4.11 Amanda Andere: Using Diversion to Reduce Homelessness


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4.11 Amanda Andere: Using Diversion to Reduce Homelessness

  1. 1. Using Diversion to Reduce Homelessness The Beginning Steps presented by Amanda Andere National Conference on Ending Homelessness July 14, 2011 Washington, DC
  2. 2. FACETS:Opening Doors for People in Need• MISSION: FACETS opens doors by helping parents, their children, and individuals who suffer the effects of poverty in Fairfax County.• VISION: FACETS envisions a day when everyone in Fairfax County has access to adequate and affordable housing and nobody is homeless. We seek to engage and educate our community in providing long-term solutions and resources to break the cycle of poverty for our neighbors in need.
  3. 3. Our Programs• Preventing and Ending Homelessness• Supportive Housing• Education and Community Development
  4. 4. Fairfax-Falls Church Ten-Year Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness• Adopted in 2008• 8-10 Core Nonprofit Partners, Government, Business, Faith Communities, Volunteers• Office to Prevent and End Homelessness (OPEH) funded by Fairfax County Government and Foundations• OPEH Governing Board• Foundation• Affordable Housing Blueprint*• Housing Opportunity Support Teams (HOST)• Housing Locator Network
  5. 5. Our Front DoorCoordinated Services Planning:• Information, referral, linkage, and advocacy to public and private human services available to Fairfax County residents• Most assistance through partnerships with community based organizations• Established 15-20 years before Ten-Year Plan
  6. 6. FACETS’ Unique Role• Primary focus is diversion and prevention, not emergency shelter – homelessness to permanent housing• Partnership with 4 family shelters• Primary provider of case management to Shelter Waitlist• Major shift of goals in 2009
  7. 7. Fairfax County: The Rent Is Too Damn High• Average housing cost in United States $600-$800• Fairfax County $1,100 - $1,400 for 1- or 2-bedroom• Average childcare cost in United States $110 a week• Fairfax County $190-$300+ a week• First data snapshot in FY10 showed provided services to over 3,000 people in homeless system compared to Point in Time numbers of just under 1,600
  8. 8. Shifting to Diversion: Just the Beginning• Went from shelter preparedness to prevention and diversion• Focus on assessment and housing targeting tools*• Housing Locator Network and Website• Focus on services• Change in the way resources are used
  9. 9. Lessons We Are Learning• HPRP and TANF – Need resources but must have services, coordination to match• Changing language means everything• Partnership model is the key• Now time for serious Intake Redesign
  10. 10. Our Impact• Starting to see results of focus on prevention and diversion• Efforts have brought to light need, leading to tools for advocacy