2.12 Amanda Sternberg


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2.12 Amanda Sternberg

  1. 1. When to Focus OnPerformance Measurement National Alliance to End Homelessness July 13, 2011
  2. 2. Overview Homelessness in Detroit Role of Homeless Action Network of Detroit Need for Performance Measurement Organizational Changes2
  3. 3. General Population Data Population of City of Detroit just over 700,000, spread out over 140 square miles – 25% decrease from the 2000 Census data Approximately 30% of population in City is living at or below poverty rate Unemployment remains high3
  4. 4. Homeless in Detroit: Yearly Data 2009 2010 Total Number of 19,229 20,284 Homeless % of Homeless in 40% 37% Families % of Homeless that 60% 63% are Single Adults4
  5. 5. Homelessness in Detroit: Causes and Extent Reasons for homelessness: – Eviction – Lack of affordable housing – Job loss/unemployment/underemployment – Substance Abuse Increase in multiple episodes of homelessness6
  6. 6. Emergency Shelter System Fragmented Multiple sources of funding, which are not aligned with each other 90-day limits; most people “max out” on their 90-day limit Many shelters lack capacity to be able to fully engage with the clients Shelters struggle to move people to permanent or positive housing destinations7
  7. 7. Homeless Action Network of Detroit Core Purpose Providing leadership to address homelessness. Core Values Collaboration – we promote partnerships and consensus Competence – we advance knowledge and expertise Commitment – we live it and expect it Performance – we support outcome-driven best practices Integrity – we strive to be fair and transparent Advocacy – we create awareness and promote policy solutions8
  8. 8. Homeless Action Network of Detroit Serves as the lead entity for the Continuum of Care for the cities of Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park, Michigan – There are over 80 organizations within HAND Service providers, community development organizations, government/city entities Large, small, experienced, novices, and everything in between9
  9. 9. Homeless Action Network of Detroit Manage Annual CoC Application to HUD – $20 million in SHP and S+C funds – 58 programs; 25 organizations – Each year for the past 3 years the CoC has been awarded the Permanent Housing Bonus funds = $2 million each year Fiduciary for State ESG Funds – $460,000 – Sub-grant the funds to 4 providers to provide prevention & rapid re-housing assistance – Manage the contracts and reimbursements10
  10. 10. Homeless Action Network of Detroit Oversee and Manage local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Coordinate and Plan Biennial Point-in-Time Counts 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness11
  11. 11. Need for Performance Measurement Currently, HAND reviews performance for HUD- funded programs during time of Exhibit 1 submission – Exhibit 1 questions – Internal reviewing In general, perform relatively well on HUD objectives – PSH 6 months +: 85% – TH to PH: 68% – % Leaving with Employment: 21%12
  12. 12. Need for Performance Measurement Challenges with current process – “Snapshot” – After the fact – Limits ability to provide technical assistance Community need – Number of homeless people not decreasing – Significant need – Limited resources13
  13. 13. Organizational Changes Anticipated HEARTH expectations Intentionally & proactively making change Improving how we “do business” – Creation of dedicated Program Evaluation position Partnerships & consultation – Local foundation – Corporation for Supportive Housing – OrgCode Beginning stages of journey14
  14. 14. Contact Information Amanda Sternberg (313) 964-3666 x4201 amanda@handetroit.org www.handetroit.org15