computer simulation
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  • 1. The use of computer
    Simulation and
    gaming to enhance learning
    BY: Nadia Murphy
    ED 480 “spring 2010”
    Instructor: Mr. Jenkins
  • 2. What is computer
    A computer model, also known as a computational model, is a computer simulation widely used in the sciences and social sciences as an extension of mathematical modeling. A computer simulation of this type creates a sampling of representative outcomes or sequences of events in situations in which playing out all possible consequences of the model is prohibitive, and the models may be more or less abstract.
  • 3. The use of computer
    Computer models are used in biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as economics and psychology. The typology of computer models categorizes them based on a set of four variables. Are they stochastic or deterministic? steady-state or dynamic? continuous or discrete? local or distributed?
  • 4. Computer simulations in the form of 3D models are used in health care, the sciences, architecture, and most popularly, in motion pictures, computer games, and video games. Most 3D models take one of two approaches. On the one hand, they may show an object as a solid, defining it by its volume. The alternative is to show the boundary or shell of an object. This is the predominant model for games and film.
  • 5. 3D models may be formed in different ways. Like some learn-to-draw books, they can be based entirely on very basic geometric shapes. While the drawing books use circles, squares, triangles, and other 2D models, the computer modeling would use balls, cubes, and pyramids, for example. This style of modeling is called primitives because it is restricted to using primitive or fundamental shapes.
  • 6. Here are some free online links
    to simulation like games
  • 7. What are
    educational games
    It is a software of games that teach people about a certain subject, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play. They include board, card and video games.
  • 8. Free online links to educational games
  • 9. It enhance learning by having the students explore and create materials that they could not work directly with in real life.
    It’s SAFE
    Strengthened students’ engagement,
    Builds up academic abilities
    Creative thinking,
    How does it enhance learning?