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Andrew Gruber at NADO's 2012 Executive Directors Leadership Forum.

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  • Others will talk about Rick-Housing/Christine-Economics, here to talk about building partnerships on transportation.Start by describing some of the great things about Utah, but also the challenges we face.Then I’ll look back 15 years and describe what we put in place to address those challenges, and finally I’ll look ahead 30 years to what we hope to accomplish.
  • Great quality of life.Have stunning natural beauty and opportunities for escape and adventure, close to home. Also have thriving economy, rated #1 nation by Forbes Magazine two years in a row.But, cant take this quality of life for granted…
  • Change is coming. Large population growth.Looking back 10 years, fasted growing region in nation. Looking ahead 30 years, population will double.
  • Looking forward we saw that miles driven on our roads would almost double.Impact of traffic congestion, air quality, business attraction and retention.
  • Our landscape and geography is part of what’s great about Utah, the beauty of the mountains, and the deserts. But it also creates real challenges. On Wasatch Front, limited room to grow, because of mountains and lake, and in other parts of the state, the desert, and limited water restricts our growth.
  • Way to work together to decide how we want to grow.Envision Utah. Broad engagement of the public and private sectorsDeveloped scenarios
  • All agencies responsible for transportation planning.Key legislatorsCounty Commissioners & MayorsMPOsUDOT and UTA officials
  • Adopted a preferred scenario for growth: WC2040
  • Looked at land use and transportation.Focus growth in town centers and corridors; Planned for multiple transportation choicesRecognized need to preserve natural areas.
  • Result of shared vision with broad public acceptance:Voters approved two sales tax increases, largest per capita transit investmentLegislature authorized billions in bonding for largest roadway construction program in state history
  • Private sector investment:New businesses locating here (eg, adobe)City Creek development in heart of downtown. Multi-billion dollar mixed use development of retail and residential
  • Integrated with transportation and residential. Revitalize downtown, provide housing and transportation choices
  • Looking ahead: Wasatch Choice for 2040.Consortium working together to develop toolbox.HUD grant.
  • Looking aheadAll the transportation agencies worked together to develop one comprehensive transportation plan – Utah’s Unified Plan for next 30 years. Modeling and growth assumptionsSame planning horizons Financial assumptionsBased on the WC2040 vision – housing, environment, economic development
  • Mobility coalition to work together to implement the Unified Plan
  • Gruber

    1. 1. Andrew Gruber Executive DirectorWasatch Front Regional CouncilNADO 2012: Building Effective Partnerships
    2. 2. Driving miles –up 41 million 2010 2040
    3. 3. Joint Policy Advisory Committee
    4. 4. Wasatch Choice for2040 Consortium andToolbox: Transportation Choices Housing Strategies Envision Tomorrow + Innovative Zoning Financing Strategies Demonstration Sites
    5. 5. Mobility Coalition Business Chamber of Commerce Developers LendersGovernment Community Local Public State Environment Federal HousingUniversities
    6. 6. Andrew Gruber
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