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  • We are just skimming the surface today because each sm platform could itself be a whole days worth of training and we only have an hour.
  • Texting mobile apps for facebook twitter etc,,,
  • This is a short video that will give you some interesting statistics on how we are using the internet today and who is using social media.
  • We use the internet today as a conversation agent to connect ideas and peopleIt is usually helpful to dabble in social media personally before professionally.The internet does not forget so remember to post things with caution and things that you would not mind your mother reading.
  • Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. This process can occur both online and offline,[1] and the difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific body, such as paid employees.Crowdsourcing is related to, but not the same as, human-based computation, which refers to the ways in which humans and computers can work together to solve problems. These two methods can be used together to accomplish tasks.[2]Social media uses crowdsourcing to get solutions.
  • CharacteristicsMobile makes things personal. Mobile makes things immediate.Just how immediate? One study in the Netherlands found that the average response time to a text is under 3 minutes. That’s an incredible opportunity. Let’s call it the FedEx principle. A FedEx arrives, you open it right away. A text message arrives, you open it. Text messages are personal, immediate, and tailor-made for calls to action.For teenagers, you can multiply the FedEx principle by a factor of 10. Here is how this can be harnessed:A team of Stanford researchers, working with Project HealthDesign, wanted to help chronically ill teenagers take more responsibility for their health.In talking with teens, the researchers found that technology is a comfort, especially if it is portable, like an ipod or cell phone. They also found that teens are less likely to take their meds if they are feeling sad. So the researchers came up with a tool that tracks the teens’ moods, monitoring the songs they listen to and the words they use in text messages to friends and family.
  • The most popular platforms are in this image. Today we are going to focus on facebook and twitter.
  • "virtual pin board" to collect and display, photos, quotes, products, recipes, articles, and anything else you can package online. Their is nothing inherently gendered about the website Pinterest, yet 90 percent of registered users are female. Tech Crunch reports that this could be as high as 97 percent. What is special about Pinterest?Continue reading on Examiner.comThe curious case of "his or her" in social media, Pinterest for men - Atlanta artist | Examiner.com
  • Pinterest, for example, is virtually coming out of nowhere to now having President Obama “pinning” on the network.Pinterest surprised many last December when it was revealed as a top 10 social network. The new Experian report says Pinterest’s traffic surged 50 percent between February and January of this year, which is growth that’s stunning in itself. That surge has allowed the site to overtake services like Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google+ for what Experian says is the third highest number of visits in February. Experian’s report didn’t go into that much detail, but we contacted the firm and they provided the following brand-new data for March, showing Pinterest at a clear no. 3 position for
  • Marketing to your families - show them what you’ve got with pictures, menus, testimonials etc…What stands out about your dietary service?How can you communicate that using social media?Use social media to get feedback on needs of the families you serve
  • What is web 2.0? This is how we use the internet today.Infrastructure is based upon the userContent is provided by the userUsers are conversational
  • The facebook platform funnel
  • Who are your customers?What do you want to tell them or get input on from them?How does your dietary service stand out and how do you communicate that with your customers
  • In order to be excited about using social media you need to understand how it can benefit you.Who are your customers?Reach out to current and potential customershow is your caseload?What do your families want from your services?Social media gives famiies the opportunity to interact with you and to provide feedback and comments-they can also promote you by friending etc…What do you want to tell them or get input on from them?How does your dietary service stand out and how do you communicate that with your customers
  • Here are reasons that I’ve came up.1. Connecting with customersThis is the  main reason why you should use twitter for your business. You will be able to connect with your customers because they themselves are using twitter. Twitter has become a daily routine where people log onto it every single day, some log onto twitter the first thing they wake up even before brushing their teeth. If you have an unsatisfied customer you will hear them on twitter. This will help your company to help them. On the coming days I’ll be going deeper about how you can “spy” on tweets using free tools like twitter search.2. BrandingYou don’t have to be a big brand like Dell, Nike, Starbucks to brand yourself on twitter. You can be an average joe and brand yourself on twitter. For me if your company is not recognize then you need to get a PERSONAL account. Why? Firstly nobody want to talk to a LOGO unless its a famous brand. Everyone wants to connect with a person and not a bot.3. Customers feedbackOnce you have connected with your customers you will for sure be getting feedback on how you can improve your product, your services and maybe even improve your customers service. Listening to them will help you in the future.4. MarketingOne of the reasons to use twitter is you get to market your product or services to more people and the best part about that is its FREE. You don’t have to pay (Unless if you plan to hire someone to run your twitter account).5. NewsYou can also give latest updates on twitter about your company by tweeting. Here is one done by JetBlue Airways on their twitter account @jetblue6. Give away coupon codes and promotionsYou can also tweet about new deals and coupons codes to help give your company the extra boost. What everyone love include me is getting a good deal. Weather its a promotional lunch set, if its cheap. I want it. Here is  a tweet on Dell is doing it.For me you don’t have to be like dell in order to do this. You can have a normal business as well. If you have a restaurant and you have build loyal or new followers in your place you can send out tweet like “Having a special set lunch this weekend.” or something like that. They can tweet you for more information regarding that. I am going to teach you how you can get local twitterers.7. Twitter is ViralIf you’ve have succeeded gaining some popularity with your twitter account you will know how viral twitter can be. This will be part of your marketing strategies that you can use in the future. Dell have succeeded in making their tweets viral with their promotion tweets.8. Spying on competitionDid you know you can spy on competition too? Best part about this and spying on customers is that its FREE using twitter search. You can not only read what customers are talking about you but you can also read what customers are talking about your competition. If your competition is not doing anything with their customers complaints. Then what happens if you (the savior) suddenly tweet them “hey I heard you have a problem with…..” Just an example.9. Increase SalesTwitter can help you increase sales and make PROFIT. Dell is one of the company that have increase their sales on twitter. How much sales? Imagine $6.5 million in sales as reported at mashable10. Brand loyaltyAt the end of the day, once you have engaged, helped your customers (your followers) on twitter. They will be loyal to your brand for a long time. This will be talked more in the future post.
  • Go to visuly to create your own infographic
  • Nancy Collins developed RD411 and provides blogging tools and other resources for consulting dietitians.Jill Jayne uses her website, twitter and YouTube to provide nutrition related entertainment to her followers.
  • Hospitals use facebook to develop fan pages and Twitter to send health messages, fund raising, and other local and national events.
  • Here is a place to see how hospitals are using social networking tools in iowa and in other states. There are links to various platforms.
  • So how does social media take health care to the patientBy providing a platform or channel for communication- providers communicate to their followers via twitter, facebook, Youtube, blogs etc…Social media can provide support for your client’s health goals – friends and family are there and can support your mission- your weight loss, your blood pressure reduction etc…Technology makes it quick and easy for you to communicate with your spouse, your friends and family. Mobile devices can be used to log in critical information related to health that can be delivered to the doctor, your spouse, your medical record your pharmacy.850 million facebook users
  • As a Patient - WE will manage our health using a Device or AppAs Providers - WE will transmit information between client and EHR using a Device or AppAs Creative Cutting Edge Professionals - WE will use new methods of engagement to motivate our patients64 percent of physicians own a smart phone.30 percent own an iPad with another 28 percent ready to buy one in the next six months.33 percent use the smart phone to input patient data from the EHR.                                   Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse®, 2011
  • At the patients fingertipsImmediate exchange of information from client to physicianBetter tracking and diagnostic criteriaOpportunity for client remindersEarlier diagnosis of health problemsFewer medical errorsSafer care – lower cost – more effective care
  • Social Media & Healthcare Technology

    1. 1. Social Media& Healthcare Technology
    2. 2. •IOWA DIETITIANS ROCK!Thanks for inviting me.
    3. 3. • Basic Principles & Benefits of Social Media • Tablet Computers ( such as the iPad) in Foodservice. • Importance and Role of Mobile Health Apps to Improve Patient OutcomesToday’s ObjectivesTweet #IDHCC12
    4. 4. • The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogueIt’s a 2 wayconversation online…
    5. 5.  If your not using social media networks you are missing a captive audience the internet today
    6. 6. Poll #1: Social Media Use How many use or plan on using Facebook in the next year? How many use or plan to use Twitter in the next year ? How many use Blogs? How many use YouTube? How many use LinkedIn? How many use Pinterest?Crowdsource
    7. 7. characteristics?• Portable • Phones, iPad, Netbook, Laptop• Personalized• Participatory (user generated content)• Immediate (text & instant messaging)
    8. 8. Popular Social MediaPlatforms
    10. 10. Communicate, Collaborate, Interact, Make Informed Decisions, Manage YourBrand,Social Media in FoodService
    11. 11. • TEXT• 83% of American adults have a cell phone MESSAGING & picture taking• 6 in 10 adults go online using a laptop or continue to top the list of ways smart phone that Americans use their mobile phones• Is the media in your organization formatted for mobile use? Mobile
    12. 12. Content is private Content is public Established experts Everyone is an expertCompanies/brands in Consumer is in control control Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0
    13. 13. • User generated content • offers a mechanism for readers to create their own websites, blogs, message boards, videos, wikis, etc…• Encourage and offer a way to post feedback (rating)• Ease of generating, sharing, and tagging informationWeb 2.0
    14. 14. Facebook >850 million active users Facebook User Hear about my Facebook presence Visit my FB presence Fan/Like my FB presence Visit my website/Purchase products/services Share with their friends
    15. 15. • Poll #3 • How many of your facilities have a facebook page?Poll
    16. 16. • Recruit staff- post job openings• Post information on special events, parties and themes• Hold contests• Solicit feedback• Create campaigns• Recruit volunteers• Create a community to support ( & market ) your facility
    17. 17. • Marketing to your families - show them what you’ve got with pictures, menus, testimonials etc…• What stands out about your dietary service?• How can you communicate that using social media?• Use social media to get feedback on needs of the families you serve LTc benefits…
    18. 18. Twitter
    19. 19. Twitter real timecommunications
    20. 20. Twitter User Hear about my Twitter presence Visit my TW presence Follow my Tweets Visit my website/Purchase products RT and #FF to friendsTwitter
    21. 21. • Take 10 minutes to look over your social media exercise and pick a SM platform- and develop your strategy• Pick a recorder and reporter ( can be same person).• Report back to the groupSocial Media Exercise
    22. 22. • RD’s use social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or LinkedIn to post nutrition information, messages, questions, images and/or video. How RD’s Use Social Media?
    23. 23. • Patient blogs • Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • LinkedIn • Four SquareHospitals & Social Media
    24. 24. US Hospitals that use Social Networking tools• Last Update October 09, 2011 * 1,229 Hospitals total * 575 YouTube Channels * 1068 Facebook pages * 814 Twitter Accounts * 149 Blogs• The original one-page list is at: Hospitals & Social Media
    25. 25. “iPads and tablets aretaking restaurants bystorm and improvingefficiencies.“ tablets
    26. 26. • Health (Texting) Programs Work• Txt 4 Baby• Medication Reminders• Txt messages to Facebook& TwitterSocial Media SupportsHealth - Text Messaging
    27. 27. • Poll # 2 • How many of you have a tablet computer such as an iPad • Poll #3 • How many of you use that tablet computer in your facility?Polls
    28. 28. ✘ Tableside Control✘ Display wines lists menus etc…✘ Customer orders food on iPad✘ Customer pays at the table scans credit card for automated paymenttablets
    29. 29.  Drug interactions Diagnosis help Treatment plans Medical Alerts Transmission of patient data Sharing records Billing Family interaction with patientstablets
    30. 30. ✘ Wound care management✘ Monitor vital signs✘ Patient tracking (RFID scanning)✘ Accurate and faster RX✘ Medication Management tablets
    31. 31. • Patient• Providers• Creative Cutting Edge Professionals Future of Consumer Health Apps & the Registered Dietitian
    32. 32. mHealth App Advantages • Helps Client Manage Health • Care Coordination Opportunities • Immediate Exchange of Accurate Objective Information from Client to Provider • Earlier and More Accurate Diagnosis • Remote Monitoring Opportunities
    33. 33. ?????? Questions?
    34. 34. Follow @nadinekf How did we do? What did you learn? What‘s next? Your call to action – GO FOR IT!Thanks 4 participating