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  • 1.  Over the course of the year, I have used many new technologies in order to produce high quality work. In this slide share I will go through all the technologies used and why they were used, whether they were for the research, planning or evaluation stages of the course.
  • 2.  HDV Camera Tripod IMac Adobe Photoshop Final cut express Microsoft Powerpoint Slideshare Prezi Glogster IPhone Digital camera Blogger Youtube Playbook
  • 3.  For our course we were provided with a HDV camera to record all our footage. This piece of technology was useful as the recordings were saved on tapes which could then be put onto the IMac using a cable/lead. The camera also allowed us to put images into focus, which helped us during the filming of our music video as we did not have to spend time trying to get the video in focus. Also the quality of the video was increased compared to our AS video when uploaded onto youtube.
  • 4.  The tripod was a vital piece of equipment used in the production of our music video. It helped us to produce steady footage, as it kept the HDV camera on stand. It also helped to create PAN shots as the handle of the tripod allowed us to easily move around.
  • 5.  The imac was used during all the stages of the process. It was used in the construction of the research process as we used safari (internet) to look into what the conventions of an Rnb music video would be. Also used it to access Youtube and watch video’s to get ideas from. It was also used during the planning stages of the project, as I used the programmeMicrosoft Word to produce documents such as the treatment sheet etc. Finally it was also used for the evaluation stages as I used programmes such as Prezi to evaluate the music video. In order to do this the Imac was needed. In conclusion the Imap played a huge part in the whole project as it was the base of my project, allowing me to produce all the documents to help me with the music video, as well as produce the music video itself.
  • 6.  Adobe Photoshop was used during the production of the digipak, album cover and magazine advert. It was useful as it had many transitions which I used to add effects onto my images. It allowed me to also add effects on images. Here is the magazine advert produced using Photoshop
  • 7.  Final cut express was used to edit all videos used in the project. Firstly it was used to edit the actual music video. It was useful as it allowed us to add in transitions as well effects. It also allowed to crop the footage we took with the HDV camera, and allowed us to capture the footage which we wished to use.
  • 8.  This was used to produce power points such as the costumes being used in the music video. It allowed us to add in images as well as talk about various things. The power point was needed as it was the only way to create slide shares. This would be a great example as power point was used in order to create this slide share.
  • 9.  These were both used during the evaluation process of the project, as I used it to create presentations with all the information gained for evaluating.
  • 10.  The Iphone was used whilst filming the actual music video. We used it to take pictures, which were then used to produce the digipak, album cover and magazine adverts. The Iphone took pictures with instagram which automatically edited the images improving the quality of all the pictures.
  • 11.  The digital camera was given access to us by the media department. It was used to take pictures of the storyboard, which was then made into an animatic.
  • 12.  Blogger has allowed me to upload all my work onto. I have used it to get through to the examiners so that they will know what has been done throughout the project. On Blogger will be all my power points, images, video’s etc. Summing up the whole project.
  • 13.  Youtube was used during the research of my project, as I used it to view videos and get ideas from them. It was also used to upload the videos made by my group. This includes the Preliminary task, Animatic and finally the actual music video.
  • 14.  The blackberry playbook was used during the filming of the project. When we were filming the music video, we needed the track to help the actor with his lip syncing. Therefore we felt it would be effective if the playbook was used as the speakers were good, and loud.
  • 15.  In conclusion we have used many new technologies throughout the process of out project. They have been used in the research, planning and finally the evaluation of the process. The technologies have been very useful, they have guided us, inspired us, allowed us to express our thoughts through creation, ensured all our work was in good standard.