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This presentation was part of the PRE- FNCE Social Media Boot Camp offered in Boston on Saturday November 6th, 2010.

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Social Media Sucess

  1. 1. Social Media Boot Camp @FNCE  The Following Slides were Submitted as Part of the Pre- FNCE Social Media Boot Camp 2010 Workshop  The Slides Represent Social Media Success of Registered Dietitians
  2. 2. Wendy Jo Peterson I generally pick up 2-3 new clients a month from social media (which is fun and costs me nothing!)
  3. 3. Lauren Swann I've picked up new clients cold on Linked-In - they've found & come to me and its also good reinforcement of what you do for clients and your referral base in your network. Linked-In is not really "social" media -- it is business networking media and far more effective for B2B consultants. It’s other value is for job seekers -- exec recruiters and HR staffers are having a field day with it.
  4. 4. Martha McKittrick I refer media requests to video sections on my blog. I also provide downloadable handouts that increase current client satisfaction and attracts new ones.
  5. 5. Janet Helm
  6. 6. Mitzi Dulan Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have definitely allowed me to grow my brand and because of that I've received more spokesperson opportunities in line with my brand.
  7. 7. Constance Brown-Riggs Social media (twitter and facebook primarily) is a great way to motivate behavior change. Having patients/clients participate in #bgwed motivates them to monitor blood glucose and feel part of a supportive community.
  8. 8. Catherine Frederico I was writing cell phone text alerts called Nutrition 411 even before Twitter was born.
  9. 9. Sandra Frank Uses Social Media to Promote Health News & RD’s as the Online Nutrition Experts
  10. 10. Jill Nussinow I started teaching classes locally on Facebook & Twitter for small businesses. And, really it's all about engagement and showing up. As a culinary friend reminds me often, "You can't win if you don't play the game."
  11. 11. David Grotto Ask the Guyatitian! Uses Social Media to Educate on Nutritional Benefits of Food
  12. 12. Keri Gans I have found social media to be extremely helpful in the success of branding my business. I can constantly keep my name in the on Twitter and Facebook. Some followers on twitter have asked me to guest blog and be a nutrition expert for articles they are writing. When I got my book deal for The Small Change Diet (Gallery March 2011) all the publishers and literary agents I met with loved that I was active on Twitter & Facebook.
  13. 13. Rebecca Subbiah I do social media & blog for my blog chow and chatter, and a few food companies. I also have an iPhone recipe app coming out soon.
  14. 14. Gloria Tsang Balancing personal and company brand ( is high on my list. So whether it's twitter handle or LinkedIn profile, I make sure they reflect both.
  15. 15. Jennifer Westerkamp My 6 years of experience on Facebook (being a freshman in college when Facebook first became available to college students) and my familiarity with the evolution of social media allowed us to capitalize on this Gen Y phenomenon for my new business.
  16. 16. Rebecca Scritchfield Some of my first consulting jobs with PR firms was due to my experience with social media. My social media presence has allowed me to build relationships (an asset) that has helped me get speaking engagements and spokesperson work.
  17. 17. Thanks for Viewing! For More Information on this Presentation or the Pre-FNCE Social Media Workshop, Please Contact: Nadine Fisher @nadinekf