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All detail of nouns here

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  1. 1. Nouns - Presentation Transcript 1. Nouns Types of nouns 2. o Nouns (Proper/Common) o Iqbal was a great poet. o My dog is called Jack. o F-16 is a fighter-jet. o Big Mac is a salty burger. o PAC is a famous institute. o New York is a big City. o Aiza is a decent girl. o David Beckhem is a football player. 3. o Possessive Noun (Genitive Case) o Ahmed looks at the lion den. o A stuffed turkey is the friend favorite bird. o Tony computers have been stolen. o My friend house is at a walking distance. o The teacher announced girls name. o We study Iqbal poetry at college. o The book cover is in bad shape. o The room window is open. o The road completion was ahead of schedule. 4. o Collective Nouns o The crowd cheered the cricketer. o The police have caught the thief. o The crew of ship was attacked. o There is a group of tall trees beside the river. 5. o The Professionals’ Academy of Commerce o Words Denoting Collection of Things o An army of soldiers o A bunch of keys, of grapes, of flowers, o A bouquet of flowers. o A bundle of hay, of sticks. o A brood or flack of chickens. o A bale of cotton. o A band of musicians. o A basket of flowers or fruits. o A bench of magistrates. o A bevy of girls or women. o A board of directors or trustees or examiners o A battalion of soldiers.
  2. 2. o A collection of relics or curiosities.o A chain of mountains.o A clump of treeso A collection of relics or curiosities.o A crew of sailors.6.o A cluster of stars.o A covey of partridges.o A caravan of merchants, pilgrims, travelers.o A cargo of goods, wheat.o A century of years.o A chest of drawers.o A class of students or persons.o A cloud of locusts.o A code of law.o A company of soldiers.o A consignment of goods.o A course of lectures.o A constellation of stars.o A congress of representatives or delegated.o Curriculum of studies.o A drove of cattle.o A flock of geese, sheep.o A fleet of ships.o A flight of birds, stairs or steps, or locusts.7.o A fall of snow or of rain.o A faggot of sticks.o A group of islandso A grove of trees.o A gang of robbers, thieves, labourers, convicts, prisoners.o A garland of flowero A galaxy of stars.o A herd of cattle, deer, swine, elephants.o A heap of ruins, stones, sand, cotton.o A hive of bees.o A horde of pirates, robbers, savageso A hoard of money.o A league of nationso A library of bookso A mob of riotous meno A little of pigs, puppies.o A multitude of peopleo A Pack of wolves, hounds, or of playing cards.o A pair of shoes.
  3. 3. 8. o A peal of bells. o A party of friends. o A pile of books. o A regiment of soldiers o A range of hills, mountains. o A shoal of fish o A sheaf of grain o A series of events o A shower of rain or arrows o A swarms of ants, flies, bees or locusts. o A stack of corn or arms or wood. o A suit of clothes o A string of camels o A string of camels o A train of wagons, carriages, flowers o A troop of school children, scouts, horsemen. o A tribe of Arabs o A team of horses, oxen or cricketers. o A quiver of arrows.9. Concrete & Abstract Nouns o You should show respect for your teachers. o Our soldiers fought with great courage. o There is truth in his story. o The girl lost her parents in childhood. o The women stood in fear.10. Countable & Uncountable o Ali has one chair. o I have got a problem. o Do you like these photos? o I am going out for five minutes? o Can I have some water? o Shall we sit on the grass? o The money is quite safe. o I love music. o Would you like some butter? o More Examples: carton, tin, cup, glass, pencil o Cheese, cable, petrol, butter, wood, bread, paper, chocolate, advice, information, news etc.11. Singular/Plural Noun o boy, girl, book, pen, desk, cow, automobile, cabinet, computer, employee o s, x, z, ch, sh (es) – class, brush, branch, match, tax, dish, watch, box, bus, business, quiz o Nouns ending in y preceded by a vowel (s) – alley, alloy, attorney, fairway, journey, key
  4. 4. 12.o 4. Nouns ending in y preceded by a consonant (y changes to i + es) – beneficiary, boundary, company, quantity, secretary.o 5. f, fe, ff (s) – (es)o bailiff, handkerchief, pontiff, safe, staffo calf, half, knife, wife, life13.o 6. O ending nouns – four partso Preceded by vowel add (s) e.g. curio, portfolio, radio, studioo Musical terms – alto, banjo, crescendo, piano, solo, sopranoo Preceded by a consonant may or may not ad (es)o embargo, hero, potato, tomato, vetoo Canto, dynamo, silo, tuxedoo iv. Both ways – cargo, memento, mosquito, motto, proviso, volcano, zero14.o Inside Vowel:o Man, goose, woman, mouse, foot, tooth, louseo Singular & plural alike:o Swine, sheep, deer, cod, trout, score, gross, pair, dozen, salmon, hundred, thousand, corps, rendezvous, moose, series15.o Nouns used only in pluralo Bellows, scissors, tongs, pincers, spectacles, trousers, drawers, breeches, measles, mumps, billiards, draughts, annals, thanks, proceeds, tidings, environs, nuptials, alms, riches, eaves16.o Compound word (hyphenated)o Commander-in-chief, coat-of-mail, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, aide-de- camp17.o Separate wordso Step son, step daughter, maid servant, man servant, passer by, man of war, looker on, bill of lading18.o Compound words (without noun)o Follow-up, trade-in, strike-over, write-up19.o One wordo Businessman, cupful, spoonful, letterhead, stepchild20.o Foreign nounso Analysis, basis, diagnosis, oasiso Change sis to ses21.o Addendum, curriculum, datum, memorandumo Change um to a
  5. 5. 22.o Alumnus, gladiolus, nucleus, stimuluso Change us to i23.o Appendix, indexo Change ex or ix to ices24.o Alumna, formula, larva, vertebrao Change a to ae25.o Criterion, phenomenono Change on to a26.o Bureau, tableauo eau to eaux