6.7 Consumer Advocacy Boards: Becoming Part of the Solution
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6.7 Consumer Advocacy Boards: Becoming Part of the Solution



Representatives from local consumer advocacy boards – comprised of people who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness – will provide information on creating a board and advancing an ...

Representatives from local consumer advocacy boards – comprised of people who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness – will provide information on creating a board and advancing an advocacy agenda. This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to network with other advocates from across the country and share information on their efforts.



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6.7 Consumer Advocacy Boards: Becoming Part of the Solution 6.7 Consumer Advocacy Boards: Becoming Part of the Solution Presentation Transcript

  • Consumer Advocacy Boards: Becoming Part of the Solution
    Wednesday, July 14
  • CCABoH History
    CCABoH initiated at Union Mission, Inc. in 2002 to offer consumer leadership and feedback to Healthcare for the Homeless Program at the JC Lewis Health Care Center.
    CCABoH primarily worked on issues related to health care, mental health care, and other issues at Union Mission until 2006.
  • Stepping Out
    In 2006, CCABoH decided to seek its own non-profit status to assist the community in bringing new funding sources to programs for the homeless and at risk.
    Founding member Howard Jackson launched a blog to better keep in touch with youth trained in advocacy through UMI’s service learning curriculum.
  • More Change!
    In 2009, CCABoH moved out of Union Mission meeting space and into a new meeting space at SOURCE/Candler Adult Day Center.
    In 2010, CCABoH partners with Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness and works toward creating a statewide consumer advocacy group.
  • Monthly Meetings
    Meetings are held every second Monday and follow Robert’s Rules of Order. The board operates under a charter and by-laws.
    CCABoH member Renee Kennedy attends board meetings of both Union Mission, Inc. and Chatham/Savannah Homeless Authority.
  • Advocacy and Education
    Meetings with elected officials in Savannah, Atlanta and DC
    Quarterly Newsletter
    Holds 1st Homeless Memorial Day in Savannah in 2009
    Public speaking at GAEH and NAEH conferences
    Howard Jackson works with youth at UMI
  • Obstacles to overcome
    Recruitment has changed with our move out of shelter facilities
    Engagement has changed since community liaison members no longer work within the Savannah agencies working on homelessness issues
    Involvement in state and national advocacy issues less concrete for members
  • HHH Creed
    I Choose to believe change is possible
    I Choose to be an avid listener
    I choose to respect others and their opinions
    I choose to bring my gifts to the table and share them
    I choose to commit to ending homelessness
  • The Beginnings: HHH
    Building Bridges = EDUCATION
    Empowering Change = CHANGING LIVES
    Ending Homelessness = ADVOCACY
  • The Beginnings: HHH
    Began with voting / candidates forum
    First public speaking revealed POWER of personal stories
  • The Details: HHH
    Currently, Formerly, & Potentially Homeless
    Every Wednesday at 12:00
    Urban Ministry Center, local soup kitchen and service center
  • Structure: Meetings
    • 2 per week – open meeting and
    leadership team meeting
    Open Meeting Includes…
    • Agenda
    • Rotating Facilitator
    • Creed
    • Open Forum
    • Guidelines for participation
    • Closing Question
  • Structure: Leadership
    Leadership Team
    Concept arose after frustration from making decisions
    LT elected in general meeting
    Eligibility includes:
    membership for 2 months,
    evidence of leadership potential,
    and consistency
  • Structure: Leadership
    Deciding meeting agendas
    Vetting ideas from Open Forum
    Set advocacy agenda on annual basis
  • Structure: Membership
    • Membership
    • To Become a Member
    • Must attend 3 meetings
    • Sit down with membership coordinator to go over program and with program director to set life goals
    • Take new members 1st Wednesday of the month
    • Given T-Shirt, Hat, and Business Cards
  • Structure: Outreach
    Word of mouth
    Clean-Up Effort
    Field Trips
    Fresh bread at meetings
  • Actions: Solidarity Sleep-out
    Goal: Implement 10 Year Plan – 250 more year-round shelter beds
    Plan: Housed and Homeless
    sleep-out together in uptown park
    Include rally with variety of speakers
    Draw media attention
  • Actions: Solidarity Sleep-out
    Success: Within several months, a new mayor elected (who attended sleep-out) elected and declared ending homelessness a priority
    Before next winter, additional
    250 beds added
  • Actions: Road to Housing
    City bond recommendation:
    $167 million for roads & $10 million for affordable housing
    Where is the Road to
    Affordable Housing
  • Actions: Road to Housing
    Prayer Vigil
    20 speakers before City Council (1/3 homeless/formerly homeless)
    Followed-up with Press Conference
    Meetings/phone calls/emails to Council
    “Homeless Tour” with Councilman
    Won an addition $5 million for Housing
  • Other Actions
    Partnership with Police & Jail: Reduce Homeless Arrests
    “The Wall”: Active presence in discussions to close outdoor meal site
    Community Dance
  • Future Obstacles
    How to include Formerly Homeless?
  • For More Information:
    HHH Blog:
    Program Director:
    Liz Clasen-Kelly – 704-926-0608, lclasen@urbanministrycenter.org
  • Discussion
    • What Obstacles Are You Facing?
    • What Obstacles Have You Overcome?