To Be Or Not To Be
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To Be Or Not To Be






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To Be Or Not To Be To Be Or Not To Be Presentation Transcript

  • To Be or Not To Be ? Post MBA Blues, Glamour, Reality & Expectations of experienced (8+ yrs.) full time MBA gradsNachi Sharma2012 MSBA General ManagementSimon Graduate School of BusinessUniversity of Rochester2001 NIT Trichy 1
  • Introduction• 2012 MSBA General Management from Simon Graduate School of Business- University of Rochester• 2001 Bachelor of Engineering from NIT, Trichy• Post MSBA had offers from: – Ernst & Young- PI- SCM Group – Dell’s Procurement Strategy & Analytics Consulting – Deloitte’s Oracle Practice ( Same as Previous Job) – Interest from Private Equity ( What does that mean ? )• Shortlisted for McKinsey’s BTO• Networked with close to 100 executive leaders (CEO’s, VP’s)• Founder of Sandhi (A 501c3 Non Profit)• Supply Chain Consulting Manager with Wipro US 12/30/2012 Confidential 2
  • Agenda• Why MBA ?• During MBA• Hiring Challenges & Expectations• Post MBA• Next Steps12/30/2012 Confidential 3
  • Why MBA ?• What did I do after NIT, Trichy ? – Is brand important ? – What you make of brand ? – Focus on learning and content• How would my job be different after MBA ?• Critical Decisions – Cost – Lost Salary – Role Post MBA• What are my personal strengths and weaknesses? – Business Communication  – Consulting Mindset  – People Oriented  – Strategic  – Too quantitative  – Ability to handle large datasets (thousands of rows in excel) • Look at your life story – Instances which excited you – Was it the code12/30/2012 Confidential 4
  • During MBA• Study with lot younger, learning style could be different• Networking – Meet people, share story, find the fit and opportunities will follow – Above all , stay genuine• Some exciting courses and what I learnt – Managerial Economics – Introduction to Economics • People act out of their own self interest – Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Basic Accounting – Why some companies issue bonds and some equity ?-Corporate Finance – How do I price my consulting services ?- Marketing Management – How do I allocate decision rights ? Organization Architecture – How do you evaluate investments ( New Company, Product, Project) – Corporate Finance – How do I decide on my next product launch - Game Theory – Supply Chain Management Concepts – Business Modeling- Helps in What-If Analysis, Pricing Decisions. I don’t use it.• Take more courses to build depth in certain areasDecember 30, 2012 Confidential 5
  • Getting a Job• US hiring is highly networked• Professor’s Feedback• Alumni Feedback• CMC’s Feedback• Think of things your friend’s notice about you• Its not what you say but what you do that matters• Grades only will not take you any where. Traditional shift in mindset.• At the end, its what you are good at!December 30, 2012 Confidential 6
  • Hiring Challenges• Highly experienced in one industry• Role expectations• Previous salary and your expectations• Highly paid jobs other then Finance were in Consulting. – Flip side was traveling – Consider your life situation, age, stage of life. Can you do it ? Is it worth it ? – Switching career can be very-very difficult. Its not impossible. Be ready to compromise on salary, role etc.• Some typical roles with technology background are: – Product Managers – Consultants ( IT, Strategy) – Business AnalystsDecember 30, 2012 Confidential 7
  • Post MBA• Business Graduate from one of better known schools in east coast• Lifelong network of US/global business leaders – This could be important if you are going to stay in US. But , useless, if you don’t contribute to it. Focus on giving.• Attend NIT Alumni meets• Attend Simon Alumni meets• Loan of USD 42000• Cost of Living USD 25000 ( With Family)• Lost Salary of 1 Year 12/30/2012 Confidential 8
  • Roadmap Look at long term horizon (5-10 yrs.) Keep learning and Make stakeholders seize opportunities successful ( Friends, Peers, Co-Workers, Focus on giving Alumni, Company, Community & Family) Contribute to your networks 12/30/2012 Confidential 9
  • Thank You12/30/2012 Confidential 10