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  • Who I am Who we areMy role today
  • the questions you ask yourself before starting any kind of media outreachhow you decide when to engage reportersOOR in MS: bad housing problems, public education, don’t have state partner there so have to work harder, uneven track record on getting coverage there
  • how you find reporters interested in the issuehow you contact reporters interested in the issueOOR: contacted every reporter who called re: OOR past 2 years & let them know the report was coming out. Got response to PR from MS reporter & was happy to see MS, looked at his great stories, wanted him to write a story no matter what
  • your first line of contact, what you say, how you introduce yourself, how you hook themOOR: MS floods, his previous stories, we knew folks there he could talk to
  • what happens when you hook someone (what do you share on background, what do you leave for the spokesperson and why, how do you go about setting up the call/interview?)


  • 1. Navigating Media Relations: The Press Officer’s Perspective
    Amy Clark
    July 14, 2011
  • 2. Getting Started: What’s My Strategy?
    Achieving the mission, meeting goals and objectives
    Choosing the best method
    Creating a broader effort
    National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • 3. How NLIHC Built a Media List from Scratch
    Ongoing list building
    Online research
    Segment and target
    National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • 4. Pitching Coach
    Fresh data helps
    Connect to a previous story
    Connect to issues relevant in the reporter’s community
    National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • 5. Handing Off and Following Up
    Providing good “customer service”
    Prepping our spokespeople
    Tracking press hits
    Getting the most mileage possible out of our clips
    National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • 6. Contact Me
    Amy Clark
    Communications Director
    202.662.1530 x227
    National Low Income Housing Coalition