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MCSN Lisa Reese MCSN Lisa Reese Document Transcript

  • Know Your Shipmate Why did you join the Navy? I joined the Navy for many reasons: work experience, travel, and for the Montgomery GI Bill to fund my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Where are you from? I’m from Lacey, Wash.. What do you like about the Navy? What I enjoy most about the Navy so far is the camaraderie I’ve experi- enced with fellow shipmates. I feel genuinely cared for. If I need help for whatever reason, I have a support group to go to, and I’m also an impor- tant part of the support. What are your hobbies on your liberty time? I’m an active person and need to be outside exploring. I bought a bicycle a while ago and I’ve been slowly learning my way around Misawa and trying out on-base trails. I cook for myself and have been experimenting with Japanese foods. I’m also working on putting together a collection of short stories for my Master of Fine Arts application, which is a constant work-in-progress. How long have you been in the Navy? I have been in for10 months. What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is seafood, greens and rice type dishes. What have you gained from being in the Navy? I’m living in Japan for the next three years, a country I thought I would never visit when I was a civilian. What do you want to get out of the Navy now? I want to travel, gather stories and do great things. What do you like about your job in the Navy? I’m given the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people doing what I went to university for. This is something not many people in this unstable economical climate can claim. What is your dream deployment? I want to experience as many different countries and cultures as I can. As long as I’m in a supportive and challenging shop, I’ll be happy as a clam.How long do you plan to stay in for?I’m undecided because this is my first duty station and I’m still feeling out the job and lifestyle.If you had the choice, what would be your last meal?Pastel de Choclo cooked by the best Chilean chef and lightly sprinkled with edible gold – If this is going to be my last meal it’s going to be com-forting and lavish at the same time.Who is your mentor?MCSN Karla FosterWhat’s the most memorable moment of your career so far?Going to Wake Island was pretty cool and traveling from Atsugi to Misawa was interesting.What’s your favorite movie?Annie HallWhat’s your favorite artist?Sally MannWhat is your favorite book?Last Orders by Graham SwiftWho is your favorite superhero?Jean Gray as the PhoenixHow would you describe yourself in one word?ReservedIf you had a million dollars what would you do?I would live out of one large suitcase and spend all of it travelling the world as a photographer, videographer and writer.