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This presentation was part of the Social Media Boot Camp Workshop offered Pre- FNCE 2010.

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  • Be found.
  • Though not the largest social network, LinkedIn has been greatly embraced by
    the business and professional community as the place to network, trade advice,
    and evince business savvy.
    LinkedIn boasts more than 80,000,000 members in over 200 countries, with a
    little over half of its membership residing in the United States. Plus, executives
    from all Fortune 500 companies can be found on its network. And according to
    a study by BtoB Magazine and the Association of National Advertisers, 81% of
    business-to-business marketers use LinkedIn. The company continues to grow
    (while many social networks have not) and it possesses a more solid business
    model than Facebook or Twitter.

     Get answers. LinkedIn offers an integrated feature on its network, LinkedIn Answers, to help you ask questions of up to 200 of your immediate contacts. You get up to a seven days to gather answers to your question, then you rate the answers you’ve received.
    2. Showcase your knowledge. The flipside of LinkedIn Answers is that you can respond to other people’s questions and get rated for the value of your answers. It’s good way to network with others while showing what you know.
    3. Distribute polls. You can create and send a poll to your first degree contacts for free and feature it on your profile page using the LinkedIn Polls application. Do quick and dirty market research via your network. For a fee starting at $50, you can also send your poll to a targeted slice of the 75 million or so LinkedIn members.
    4. Get (and give) recommendations. You can strengthen your network and expand your presence on LinkedIn by giving kudos to other members you know through the LinkedIn Recommendations feature. You can also solicit recommendations from colleagues and clients to add testimonials to your profile.
    5. List your business. You can list your company in the LinkedIn company directory for free. You can connect your profile and the profiles of your team members to the listing and provide news updates.  Other business professionals can then follow your business to get the latest updates.
  • Know your key words and phrases
    Be interesting, be helpful, or be quiet
    Who is your community? Post to them, serve them
    Follow people groups and companies
  • Make it short readable and interesting – claim your intellectual real estate here
    Don’t post your resume manually enter your iformation.
    List specialties in csv format for SEO friendly use-
    Don’t be passive – let linkedIn do it
    List your websites, groups etc by specific name – raises Google rank
    Contact settings
    What are you open to – only those you want and need.
  • Search groups using keywords and topics
    Start your own group – define thought leadership
    Dieitians Job Network
    Become a resource
    Look up those you read about in your trade publications and see if they are in your network
    When the White House sought to gather feedback regarding health care reform
    from U.S. small-business owners, it posted a query on LinkedIn.
  • Invite key connections from other networks
    Co-workers and former co-workers
    Use the search
    Those in pertinent groups
    List Events to attract participants and attendees
    Perform market research

  • LinkedIn

    1. 1. Making the most of it! RD RD RD RD RD RD RD RD
    2. 2.  The Following Slides were Submitted as Part of the Pre- FNCE Social Media Boot Camp 2010 Workshop  The Slides Represent Social Media Success of Registered Dietitians Social Media Boot Camp @FNCE
    3. 3. LinkedIn… To What?
    4. 4. Why LinkedIn connections recommendations questions associations apps twitter blog groups LinkedIn
    5. 5. LinkedIn Personal Professional  Personal Branding  Your Profile  Thought Leader  Subject Matter Expert
    6. 6. Making Your Profile  Your Picture  Your Real Estate  Your Specialties
    7. 7. Leverage LinkedIn by addingniche value… Events/Discussion Groups  Let them know what’s happening  Webinars, books, articles  Post relevant articles  What do they want and need?
    8. 8. Connections
    9. 9. Q&A Don’t give away the cow! Offer follow-up… Did I help, was this the “Best Answer” ? Can we talk more later?
    10. 10. Lauren Swann I've picked up new clients cold on Linked-In - they've found & come to me and its also good reinforcement of what you do for clients and your referral base in your network. Linked-In is not really "social" media -- it is business networking media and far more effective for B2B consultants. It’s other value is for job seekers -- exec recruiters and HR staffers are having a field day with it.
    11. 11. Is it working? Measure it! Map it!  Stats A D p
    12. 12. Thanks For Viewing!  For More Information on this Presentation or the Pre- FNCE Social Media Workshop, Please Contact:  Nadine Fisher  @nadinekf