 Grassroots	  Leadership...
Lead	  by	  Learning	  about	  IE	  The	  Academy	  for	  International	  Education	    An	  intensive	  nine	  to	  elev...
Join	  a	  Member	  Interest	  Group	                   	  	    There	  are	  30	  MIGs	  refl...
Join	  a	  Member	  Interest	  Group	                        	  	                             ...
Join	  a	  Member	  Interest	  Group	                                                    Consider	  joining	  these	  MIGs...
Join	  a	  Member	  Interest	  Group	                                                 Consider	  joining	  these	  MIGs	  ...
Join	  a	  Knowledge	  Community	  	    Education	  Abroad	    International	  ...
Lead	  by	  Presen>ng	  and	  Volunteering	    Anyone	  can	  present	  at	  a	  conference!	    Start	  presenting	  at...
Who	  is	  the	  next	  NAFSA	  Leader?	                YOU!	  
Benefits	  of	  NAFSA	  Leadership	    Apply	  and	  enhance	  your	  leadership	  skills	    Influence	  the	  future	  d...
Benefits	  of	  NAFSA	  Leadership	                         “Getting	  involved	  with	                             “Call	 ...
January	                                                                                Call	  for	                       ...
NAFSA	  Na>onal	  Elected	  Posi>ons	                                        Board	  of	  Directors	                      ...
NAFSA	  Na>onal	  Appointed	  Process	  
NAFSA	  Na>onal	  Appointed	  Posi>ons	                                                 •  Academy	  Coaches	             ...
Current	  Leadership	  Opportuni>es	                  Current	  National	  Openings	               Consular	  Affairs	  Su...
Na>onal	  Applica>on	  Process	  Step	  1:	  Complete	  and	  Submit	  the	  Online	  Application	  at
Meet	  Leader	  from	  Region	  XII	                         Ryan	  Larsen	                       Region	  XII	  Chair	   ...
Region	  XII’s	  Elected	  Posi>ons	                            •  Chair-­‐elect	                                •  Chair	...
Region	  XII’s	  Appointed	  Posi>ons	                                           •  Treasurer	                            ...
Current	  Leadership	  Opportuni>es	    Current	  and	  Upcoming	  Openings	  in	  our	  Region	                    Reg	 ...
Region	  XII’s	  Applica>on	  Process	  Step	  1:	  Contact	  David	  Diamond	  (Chair	  Elect)	  	  at	  david@gseabroad....
Try	  these	  Leadership	  Opportuni>es	                               Have	  you	  thought	  about…	  Joining	  the	  Tra...
More	  Ways	  to	  Serve	  NAFSA	  and	  IE	    Contribute	  to	  NAFSA	  Publications	        NAFSA.News	        Inter...
There’s	  a	  place	  for	  YOU!	                                                                       Visit	  the	  NAFS...
Ques>ons?	  Thank	  you!	  
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Getting involved in nafsa


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Getting involved in nafsa

  1. 1. NAFSA  Region  XII  Regional  Conference   Ryan  Larsen     University of Nevada, Las Vegas Region  XII  Chair   Junko  Pierry   Stanford  University  Member  of  Leadership  Development  Committee/   Travel  Subcommittee    
  2. 2. Did  you  know…    There  are  nearly  600  member-­‐leader  positions    There  are  both  elected  and  appointed  positions    There    are  opportunities  to  lead  at  every  stage  of  your   professional  career—even  after  your  career    There  are  professional  and  personal  benefits  to   serving  as  a  NAFSA  leader    By  serving  as  a  NAFSA  leader,  in  any  capacity,  you  are   supporting  the  field  of  IE  
  3. 3. Where  do  you  fit  in  NAFSA  Leadership?    Advocating  for  IE    Learning  about  IE    Member  Interest  Groups      Knowledge  Communities    Presenting  or  Volunteering    Serving  in  a  national  or  regional  leadership  position    Serving  NAFSA  and  IE  in  other  ways  
  4. 4. Lead  by  Advoca>ng  for  IE  Advocacy  Day   Grassroots  Leadership  Program    Occurs  in  Washington,  DC  in  mid-­‐   20  NAFSA  members  are  selected  by   March   an  advisory  council    to  organize  3    Learn  about  current  political  trends   high-­‐impact  activities  throughout   as  they  relate  to  NAFSAs  legislative   the  year   priorities     Establish  partnerships  with  federal    Gain  insights  into  the  workings  of  a   lawmakers,  their  staff,  and  local   congressional  office   community  leaders    Receive  tips  on  effectively  engaging     Advance  IE’s  voice  in  the   your  elected  officials   community  (on  campus,  in  a  city,  or    Travel  grants  available  through   in  the  state)  as  it  relates  to   some  regions   immigration  reform     Apply  in  the  Spring  
  5. 5. Lead  by  Learning  about  IE  The  Academy  for  International  Education    An  intensive  nine  to  eleven-­‐month  training  program  with  extensive   networking  opportunities    Provides  an  introduction  to  IE  and  its  major  practice  areas      For  new  professionals,  those  in  new  roles,  those  looking  to  network   or  expand  knowledge  of    international  education    Involves  an  individual  learning  plan,  reflection  papers    Attend  Spring  Training  and  NAFSA  Conferences    Application  fee  includes  NAFSA  membership    Apply  in  your  region  in  late  Fall  
  6. 6. Join  a  Member  Interest  Group      There  are  30  MIGs  reflecting  Institutional  Interest  Groups   (IIGs)  and  Specific  Interest  Groups  (SIGs)    Some  groups  do  not  require  NAFSA  membership    MIGs  provide  excellent  networking  opportunities    Volunteer  to  help  current  MIG  leaders      Create  a  new  MIG!  Contact  NAFSA  staff  for  guidelines  at    
  7. 7. Join  a  Member  Interest  Group     There’s  something  for  everyone!  • Africa SIG • International Education for Persons• Black/Multicultural Professionals in IE With Disabilities• Canada SIG • Intercultural SIG• China SIG • International Living Center• Christian SIG • Japan SIG• Community Colleges IIG • Latin America & the Caribbean SIG• Creative Industries SIG • Liberal Arts Institution: Small & Residential IIG• Embassy Dialogue SIG • Middle East Interest Group (MEIG)• Foreign Born International • One Person Office SIGEducators SIG • Peace, Justice & Citizen Diplomacy• Francophone World SIG • Phase II SIG• Global Nomads SIG • Postdoc SIG• Healthcare IIG • Rainbow SIG• Historically Black Colleges and Universities • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers SIG • Sustainability SIG • Tech SIG • United Nations SIG • Womens College IIG
  8. 8. Join  a  Member  Interest  Group   Consider  joining  these  MIGs     One  Person  Office  SIG   Healthcare  Institutions  IIG   Technology  SIG  The  goal  of  the  OPO  SIG  is  to  help  small   The  mission  of  the  Healthcare  Institutions   and  one-­‐person  offices  develop  and   IIG  is  to  bring  together  NAFSA  members   The  mission  of  the  NAFSA  Technology  sustain  their  own  international  programs   who  work  with  or  in  the  academic   SIG  is  to  increase  information  exchange   and  to  provide  a  support  network  of   healthcare  and  medical  community  for  the   about  technology  tools,  techniques,  and   sympathetic  colleagues  to  serve  as   purpose  of  better  understanding  the  key   trends  in  international  education,  in  an   resources.  Connect  on  Facebook.   issues  confronting  that  community.   effort  to  assist  NAFSA  members  in adopting  innovative,  interactive   technologies.  Connect  on  Facebook,   groupid=21     Twitter  and  LinkedIn.  
  9. 9. Join  a  Member  Interest  Group   Consider  joining  these  MIGs     Peace  Justice  and   Francophone  World  SIG   Creative  Industries  SIG   Diplomacy  SIG   This    SIG  emphasizes  stresses  the  value   This    SIG  promotes,  encourages,  and   This  SIG  serves  NAFSAns  as  a  network  of  promoting  international  education  as   supports  the  multicultural,  multiethnic,   and  communication  forum  for  a  means  of  increasing  appreciation  of  the   and  multilingual  aspects  reflected  by  the   international  affairs  and  the  visual  arts,  concept  of  peace  and  justice  rather  than   68  countries  of  the  Francophone  World   performing  arts,  media  arts,  architecture,  as  a  means  of  ensuring  national  security.‘   throughout  the  NAFSA  membership.   design,  dance,  music,  and  theatrical  arts.     Join  the  listserv:   Connect  on  Facebook    
  10. 10. Join  a  Knowledge  Community      Education  Abroad    International  Student  and  Scholar  Services    International  Enrollment  Management  (formerly   Recruitment,  Admissions,  and  Preparation)    International  Education  Leadership    Teaching,  Learning,  and  Scholarship  
  11. 11. Lead  by  Presen>ng  and  Volunteering    Anyone  can  present  at  a  conference!    Start  presenting  at  a  state  meeting  or  regional  conference    Notify  KC  leaders  and  liaisons  of  your  interest  to  present    Share  your  expertise,  best  practices,  research,  or  lead  a   round  table  discussion  –  be  creative!    Present  at  poster  fairs    Network  with  colleagues  and  save  money  on  your  annual   conference  registration  by  volunteering!  
  12. 12. Who  is  the  next  NAFSA  Leader?   YOU!  
  13. 13. Benefits  of  NAFSA  Leadership    Apply  and  enhance  your  leadership  skills    Influence  the  future  direction  of  IE    Build  and  expand  your  network    Bring  visibility  to  your  institution/organization    Strengthen  your  professional  skills  (and  your  résumé!)   as  well  as  gain  information  to  bring  back  to  your   institution/organization  
  14. 14. Benefits  of  NAFSA  Leadership   “Getting  involved  with   “Call  me  a  MBOUS  (Member   NAFSA  leadership  has   Based  outside  the  United   helped  me  feel  like  I   States)  or  an  OSEAS   am  part  of  something   (Overseas  Educational   bigger.  I  have  loved   Advisers)  or  whatever.    The   the  ability  to  have  a   name  doesn’t  make  a   voice  &  see  my  ideas   difference.    Since  I  became  a   come  to  life  within   Volunteer  NAFSA  Leader  I  BJ  Titus   NAFSA…  and  meeting   Ruby  Simms   am  part  of  a  network  of  University  of   new  and  wonderful   ARICANA  -­‐   professionals  involved  at  all   people  along  the  way.” Binational   levels  of  international  Minnesota-­‐ Center   education.  Each  one,  like  Twin  Cities   me,  is  a  volunteer.  I  better   (Rosario,   Argentina)   understand  “who”  NAFSA  is   and  how  it  works  and   NAFSA  is  no  longer  big  and   impersonal.  I  have  become  a   more  knowledgeable   professional.”  
  15. 15. January   Call  for   Nominations   late-­‐January     and  Applications   Newly  elected   posted  on    Web   mid-­‐March   leaders  attend   site  and   Deadline  to  receive   New  Leader   announced  at   nominations/   Orientation  and   WLM   applications   begin  service   March/ongoing     October/November   LDC  consults   results  posted  on  Web   with  KC  Chair   site     streams,  VPEPD,   VPMR,  MC  Chair  mid-­‐October   NAFSA  National  Election  results   April    are  announced   Applications   to    candidates   are  reviewed   and  leaders   Election  Process   April/May     September  30   LDC  conducts   election  ends   phone   interviews   May/June   September  1   Applicants  are     Slate  is   interviewed  at   announced   July     annual   and  election   LDC  proposes   conference   begins   July/August   slate  to  VPMR   Board  ratifies   who  provides   the  final  slate   slate  to   Governance   Committee    
  16. 16. NAFSA  Na>onal  Elected  Posi>ons   Board  of  Directors     President     Vice  President,  Public  Policy  and  Practice     Vice  President,  Education  and  Professional  Development     Vice  President,  Member  Relations     Members-­‐at-­‐Large   Member-­‐Leaders     Chairs-­‐elect,  Knowledge  Communities     Chair-­‐elect,  Membership  Committee     Chair-­‐elect,  Leadership  Development  Committee     Note:    to  view  all  position  descriptions:  visit  
  17. 17. NAFSA  Na>onal  Appointed  Process  
  18. 18. NAFSA  Na>onal  Appointed  Posi>ons   •  Academy  Coaches   •  Annual  Conference  Committee/Local  Arrangement  Team   •  Membership  Committee  members  (1  subcommittees)   •  Leadership  Development  Committee  members    (3  subcommittees)   •  Education  Abroad  Knowledge  Community  members    (5  subcommittees)     •  IEL  Knowledge  Community  members  (1  subcommittee)     •  ISSS  Knowledge  Community  members  (2  subcommittees)     •  IEM  Knowledge  Community  members  (5  subcommittees)     •  TLS  Knowledge  Community  members  (3  subcommittees)     •  Education  Abroad  Regulatory  Practice  members  (2  subcommittees)   •  ISS  Regulatory  Practice  members  (4  subcommittees)   •  Knowledge  Community  Coordinating  Committee  members  (2  subcommittees)   Note:  to  view  all  position  descriptions,  visit:  
  19. 19. Current  Leadership  Opportuni>es   Current  National  Openings     Consular  Affairs  Subcommittee  Liaison  (EARP)     Country  Coordinator  (EARP)     Member-­‐at-­‐large,  Focus  on  Conference  Coordination    (EARP)     Trainer  Corps  Workshop  Dean  (Trainer  Corps)     Member,  Trainer  Corps  –  TCS  (apply  in  December)     Check  throughout  the  year.  
  20. 20. Na>onal  Applica>on  Process  Step  1:  Complete  and  Submit  the  Online  Application  at   Step  2:  Update  your  PIEE   Go  to  to  find  positions  currently  open   Email  for  questions  or  for  assistance   EA  
  21. 21. Meet  Leader  from  Region  XII   Ryan  Larsen   Region  XII  Chair   Assistant  Director  for  Education  Abroad   University  of  Nevada,  Las  Vegas  
  22. 22. Region  XII’s  Elected  Posi>ons   •  Chair-­‐elect   •  Chair   •  Past  Chair,  Regional  Affairs  Committee  (RAC)  
  23. 23. Region  XII’s  Appointed  Posi>ons   •  Treasurer   •  KC  Education  Abroad  Liaison     •  KC  Teaching,  Learning,  &  Scholarship  Liaison   •  KC  International  Education  Leadership  Liaison   •  KC  International  Students  &  Services  Liaison   •  KC  International  Enrollment  Management  (formerly  RAP)  Liaison   •  Regulatory  Ombuds  (2  positions)   •  English  Language  Training  &  Administration  Liaison   •  Sponsored  Program  Administration  Liaison   •  Conference  Planning  Coordinator   •  Conference  Planning  Coordinator  Apprentice   •  Membership  /  Networking  Coordinator   •  Communications  Coordinator   •  NAFSA  Academy  Coach  
  24. 24. Current  Leadership  Opportuni>es   Current  and  Upcoming  Openings  in  our  Region     Reg  Ombudsman/Scholars     Education  and  Training  Coordinator     Conference  planning  committee  for  San  Diego    Region  XII  will  have  additional  openings  for  team   positions  starting  in  January  2013  
  25. 25. Region  XII’s  Applica>on  Process  Step  1:  Contact  David  Diamond  (Chair  Elect)    at  Step  2:  Update  your  PIEE  profile   Contact  the  regional  team  for  information  and  assistance  
  26. 26. Try  these  Leadership  Opportuni>es   Have  you  thought  about…  Joining  the  Trainer  Corps?   Being  a  KC  Network  Coordinator?   Trainer  Corps  members  are  NAFSA   Each  Knowledge  Community  (KC)  needs  volunteer  leaders  who  serve  as  trainers   Professional  Network  Leaders    and   for  Core  Education  Program  and  On-­‐ Coordinators  to  provide  oversight  and   Demand  workshops  at  the  national,   coordination  of  the  network  Web  pages,   regional,  and  local  levels   the  primary  vehicle  of  each  KC  for   disseminating  knowledge  and  information   Applications  for  2013  will  be  accepted   View  the  library  of  all  positions:     starting  December  2012.  
  27. 27. More  Ways  to  Serve  NAFSA  and  IE    Contribute  to  NAFSA  Publications     NAFSA.News     International  Educator     NAFSA  Blog    Serve  on  Task  Forces  (short-­‐time  commitment)    Support  state-­‐level  initiatives  promoting  international   education    Mentor  at  Regional  and  Annual  Conferences  
  28. 28. There’s  a  place  for  YOU!   Visit  the  NAFSA  Job  Registry  Join  grassroots    advocacy  for  IE       Complete  your  PIEE!   Write  to   for  assistance   Present  a  session   next  year   Talk  to  your  state  and   regional  team  leaders   Ask  about  the   Academy  for   International   Volunteer    at   Education   Check  for  open  positions  throughout  the   NAFSA  conferences   year     SK  
  29. 29. Ques>ons?  Thank  you!