Educational tour of manila museums


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Educational tour of manila museums

  1. 1. August 31-September 1, 2013
  2. 2. DESCRIPTION: An educational tour of the major Art Museums of the Philippines
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES: To facilitate a more experiential type of learning about Philippine art, especially about the significant artists and artworks To increase aesthetic awareness and appreciation of different genres of Philippine art To interact with cultural workers and fellow students in order to encourage a more critical knowledge of the nature of Philippine art To deepen understanding of Philippine art through enrichment activities
  4. 4. REQUIREMENTS: Photojournal- a creative post-tour output recording learning experiences, realizations, and inspirations of the student Participation in enrichment activities
  5. 5. GRADING: Attendance 15-20 recitation pts Photojournal 10 recitation points Enrichment Activities 3-5 recitation points per activity
  6. 6. A) ROUND TRIP AUGUST 31 2:20 AM assembly@ UP Baguio 3:00 AM departure BGO-MLA 7:00 AM breakfast (Tarlac) 10:00 AM tour of Vargas Museum 12:00 NN lunch @ CASAA UP Diliman 1:00 PM assembly @ Palma Hall parking area leave for Metropolitan Museum 2:30 PM Metropolitan Museum Tour 4:30 PM Head to MOA 5:00 PM free time to go around 6:30 PM assembly @ MOA parking area 7:00 PM departure MLA-BGO SEPTEMBER 1 2:00 AM arrive at UP Baguio
  7. 7. B) OVERNIGHT AUGUST 31, 2:20 AM assembly@ UP Baguio 3:00 AM departure BGO-MLA 7:00 AM breakfast (Tarlac) 10:00 AM tour of Vargas Museum UP Diliman 12:00 NN lunch @ CASAA, UP Diliman 1:00 PM assembly @ parking area leave for Metropolitan Museum 2:30 PM Metropolitan Museum Tour 4:30 PM Head to hotel 5:00 PM Check-in at hotel 6:30 PM assembly @ hotel lobby 7:00 PM dinner & free time @ MOA 10:30 PM assembly @ MOA parking area 11:00 PM lights out/ curfew
  8. 8. Overnight (continued) SEPTEMBER 1 7:30 AM wake-up call 8:30 AM breakfast at hotel 9:30 AM assembly @ hotel lobby 10:00 AM tour of Nat’l Art Gallery National Museum 12:00 NN lunch 1:30 PM departure MLA-BGO 8:30 PM arrival @ UP Baguio
  9. 9. BUDGET: ACCOMODATION: TWIN PAD KASPSULE DORMITORY OWN HOUSE R.TRIP 900 750 650 -- -- TRANSPORTATION (VIA VICTORY LINER CHARTER)* 1,560 1,560 1,560 1560 1,572 ENTRANCE 110 110 110 110 110 2,570 2,420 2,320 1,670 1,682 + pocket money for meals and pasalubong *rate subject to change depending on number of students
  10. 10. Kabayan Hotel Features: Plated full Breakfast Toiletries are not included for Dormitory room accommodation. Unlimited WIFI Access at the Lobby, Restaurants & Room Complimentary use of Pantry Area  Complimentary Local Call Telephone Line with data port/LAN Internet Access
  11. 11. GROUND RULES & REMINDERS: ON HOTEL ACCOMMODATION Room slots are assure only upon payment of Reservation Fee, so the earlier you reserve the better. Full payment is encouraged for less confusion. Please prepare exact amount. Students who chose to stay in Twin Pads may choose their roommates. Roommates for Dormitory and Kapsule beds are randomly assigned. As per Kabayan Hotel’s policy Hotel Reservation Fee is non-refundable
  12. 12. FOR STUDENTS W/ MANILA RESIDENCES OR RELATIVES IN MANILA Students from Manila or with relatives may choose to stay with their family of relatives provided that they STRICTLY COMPLY with ALL the following: (continue to next slide…)
  13. 13. FOR STUDENTS W/ MANILA RESIDENCES OR RELATIVES IN MANILA Students must inform instructor that they are not staying in the hotel on or before August 23, 2013. Students who fail to inform the instructor by August 23 are required to stay in the hotel.  Students must fill-up an additional waiver (aside from the regular school waiver; to be filled up by her parents or guardians) assuming the responsibility for the safety and security, of the student concerned, while in their care Students must not miss ANY of the Museum tours. Failure to be present in any of the tours will cause the student to forfeit her recitation points for the duration of the trip. It is thus necessary for the student to plan ahead given and consider the impact of Manila traffic.
  14. 14. Code of Conduct There is a free time to go around on August 31st . However, students must be back in the hotel or designated meeting place by 10:30pm. Appropriate conduct must be maintained at all times. As per the UP CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT, the following are considered ‘Inappropriate Behavior’: - drinking and drunken behavior; - possession of deadly weapons & firearms; -possession or use of illegal drugs; -gambling; disruptive or scandalous activities contrary to good morals, good customs, and public policy.
  15. 15. Code of Conduct (continuation) Students must report any knowledge of such inappropriate conduct during the field trip immediately. Students found guilty of inappropriate conduct will receive the penalty of reprimand and up to 3 day suspension from the University for at least 3 days for first-time offenders.
  16. 16. Other reminders: Special concerns about any matter regarding the field trip must be brought up with the Instructor on or before August 23, 2013. Students are advised to fully charge their phones are fully charged before leaving Baguio and avoid draining the battery unnecessarily during the trip duration. Buddy system is implemented. Buddy must know buddy partner’s location at all times
  17. 17. PARALLEL ACTIVITY: Inability to attend the educational tour must be expressed on or before August 23, 2013. The following parallel activity is required for students who cannot join the educational tour for some reason: Write a review of the book Art Philippines (1992) by Benesa, Leonidas V. Due September 11. Your review should have the following parts (continue to next slide):
  18. 18. Parts of the parallel activity PART 1 CRITIQUE OF THE BOOK (800 words minimum). Answer all of the ff questions: What is the book’s contribution to Philippine Art History. How is the book organized? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book in presenting a survey of Philippine Art? PART 2 CHAPTER REVIEW (500 words minimum per chapter). A chapter by chapter review, describing the highlights of each chapter. Depending on the quality of the review submitted, the requirement is equivalent to minimum of 0 and a maximum of 13 recitation points.
  19. 19. DEADLINES: AUGUST 27 • DOWNPAYMENT - 50% of accommodation fee - full transportation and entrance fees AUGUST 30 • REMAINING BALANCE - remaining 50% of accommodation fee • WAIVERS SEPTEMBER 11 • Photojournals • Parallel Activity Submissions