Reading and Writing Lesson: Water pollution


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Reading and Writing Lesson: Water pollution

  1. 1. Water POLLUTION Reading and writing lesson. Tutor: Nadia Ortìz Oteima University
  2. 2. Water Pollution
  3. 3. Contents  Sources of water in Panama  Factor of water pollution .  Unhealthy Living Conditions.
  4. 4. Objectives.  Students will be able to:  Locate sources of water pollution in Panama.  Identify and describe factors contributing to water pollution in Panama.
  5. 5. Developing  Students will watch a video about water pollution in Panama and will participate on a forum.  Students will identify unhealthy living conditions through an on line research.
  6. 6. Learning Activities.  Forum: After watching the video about Water Pollution in Panama, answer the following questions on the forum assigned on the platform.  A)What living conditions did you observe in this video?  B)How can these conditions affect the people you saw in the video?  Conceptual Map: Investigate about the HEALTH HAZARDS, on the web and make a conceptual map and illustrate it.
  7. 7. Video for the Forum
  8. 8. Rubics for the Forum Aspects Excellence 4-5 Good 3-4 Poor 1-2 Absent 0 total Puntuality Participate on time in the period established for the development of the forum. Participates in the closing period of the forum limit. Participate period after the forum closed limit. did not particípate. Content Reflected in all its interventions mastery of the material Reflected in most interventions mastery of the material. Reflectes in a few of their mastery of the material interventions. did not particípate. Investigative Quality Shows in all contributions has researched for further information. It shows in most of their contributions has been investigated for further information It shows in a few of his contributions has been investigated for further information. did not participate Significant opinios Provides in all its holdings. Gives in most of its Provides in a few of their units Did not respond. Active Participation Participates actively debating the issue with peers and / or guardian at least three times Participates regularly debating the issue with peers and tutor at least twice. Join rarely discuss the topic with their peers and tutor at least once. Did not participate.
  9. 9. Cmap Tools Tutorial.
  10. 10. Rubics for the Conceptual Map. Aspects Excellent 4-5 Good 3-4 Poor 1-2 Main Concept Concept main adequate and pertinent the subject and the question approach. Concept main relevant within the subject but not presents question approach. The main concept is not is related to the subject or presents question approach. Words link propositions Most part of the propositions are valid According to question focus or subject and represent information principal. Some of the propositions are invalidated or does not represent information main topic or question Focus. No repeats concepts. Presents proposals invalid according to subject with links. Presents statements vague and / or there are multiple foreign concepts or irrelevant.
  11. 11. Web Resources   panama/alternativas-al-problema-de-los-cops-en-panama  