English dialogue yang mengandung unsur Pain,relief,annoyance&pleasure
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English dialogue yang mengandung unsur Pain,relief,annoyance&pleasure






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English dialogue yang mengandung unsur Pain,relief,annoyance&pleasure English dialogue yang mengandung unsur Pain,relief,annoyance&pleasure Document Transcript

  • DIALOGUE SCRIPTFika : What do you feel after watching the movie bel? Is it good?Belinda: Yes, of course. But I cried a lot so I got headache now.Fika : oh may be you have to take a rest. But I’m glad finally I can watch this movie. I love itBelinda: I can’t say I’m at all pleased because it will be more romatic if I watch it with my boyfriend.Fika : Bel you’re so annoying! how can you hope someone else when I’m here to accompanyyou.Ridza : hey! i’m in, you must be talking about Habibi and Ainun that you saw yesterday. Is it soromantic?Belinda: It’s really a great movie pleasure. Why you didn’t come yesterday? What happened? Iheard that you were sick?Ridza : Yes bel. I’m sick so I couldn’t come . But fortunately I can take a rest at home,so now Ifeel better. It’s great reliefBibi : Guys, it’s seem so interesting there. What are you talking about? Is it good news or badnews?Ridza : Both of them bib, Fika and Belinda are so happy about their experience yesterday. Butunfortunately I can’t come along with them.Bibi : It about Habibi and Ainun movie right? It was terrific! I’ve watched it twice.So I didn’tcome yesterday.Ridza : Bib,you’re so annoying. You didn’t respond my last words.Bibi : Oh you couldn’t come yesterday right? why? you said that you never watch that movieyet.Belinda: Yeah bib,Ridza was sick yesterday. So she can’t join us.Ridza : yes, I got a soar throat. It’s extremely irritating.hufftFika : I’ve got soar throat too long time ago and I’m relief it never happen again.Bibi :Hey what’s my dialogue? you’re ignoring me guys! So annoying.Belinda: I’m sorry bib. I can’t concentrate because I’m thinking about the concentration of asolution.Fika : I remember the homework given by Mr. Agus it’s about pH and his friends.Bibi : I got difficulties in page 1000.Ridza : Is not the homework just until page 10?you got an error!Belinda: page 10 or 1000 I don’t care . I won’t do that!i hate pH
  • Fika : Even I’m tired too but I already finish until page 500Belinda:Oh you got an error too! But whatever it is. I’m still better because I don’t even touch thepaper.haha.Bibi : hey guys,you better follow me. As a good,wise and smart student.I already did it untilpage 2000Ridza :oh the paper just up until page 1500 right?you’re liarBibi : I’m just kidding haha em haha emFika : better we end this conversation and start to do the homework together! Group Belinda A. T (05) Bibi Wahyu C. M. (06) Nafiah R. R. (22) Ridza Whidyangrum A. P (25)